Crash Course in Managing People (Crash Course Series)

Crash Course in Managing People (Crash Course Series)

by Brian Clegg, Paul Birch




* Crash Course Series books offer rapid, structured introductions to key managment skills

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ISBN-13: 9780749438340
Publisher: Kogan Page, Ltd.
Publication date: 09/28/2002
Series: Crash Course (Stylus) Series
Pages: 259
Product dimensions: 6.04(w) x 9.34(h) x 0.81(d)

About the Author

BRIAN CLEGG holds a degree in physics from Cambridge University and a master's degree in operational research. A consultant and well-known columnist in the business and technology field, he is the author of a dozen books, including Creativity, Imagination Engineering, and Instant Brainpower.

Paul Birch is Director of VisionJuice, a creativity and organizational change consultancy. He is a visiting lecturer at Henley Management College and Oxford University and author of nine books. He is formerly Head of Business Planning at British Airways.

Table of Contents

1Getting the basics3
Managing people?3
Getting started31
2Work plan32
Introducing the course32
3The course41
Unit 1A taster42
1.1Exercise: Understanding your style43
1.2Technique: Culture45
1.3Technique: Creating a team46
1.4Exercise: Becoming a figure-of-eight person47
1.5Exercise: It's catching49
Unit 2Inspiration50
2.1Technique: Charisma51
2.2Technique: Being an inspiration52
2.3Exercise/Technique: Getting your inspiration53
2.4Technique: Learning to love your business and staff54
2.5Technique: Learning to love your customers and suppliers56
Unit 3Leader as navigator--strategy and direction58
3.1Exercise: Leadership and management59
3.2Exercise/Technique: Vision and mission61
3.3Technique: Strategy63
3.4Exercise/Technique: Setting goals65
3.5Exercise/Technique: Developing a business plan66
Unit 4The murderous meeting67
4.1Exercise/Technique: Meetings and how to chair them68
4.2Exercise/Technique: Meetings and how to develop them70
4.3Exercise/Technique: Meetings and how to kill them71
4.4Exercise: Visible improvement72
4.5Technique: Break time73
Unit 5It's hard at the top--dealing with stress74
5.1Exercise/Technique: Using stress75
5.2Exercise: Learning to relax76
5.3Technique: Get fit77
5.4Exercise/Technique: Getting beneath anxiety78
5.5Exercise/Technique: Stop and think79
Unit 6Words, words--communicating80
6.1Exercise/Technique: Conversations81
6.2Technique: Networking82
6.3Technique: Publish or be damned83
6.4Exercise: Eye eye84
6.5Exercise: Open questions85
Unit 7Knowledge is power86
7.1Exercise/Technique: Technical competence87
7.2Exercise/Technique: Knowing your competitors and customers88
7.3Technique: Knowing your people90
7.4Technique: Knowing yourself91
7.5Technique: Keeping abreast92
Unit 8Responsibility and influence93
8.1Exercise/Technique: Taking responsibility94
8.2Technique: Teaching responsibility95
8.3Technique: How to be an ideal leader96
8.4Technique: Saying 'No'97
8.5Exercise: Two-faced management98
Unit 9Reward and recognition99
9.1Technique: Arrivals100
9.2Technique: Reward101
9.3Technique: Recognition102
9.4Exercise/Technique: Somewhere to go103
9.5Technique: Small gifts and big sums104
Unit 10Injecting energy106
10.1Exercise/Technique: Energy107
10.2Technique: Leading a team over time108
10.3Exercise: Being obsessive109
10.4Technique: Being ubiquitous110
10.5Technique: Warm-ups111
Unit 11Embracing change112
11.1Technique: Creating change113
11.2Technique: Change control114
11.3Technique: Change as motivator115
11.4Exercise/Technique: Motivational marketing116
11.5Exercise/Technique: The hardest cut117
Unit 12Beating the system118
12.1Technique: Destroying the system from the inside119
12.2Exercise/Technique: Bureaucracy and how to develop it120
12.3Exercise/Technique: Bureaucracy and how to kill it121
12.4Exercise/Technique: Making it sane122
12.5Technique: Doing yourself out of a job123
Unit 13Messages--more communicating124
13.1Exercise/Technique: E-motivation125
13.2Exercise: The genuine article126
13.3Technique: Giving feedback127
13.4Exercise: Your body128
13.5Exercise: Non-verbal replies129
Unit 14Delegation and trust130
14.1Technique: Delegation131
14.2Technique: Responsibility133
14.3Technique: Recognized authority134
14.4Exercise: Managing George135
14.5Technique: Backing off136
Unit 15The right person for the right job138
15.1Technique: 360 degree appraisals139
15.2Technique: Appropriate appraisal140
15.3Exercise/Technique: Catch them doing it right141
15.4Exercise: What do they look like?142
15.5Exercise/Technique: Assessing test results144
Unit 16Difficult cases and troublemakers146
16.1Exercise: Daggers drawn147
16.2Technique: Confronting troublemakers149
16.3Exercise: The earnest objector150
16.4Exercise: Playing favourites151
16.5Technique: Reluctance to improve152
Unit 17Putting on a show153
17.1Exercise/Technique: Risk and failure154
17.2Technique: Energy transfer156
17.3Technique: Lasers and dry ice157
17.4Technique: Quality content158
17.5Technique: Spice it up159
Unit 18You can't motivate160
18.1Technique: Contributors161
18.2Exercise: Do it themselves162
18.3Technique: Perspective shift163
18.4Technique: Personal projects164
18.5Exercise/Technique: Overcoming a lifetime of learning165
Unit 19Training and learning166
19.1Technique: Developing others167
19.2Technique: Train tracks168
19.3Technique: Train strain169
19.4Technique: Knowing what you know170
19.5Technique: Learning and learning styles171
Unit 20The F word172
20.1Exercise/Technique: Portfolio matching173
20.2Technique: The tea bag174
20.3Technique: Celebration time175
20.4Exercise/Technique: The F word176
20.5Exercise: Building relationships177
Unit 21Pitching it right179
21.1Technique: Stretch but don't stress180
21.2Technique: Being realistic181
21.3Technique: Being unrealistic182
21.4Technique: Establishing pace183
21.5Technique: 'I can't do it'184
Unit 22Coaching in all directions185
22.1Exercise: Coaching outside work186
22.2Technique: Coaching with others187
22.3Exercise/Technique: Coaching your boss188
22.4Technique: Coaching your peers189
22.5Technique: Coaching yourself190
Unit 23Modelling the role191
23.1Exercise/Technique: Watch my feet, not my lips192
23.2Technique: Honesty is the best policy193
23.3Exercise/Technique: Going the extra mile194
23.4Technique: Love195
23.5Technique: Role models196
Unit 24Preparation for interviews197
24.1Exercise/Technique: Understanding the job198
24.2Exercise/Technique: Sifting applications199
24.3Technique: Information checklist201
24.4Technique: Environment checklist203
24.5Technique: Selling checklist205
Unit 25Notes and listening207
25.1Technique: Ask them208
25.2Technique: What did I say?209
25.3Technique: Checking for understanding210
25.4Exercise/Technique: Great note taking211
25.5Exercise/Technique: Using silence213
Unit 26Decisions and choices214
26.1Exercise: Decisions, decisions, decisions215
26.2Exercise/Technique: Setting criteria216
26.3Exercise/Technique: Simple option evaluation217
26.4Exercise/Technique: Sophisticated option evaluation218
26.5Technique: Comparing apples and oranges220
Unit 27Coping with time221
27.1Exercise/Technique: Diaries222
27.2Exercise/Technique: Mastering time223
27.3Technique: Marking time224
27.4Exercise: Now is all you can do225
27.5Technique: Quick results227
Unit 28Questions, questions228
28.1Personality and skills229
28.2Business awareness and teamwork230
28.3Leadership and manageability232
28.4Self-starter and creativity234
28.5Shocks and analytical thinking236
Unit 29Removing demotivators238
29.1Exercise: Money, money, money239
29.2Technique: Promises, promises240
29.3Technique: The rumour mill241
29.4Technique: No secrets242
29.5Exercise/Technique: Positive visualization243
Unit 30Subtle inspiration244
30.1Technique: Own pocket245
30.2Technique: Taskforce opportunities246
30.3Exercise/Technique: What's in it for me?247
30.4Exercise/Technique: Ambience chasers248
30.5Technique: On the up249
Pulling it together251
Collected reading list252
Techniques with high personal development ratings254
Techniques with high leadership ratings255
Techniques with high motivation ratings256
Techniques with high coaching ratings258
Techniques with high interviewing ratings258
Techniques with high fun ratings259

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