Dead Man Rising: From a Watery Grave to an Incredible Life

Dead Man Rising: From a Watery Grave to an Incredible Life


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They say when you die "your whole life flashes before you." I found out the hard way...that's not quite right.
Larry Skahill, author, "Dead Man Rising"

A birthday celebration spearfishing with his teenage son turns into a life and death struggle as Larry Skahill was "essentially cut in half" (Kenneth Waxman, M.D., Board of Governors, American College of Surgeons) by a boat propeller. While his blood-drained, shredded body was heroically retrieved by his son, and again while paramedics and doctors tended his "level one trauma," Larry journeyed beyond death multiple times.

"Dead Man Rising" presents an exciting, riveting preview into life after death. Journey with Larry past death and back to the extreme challenges to survive. Experience the struggle to rebuild a shattered life with no personal resources beyond an epic faith in God's purposes.

Through this miraculous, inspirational story of hope that defies common sense and medical knowledge, you will be challenged to discover that all things happen for a reason.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780985834104
Publisher: Propel Publishing
Publication date: 11/28/2012
Pages: 264
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.59(d)

About the Author

An award winning author, Master Life Coach and inspirational speaker, Larry Skahill lived his life-long dream of a career on the leading edge of the high-tech world, managing the Vandenberg AFB Weather Station operations and maintenance crews. For sport, he spearfished in the beautiful waters off the Central Coast of California. He dove in various locations, but it was while diving in the "safest area" he ever dove that his life would be endangered by a careless boater.
Up for a promotion to further heights in the Space Flight industry, the accident which "essentially cut him in half," left Larry permanently disabled. Relying on his deep faith in God and his own destiny, Larry courageously fought back to build a new life. Larry's faith in miracles has grown since being healed of his "break-through" pain at the Healing Rooms of Santa Maria. He now prays on their prayer teams, at worship sessions he leads and for people everywhere he goes. He has witnessed dozens of healings and other super-natural events. Larry believes a life of miracles is "Normal Christianity."
He returned to his love of the ocean and has taught over forty other individuals to free-dive and spearfish. He studied with the American Association of Christian Counselors as well as the International Coach Federation - the oldest and highest standards organization in the emerging field of Coaching.
Larry's coached at many levels, from individuals whose own lives have been seriously disrupted, to organizational executives and leaders of international Aerospace firms. He specializes in partnering with others to discover and achieve both their personal and organizational missions in life.
He has developed Life Coaching tools (most are available for free at for both individuals and organizations and is currently developing Life Coaching programs and curriculum for organizations with well over one-thousand members.
He is excited about his next book "Dive into the Super-Natural Life: Pursuing the God of Miracles." (due out autumn of 2018) in which he combines his love of free diving with his coaching skills, using a variety of adventurous dive stories to coach readers to a life well lived: "The Super-Natural Life."

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