Defining Fragments

Defining Fragments

by Gary Davy


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About the Author

Gary Davy, a citizen of the world, has lived in many places. He now resides primarily in New York. He is an author, poet, and playwright. Defining Fragments is his first published book.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781561675920
Publisher: American Literary Press, Incorporated
Publication date: 09/28/2001
Pages: 192
Product dimensions: 5.72(w) x 8.74(h) x 0.61(d)

Table of Contents

Blue Enigmas
The Pains of Changing Tides1
A Sunset Chronicle3
Withdrawn from Blues4
The Conjuring of Clouds5
Nearer Still6
A Purer Substance8
Hinterland Fantasies10
Unchanged Commitments12
Natural Spain13
An Awakening15
Something Repeated16
Transcendental Waters17
An Unbreakable Moment18
Alone Remained Us19
Something Divides21
Questions Returned22
Goddess of Morning23
Solitude and a Storm25
Twilight in Cuba27
Without Safety29
A Night Denuded30
Silence in the Afternoon31
Grown by Distance33
Heaven Incarnate35
Coupled with Elements37
A Stranger and Morning39
Time: Our Only Deception41
Returning Alone43
From Surrenders
An Amatory Expression49
A Certainty51
Sometime Next Week52
Within a Distance53
A Letter to--?63
A Moment Captured64
Within a Rapture67
An Evening Verse69
Corners of our Divinity71
Remnants of a Past73
A Lost Season75
Disassembled with Silence78
A Culmination of Flesh80
A Mystery Revealed82
Prelude to Silence83
Pure Passions84
A Vendetta of Truths
To Sleeping Masters89
Compelled by a Living91
A Deeper Movement92
A Graduation97
An Unseen Antagonist98
A Silent Necrology99
On Returning102
Deep Divisions103
Ominous Hands105
A Deception Rehearsed106
Bearable Things109
A Beginning Forged110
The Battles Within111
Impure Successions113
Works of Difficulty115
A Deliberate Nature116
A Compendious Rhythm117
A Revery of Want118
A Vocation of Words120
A Lament as with Storms121
A Divided Residence122
Forgotten with the Dark126
Cultural Song128
A Portrait Made Pure130
Broken Portraits132
Blind Confessions133
A Flower of Emptiness135
An Offering to Mortal Gods136
Recesses with Words138
A Broken Eternity139
A Separation142
Of Distance145
A Picture from Memory146
A Legacy150
An Emotional Movement152
A Preliterate Language155
Somewhere in between Our Divisions
Somewhere in between Our Division157

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Defining Fragments 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is unlike anything I have read before. It uniquely depicts the awakening of a man who may or may not be the author. I must say it is ingeniously done. The author tells this emotionally vivid story through a series of literary narratives, prose, a short play, and a concluding story at the end that reads more like a novella. If his intention was to disassemble the successive and thematic structure we typically take for granted when reading a novel, then he has succeeded. I am presuming his motive for doing so was to challenge and awaken that intellectual and emotional lethargy most avid readers develop, after having been exposed to one too many books of the same kind. It is a great work; well worth reading.
Guest More than 1 year ago
What makes this book great other than the writing itself, is that it allows you to move along with the story as if you were a part of the character¿s thoughts, feelings, and numerous experiences that make this book what it is in the end, `a metaphoric novel¿. Don¿t be fooled by the grandeur of that distinction or phrasing; the work is quite honest, available, and uncomplicated. I enjoyed it very much.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have thought for quite a while on how I would sum up or measure the experience of this book and to be honest it is near impossible to do so fully. This is the sort of book that you must feel for yourself to know what it has to offer truly. I found it to be endlessly yielding with all it allowed of itself by way of its entrancing tone, sagacious truth, and tender tributes. I believe it is one of those works which reveals what each of us would like to be said of all we adored, lived, and were challenged by while being swept along with both the wonder and despair of our lives. The truth is at certain moments I was affected so much by it that I was overcome by what is a complete and honest revelation of a person and story we could all find in ourselves. It is a wonderful story told uniquely and skillfully by an author who is well on his way to a place and distinction seldom achieved. `Defining Fragments¿ is one of the truest translations of living I have had the pleasure of experiencing. In final, it is life and love rendered without hesitation or boundaries.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have three points to make why this book is important to me. First, it expanded my intellect. Second, it aroused and stimulated my body and as a result widened my sense of sensuality and love. Lastly, it stirred and gave sense to more emotions than I have ever found with any book, expression, or speaking on a whole. That was much more than I expected to find with a book or amongst any words whether they be written or spoken. I loved it! It was certainly a pleasure to read.
Guest More than 1 year ago
There is an urgency and veracity with this book that made me want to pay close attention to every word I read. It is an important book. I think I got it completely. The story is an intimate and uncompromising revelation of so much. I enjoyed it for quite a few reasons I won't attempt to go into. There are many layers to it, just as there are many layers to us. It is the kind of story that begs to be embraced. It is truly meaningful what he managed to capture amid¿if I may play on words¿the `fragments¿ of this work and the story they come together to tell in the end. Well I have had my say.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Even though I love to read this is the first time that I have actually been moved enough to take the time to express my opinion. So as I already mentioned, I love to read and this book has reminded me exactly why that is. It is so full of life, love, and truth and the story is told from such an honest and pure reality or perspective on life that I couldn¿t help but to be deeply moved by the beauty of this book. The author has eloquently created within these pages through the characters emotions, feelings, beliefs, and thoughts an understanding of what is needed within our hearts and minds to bring us to a place where we might truly find ourselves living. The pains, hopes and joys that all come with getting to this place are beautifully and delightfully illustrated in a way that leaves you breathless. It fascinates me how the author wrote this book. I was touched by each and every chapter. Sometimes while I was reading the book, I would literally have to stop because I was mesmerized not only by the story itself but by how much passion, emotion, and intellect this author must possess in order to produce such a piece of work.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love this book. What I got from it was so meaningful and overwhelming. It left me feeling like I had learned something more about life and myself. Usually I read a lot of romance type novels where I can loose myself for a while. Well this was different; with the help of all the emotions in the story, instead of loosing myself, I found more and more of myself as it went along. It¿s hard to explain but it left me wanting more of whatever it was I was getting from it emotionally. It was inspiring; it made me want to get up and go and find some adventure, or even better, love, the way it is in the book. Without a doubt it¿s one of the best books I have ever read.
Guest More than 1 year ago
As I am more a son of science than one of the arts I have never been one known for an excellent use of words so I¿ll keep it simple by saying it¿s great to read a book where you not only are being entertained but educated by a more complete picture of our workings. This book captures and presents what is usually so difficult to share. It is a good book¿a cerebral gift as well as an emotional one¿and well worth holding on to so as to re-enter again and again
Guest More than 1 year ago
There are so many raved about books out there, not to mention so many books period that I have grown a bit tired of the colossal hypnotic machine that says ¿Buy this book, buy that book, buy every book¿. And after having bought so many of these books and those books, as endorsed by The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, The New Yorker, etc, etc, it was a welcome change to simply discover something as meaningful as this book merely by accident. It is a beauty and it doesn¿t give you a chance to be lazy and half read it. It demands your attention from start to end. The work is exquisite and elevating. I found it to be sensuous, wise, and tempting, as its structure and the assembled story itself affected just about everything I can imagine in me. In final, it was a refreshing change to find in the end that the quality of the book far outweighed or surpassed the recommendation or hype I discovered only after having completed my reading of it fully.