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In 2015, building on the advances of the Millennium Development Goals, the United Nations adopted Sustainable Development Goals that include an explicit commitment to achieve universal health coverage by 2030. However, enormous gaps remain between what is achievable in human health and where global health stands today, and progress has been both incomplete and unevenly distributed. In order to meet this goal, a deliberate and comprehensive effort is needed to improve the quality of health care services globally.

Crossing the Global Quality Chasm: Improving Health Care Worldwide focuses on one particular shortfall in health care affecting global populations: defects in the quality of care. This study reviews the available evidence on the quality of care worldwide and makes recommendations to improve health care quality globally while expanding access to preventive and therapeutic services, with a focus in low-resource areas.

Crossing the Global Quality Chasm emphasizes the organization and delivery of safe and effective care at the patient/provider interface. This study explores issues of access to services and commodities, effectiveness, safety, efficiency, and equity. Focusing on front line service delivery that can directly impact health outcomes for individuals and populations, this book will be an essential guide for key stakeholders, governments, donors, health systems, and others involved in health care.

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ISBN-13: 9780309477895
Publisher: National Academies Press
Publication date: 01/27/2019
Pages: 334
Sales rank: 1,202,842
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Table of Contents

Acronyms and Abbreviations xxi

Summary 1

1 Introduction 23

The Sustainable Development Goals and the Universal Health Coverage Agenda 24

Challenges for Health Care Quality 27

A Poor Patient Journey 34

Charge, Approach, and Scope of This Study 40

Organization of the Report 46

References 47

Part I The Ideal Vision For Future Health Care

2 The Path To A High-Quality Future: The Need For A Systems Approach And A Person-Centered System 53

The Need to Redouble Efforts for a Systems Approach 54

Redesign for a Person-Centered Health System 64

Summary and Recommendation 71

References 75

3 Optimizing The Patient Journey By Leveraging Advances In Health Care 79

Global Trends in Health Care 81

Implications for Quality: Person-Centeredness, Accessibility, and Equity 92

Moving from Reactive to Predictive Care 97

Needed Organizational and Care Delivery Changes 106

Cautions for Quality in the Future System 111

Summary and Recommendations 117

References 120

Part II The Current State Of Quality In Health Care

4 The Current State Of Global Health Care Quality 129

The State of Quality Across Domains 133

The Burden of Low-Quality Care 151

Data Sources and Limitations 155

Variability in Quality: Where Are the Gaps? 156

Tracking Progress in Quality: Where Are the Metrics? 159

Summary and Recommendation 162

References 163

5 High-Quality Care For Everyone: Making Informal Care Visible And Addressing Care Under Extreme Adversity 169

Informal Health Care Providers: Overview 170

Health Care Quality in Settings of Extreme Adversity 181

Summary and Recommendations 194

References 197

6 The Critical Health Impacts of Corruption 203

The Impact of Corruption on the Health of Populations 205

Types of Corruption in Health Care 206

Challenges to Effective Universal Health Coverage Posed by Corruption 211

Strategies for Reducing Corruption in Health Care 217

Summary and Recommendation 220

References 221

Part III The Path To Continual Global Improvement

7 Embedding Quality Within Universal Health Coverage 227

The Necessary Link Between Universal Health Coverage and Quality 228

Universal Health Coverage as an Opportunity for Quality Improvement 235

The Need for Government Commitment to Quality Within Universal Health Coverage 251

Summary and Recommendations 258

References 261

8 Establishing A Culture of Continual Learning 269

What Is a Learning Health Care System? 270

The Components of a Learning Health Care System 275

A Research and Development Agenda 282

Summary and Recommendations 286

References 289


A Public Meeting Agendas 293

B Methods For Rapid Review 297

C Committee Member Biosketches 301

D Methods For Chapter 4 309

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