Crazy Like Me: From Memphis And The Rock 'n Roll Trio To Fleetwood Mac

Crazy Like Me: From Memphis And The Rock 'n Roll Trio To Fleetwood Mac

by Billy Burnette


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"Crazy Like Me" is the history of Rockabilly music combined with the autobiography of Billy Burnette, the son of one of the founders or rockabilly, Dorsey Burnette. Billy describes what it was like being in the Burnette family, with his father and uncle, Johnny Burnette, creating rockabilly in Memphis, Tennessee. He tells how Rockabilly was named for him and his cousin, Rocky, withe the writing of the song "Rockabilly Boogie" by his dad and Uncle Johnny. He talks about how his dad and uncle came to know a kid named Elvis Presley, who came to watch them rehearse while they lived in Memphis, and how they were a big influence on him and his music. He talks about the move to Los Angeles, the celebrities who came through his home when he was a child, and recording his first single when he was seven. He tells stories about all the celebrities he encountered throughout his career, including Paul McCartney, Roy Orbison, Gary Busey, and Roger Miller, as well as working with Fleetwood Mac, Bob Dylan and John Fogerty. He also talks about living in the music centers, Los Angeles and Nashville, and what it takes to break into the music businesss.

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ISBN-13: 9780692901984
Publisher: Dorsey William Burnette III
Publication date: 07/14/2017
Pages: 260
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.55(d)

Table of Contents

Part I -- The Burnette Boys, Dorsey and Johnny

The Rock 'n Roll Trio Creates Rockabilly

The Trio Makes Recording History

Dorsey and Johnny Start Solo Careers

Part II -- Billy Burnette: Born Into Rockabilly

Leaving Memphis, Moving To Los Angeles With Family

Billy's Siblings

The Charles Manson Encounter

Glen Campbell

The Elvis Memphis Mafia

Cutting His First Record At The Age Of 7

The Beatles Change Billy's Life

Touring At 12 With Brenda Lee In Japan

Billy's First Record Deal, Age 16

Delaney & Bonnie Bramlett 1970

Roger Miller

George Harrison

Gary Busey And Our Band Frogleg

Roy Orbison

Deaths In The Family -- My Sister, My Uncle And My Dad

"You Will Never Walk Again" -- Almost Losing My Leg

Part IV -- Billy's Music Career

The Zoo With Mick Fleetwood

Opening For The Beach Boys

Joining Fleetwood Mac

Adventures On The Road WIth Fleetwood Mac

Touring The White Housoe

Paul McCartney

Tom Petty

Part V -- From Fleetwood Mac to Nashville

Firing Up Solo Career

Too Rockabilly For Nashville

My Family 1992-2000

Bekka & Billy Duo

Touring With Bob Dylan

Touring With John Fogerty

Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis and John Fogerty

Leaving John Fogerty Band To Write

Heart Problems and Surgery

Part VII-- Entertainment Business

In The Movies

Car Accident

Glen Campbell and the Zoo

Marriages -- Liz Burnette and Chris Burnette

My Family -- Billy Jr. and Beau

Travel Stories

Writing Songs

Johnny Christopher

Larry Henley

Shawn Camp and Dennis Morgan

Paul Davis

Michael Smotherman

Steve Cropper

Ray Charles

Tanya Tucker

Part IX -- Touring Stories From The Road

Meeting The Beatles

Checkpoint Charlie

George Bush Sr.

Ted Kennedy

The Vatican

Donald Trump

Whitney Houston And Elton John

Dionne Warwick

World Series

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Keith Urban

Rockabilly Hall Of Fame With Cowboy Jack Clement


Memphis To Los Angeles To Nashville

Billy Burnette Today

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