Developing a Positive Culture Where People and Performance Thrive

Developing a Positive Culture Where People and Performance Thrive

by Marcella Bremer


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The latest research evidence is fascinating: We can thrive at work, achieve extraordinary performance and make a meaningful contribution to the world. This pragmatic book helps to develop a more positive, productive culture, regardless of your position. Whether you use Interaction Interventions or Change Circles – you can personally influence people through interactions that get copied and become the norm: a positive culture where people and performance thrive.

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ISBN-13: 9781628654400
Publisher: Motivational Press
Publication date: 02/21/2018
Pages: 150
Sales rank: 1,183,855
Product dimensions: 8.34(w) x 10.15(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Marcella Bremer MScBA is the co-founder of the culture survey website She is a culture change consultant and works with global clients.As an author, she published the book "Organizational Culture Change" and founded the Positive Leadership blog Everyone can make a difference at work and contribute to the world by creating positive workplaces.

Table of Contents

Developing a Positive Culture where People and Performance Thrive
© Marcella Bremer


Chapter 1 What is Culture and why does it matter?

1.1 What is culture?
1.2 How deep does culture go?
1.3 Why is culture so crucial?
1.4 How does culture emerge and evolve?
1.5 What does culture do for a group?
1.6 Is a strong, homogeneous culture best?
1.7 Do leaders determine the culture?
1.8 (How) can culture be changed?

Chapter 2 Why develop a Positive culture?

2.1 What is Positive?
2.2 The positive-organic mindset
2.3 Proof for the Positive
2.4 Daring Greatly at work
2.5 Do you suffer, survive, or thrive?
2.6 What do we need to develop?

Chapter 3 Which culture tools can you use?

3.1 The Anthropological Approach
3.2 The Assessment Approach: the OCAI culture tool
3.3 More Culture Tools
3.4 What is our Desired Culture?

Chapter 4 What should change?

4.1 Details make the difference
4.2 Four Quadrants of Change
4.3 Four ways to bring about Change
4.4 Change in non-linear networks
4.5 Change Management versus Development


Chapter 5 Personal Preparation: Who should change first?

5.1 What do I believe?
5.2 Who am I and what’s my Why?
5.3 How do I feel?
5.4 How do I relate to others?
5.5 How can I be a positive agent?


Chapter 6 Interactions: How do you interact?

6.1 How do interactions represent the culture?
6.2 Positive Communication Check
6.3 Safety: how to respond to monsters?
6.4 The art of Asking
6.5 The art of Listening
6.6 How do you receive and give feedback?

Chapter 7 Interventions: with whom and how?

7.1 Who are the other positive agents?
7.2 Copy, coach, and connect in Triads
7.3 Interaction in meetings
7.4 Liberate your meetings!
7.5 More Positive Interventions

Chapter 8 Interaction Interventions for leaders

8.1 Positive awareness
8.2 Connection and collaboration
8.3 Shared purpose and meaning
8.4 Learning and autonomy


Chapter 9 Why and how to use Change Circles?

9.1 Why use Change Circles?
9.2 How to launch the Circles?
9.3 Change without Control?

Chapter 10 Change Circles in Action

10.1 The University Library culture
10.2 The Rehab culture
10.3 How to enhance a positive, productive culture?

Wrapping it up
About the author
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