Dangerous Civilian: Liberty and Survival

Dangerous Civilian: Liberty and Survival

by Travis Suvil


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This book is an explanation of what it means to be a Survivalist. Not that all survivalists are the same, in fact most of us see things different. The following story is a fictional and sometimes humorous point of view. This book is an attempt to share stories of freedom and practical life principles.

I hope you learn from my tales and fictional characters, yet I also hope you are entertained. I enjoy preparing for the Apocalypse, in my own unique way. Striving to build friendships with like minded people and debating the "truths and myths" of survival.

Dangerous Civilian, is a title and an accusation. Many Survivalists and some Preppers have been accused of being "Dangerous".
In general, I do not accept the charge. Myself and others in the (Survivalist Movement) have broken no laws and seek to harm no one.
However, our tyrannical government seeks to hinder us, imprison us or completely destroy us.

Uncle Slam, the media and unfortunately a large percentage of sheep-like Americans, see us as the problem. We are called hoarders, gun nuts and anti-social. Often slandered as racists or religious bigots.

Most of us prefer to live in the countryside, where crime is low, children are welcome and land is affordable.

Every man or women amongst us, runs their own home by their own rules. Accountable only to God and a value system based on faith and freedom.

A majority of us may be guilty of "Home Schooling" or "Growing our own Food". We prepare for a difficult future that we expect to see soon. Storing up supplies, resources and the tools to create new supplies and resources. If and when the economy, utilities and grocery stores fail the people of our great Nation.

We are not traditionally warriors for the most part. Yet we see the need to defend ourselves and also our way of life. We are not looking for a fight or battle, but we prepare as if; ("We will be Attacked").

Those that call us paranoid, are blaming the victim for the crime. For it is not our claim, that we set out to become "Dangerous". We actually choose to be "Left Alone", to build and prosper on our own land. Seeking to take nothing that we have not earned. And creating conflict, with no neighbor or government.

Like the founding fathers of America, we want only to live in peace, prosperity and sovereignty.
On the one hand, I'm offended by the claim that "I am a Dangerous Civilian". Because, I understand the evil intent of those that view me that way. On the other hand, let it be known; If you oppose my Freedom and the "Bill of Rights" in particular. I can and will be become, a very "Dangerous Civilian". And I'm not alone.

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Publication date: 11/27/2014
Pages: 112
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About the Author

Travis Suvil is my pen name, to protect my family. I became a survivalist, before I ever heard of the term. I was first a weekend explorer and a mountain dweller in my spare time. Storing food in bulk, only because it was cheaper to buy 50lb bags. I always wanted my own water source, because of my desire to be independent. Before the internet, it seemed only "odd folks" collected silver coins, bulk ammunition and stored years worth of food. I've been at this a long time and I'm very happy to see so many young people waking up to the reality of a difficult future to come. I met old guys in the 1970's (when I was young) who ran small pumps for water off of car batteries, long before you could buy a solar panel. Americans throughout our history have stored up their nuts for winter. At least until the 1950's, when life became so comfortable and easy. Success is a good thing, but becoming lazy and rejecting the skills that all of our grandparents knew; has created a very dependent and weak Nation of Americans. My goal in life is to be free, independent and self-sufficient. And I am more convinced than ever, that a "Survivalist" lifestyle is the only way to achieve that dream. I am constantly in search of likeminded people, who have woken up and smelled the napalm. America can be Great Nation again, if more and more people turn to God first and then gather together with their fellow man and build a safer, more sustainable country. The original documents and values of our Nation, can be the framework for the great American Redoubt. If your new to Prepping or the Survivalist lifestyle, "Welcome". You made the right choice and it only gets better from here. God Bless

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