Credit Repair that Reduces Monthly Payments

Credit Repair that Reduces Monthly Payments

by Dr. Bill Miller


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Did you know that more than 70 percent of all credit reports contain errors? Well, that happens to be a sad but true national statistic. If any of those billions of errors turn up on your credit reports, they could cause you to be turned down for new credit, or by a prospective landlord or even for a great job opportunity. Also, millions of Americans are paying more for insurance than they need to because of errors on their credit reports!

Fortunately there is federal legislation that says those errors have to be corrected AS SOON AS A CONSUMER FINDS THEM AND NOTIFIES THE OFFENDING NATIONAL CREDIT BUREAUS. But consumers have to first obtain and review their credit reports and then take the initiative to demand in writing that corrections be made according to the law.

Most Americans have never even seen their credit reports nor do they know that they can obtain them for free. That's right: NO CHARGE! A bunch of others think they have to pay thousands of dollars to some online Credit Repair Guru to get the errors corrected and they are afraid, and rightly so, to let just anybody on the Internet take their money.

The best news is: you don't have to hire a Guru if you have basic reading and writing skills and if you can follow simple instructions. This book shows you how to do all this yourself including the letters you need for the Credit Bureaus and how to get your FICO Scores where you need them.
If you are in the great majority of Americans that don't know what they should know about overseeing your own credit reports, this book WILL change your life. It will show you how to take control of your financial life and save a bunch of money.

The nonprofit publisher of this book is a division of Make A Way Ministries which has been counseling families with financial problems since 1987. Tens of thousands of families have been assisted over the ensuing years and all of that experience has been poured into this special book.

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