Decisive Women: Designing Decisions in 5 Minutes or Less

Decisive Women: Designing Decisions in 5 Minutes or Less

by Dr. Nancy Fox


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Inspired by her mother’s tenacity and will to live nearly ten years past a lung cancer diagnosis, Nancy Fox became curious about women’s determination to rise above life’s challenges and the why behind each woman’s desire to live and thrive with dignity and self respect.

The everyday-influential women contributing to this book reveal their commitment to the benefits, action, results, and service needed to triumph over life’s challenges. They exemplify the alignment of beliefs and desires of their heart that positively affect themselves, their loved ones and countless others.

Unique and personal stories about relationships, illness, truth, pets, and living life to the fullest are shared by the women authors from various backgrounds including entrepreneurs, parents, experts of all kinds and everyday-influential Decisive Women like you.

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ISBN-13: 9780996654555
Publisher: Red Tale Fox Enterprises
Publication date: 04/11/2016
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.40(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Dr. Nancy Fox, an educator with twenty-five years experience, served as general editor for Decisive Women and also contributed several chapters.), She is a national board certified teacher, life strategist, and speaker. She is a featured radio guest, has appeared on Fox News, and is a speaker for several Lyme disease support groups throughout the United States.
Fox has taken her skills and experience to create a K-12 Lyme Disease and Tick-borne Diseases Prevention Education & Awareness Curriculum collaborating with experienced certified teachers. She has collaborated with several women authors to create a guide for decision-making through
Decisive women's real-life experiences and in celebration of the female spirit.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Dave Elliott xi
Introduction by Dr. Nancy Fox xv
Part One: The influential intention of women

1 Open my eyes, find my strength by Nancy Fox 3
2 I wasn't ready yet by Dorothy Nicholson 9
3 Influential women in history by Nancy Fox 17
4 Influential women today by Nancy Fox 21
5 The feminine controversy by Nancy Fox 25
6 Feminine energy by Katrina Tse Elliott 31
7 The science behind decision-making by Nancy Fox 39
8 Designing decisions with BARS by Nancy Fox 45

Part Two: BARS: Decisions

9 Benefits by Nancy Fox 53
10 The lion inside by Sandra Champlain 59
11 I choose life by Denver Beaulieu-Hains 65
12 The best tool in the box by Dianne Burch 73
13 Junior by Natalie H. G. London 79
14 Brotherly love by Virginia Rector 87
15 The beautiful life by Raining Deer 95
16 Designing my destiny by Dell Scott 109

Part Three: BARS: Action

17 Action by Nancy Fox 117
18 The "Be Positive" formula by Elayna Fernandez
19 Walk away to win by Laura Steward 131
20 Zip code of the heart by Tonya Joy 137
21 I chose me by Jo-Ellen Marks 143
22 Coming back to joy by Sally Stap 151
23 I saw the sign by Bobbi Govanus 159

Part Four: BARS: Results

24 Results by Nancy Fox 167
25 Decisions built to last by Debra M. Lewis 171
26 Sound decision by Melinda Cooper 183
27 Healing pain from the inside out by Marissa O'Neil
28 An ER visit went wrong by Kyla Dillard 197
29 The black cloud by Diane Watson 203
30 My journey by Lhea Scotto-Laub 211
31 Wisdom for finding your purpose by Lisa Marie Jenkins

Part Five: BARS: Service

32 Service by Nancy Fox 225
33 Wake up, choose you, and decide to be happy by Bonnie G. Hanson 229
34 The day I almost lost my life by Katie Humphrey 239
35 Things you'll learn, places you'll go by Leslie Petruk 245
36 Decisive detective by Tammy Studebaker 253
37 Laugh and love your way to health by Irene Tymczysyn 267
38 Hello gorgeous by Kim Becker 273
39 Living in love, awe, and wonder by Amy Weider 279
40 Everyday influential women by Nancy Fox 285
41 Your decisions, your destiny! By Nancy Fox 301

Questions for thought 303
About the authors 307
Chapter notes 329

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