Donna: The CD Collection

Donna: The CD Collection

by Donna Summer


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Released in 2014 with support from Bruce Sudano, Donna Summer's husband and collaborator, this box set of U.K. origin has a slightly misleading title. Donna: The CD Collection sounds like it should be all-encompassing, an anthology of every studio album Summer released from the mid-'70s through the late 2000s. An undertaking of that scope, however, would likely be impossible, as is evident with this set, which isn't even thorough with the period it covers. The core here consists of remastered and expanded editions of The Wanderer (1980), Donna Summer (1982), Cats Without Claws (1984), All Systems Go (1987), Another Place and Time (1989), Mistaken Identity (1991), and I'm a Rainbow (a 1981 album that remained unreleased until 1996). She Works Hard for the Money (1983), her most successful '80s album, isn't here, presumably due to a licensing issue. Nonetheless, serious fans should be knocked out by what is present and how it is presented, with sturdy and colorful packaging, extensive and original liner notes, and enough 7" and 12" mixes to necessitate three extra CDs. The box was released in a vinyl edition, and the albums were also sold individually on CD and vinyl, and as digital downloads as well.

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Release Date: 12/09/2014
Label: Imports
UPC: 0654378619229
catalogNumber: 1176764
Rank: 45632


Disc 1

  1. The Wanderer
  2. Looking Up
  3. Breakdown
  4. Grand Illusion
  5. Running For Cover
  6. Cold Love
  7. Who Do You Think You're Foolin'
  8. Nightlife
  9. Stop Me
  10. I Believe In Jesus
  11. Who Do You Think You're Foolin'
  12. Cold Love

Disc 2

  1. Love is In Control (Finger On the Trigger)
  2. Mystery of Love
  3. The Woman In Me
  4. State of Independence
  5. Livin' In America
  6. Protection
  7. (If It) Hurts Just a Little
  8. Love is Just a Breath Away
  9. Lush Life
  10. Sometimes Like Butterflies
  11. Love is in Control (Finger on the Trigger)
  12. Love is in Control (Finger on the Trigger)
  13. Love is in Control (Finger on the Trigger)
  14. State of Independence
  15. State of Independence
  16. State of Independence

Disc 3

  1. Supernatural Love
  2. It's Not the Way
  3. There Goes My Baby
  4. Suzanna
  5. Cats Without Claws
  6. Oh Billy Please
  7. Eyes
  8. Maybe It's Over
  9. I'm Free
  10. Forgive Me
  11. Face the Music
  12. Eyes
  13. Supernatural Love
  14. Eyes
  15. I'm Free

Disc 4

  1. All Systems Go
  2. Bad Reputation
  3. Love Shock
  4. Jeremy
  5. Only the Fool Survives
  6. Dinner With Gershwin
  7. Fascination
  8. Voices Cryin' Out
  9. Thinkin' 'Bout My Baby
  10. Tearin' Down the Walls
  11. All Systems Go
  12. All Systems Go
  13. Dinner With Gershwin
  14. Dinner With Gershwin
  15. Dinner With Gershwin
  16. Only the Fool Survives

Disc 5

  1. I Don't Wanna Get Hurt
  2. When Love Takes Over You
  3. This Time I Know It's For Real
  4. The Only One
  5. In Another Place and Time
  6. Sentimental
  7. Whatever Your Heart Desires
  8. Breakaway
  9. If It Makes You Feel Good
  10. Love's About to Change My Heart

Disc 6

  1. Breakaway
  2. Breakaway
  3. Breakaway
  4. Breakaway
  5. Breakaway
  6. I Don't Wanna Get Hurt
  7. I Don't Wanna Get Hurt
  8. I Don't Wanna Get Hurt
  9. I Don't Wanna Get Hurt
  10. If It Makes You Feel Good [Instrument
  11. Sentimental
  12. This Time I Know It's For Real
  13. This Time I Know It's For Real

Disc 7

  1. When Loves Takes Over You
  2. When Loves Takes Over You
  3. When Loves Takes Over You
  4. When Loves Takes Over You
  5. The Only One
  6. Whatever Your Heart Desires
  7. Love's About to Change My Heart
  8. Love's About to Change My Heart
  9. Love's About to Change My Heart
  10. Love's About to Change My Heart
  11. Love's About to Change My Heart
  12. Love's About to Change My Heart
  13. Love's About to Change My Heart [Edi
  14. Love's About to Change My Heart

Disc 8

  1. Get Ethnic
  2. Body Talk
  3. Work That Magic
  4. When Love Cries
  5. Heaven's Just a Whisper Away
  6. Cry of a Waking Heart
  7. Friends Unknown
  8. Fred Astaire
  9. Say a Little Prayer
  10. Mistaken Identity
  11. What is It You Want
  12. Let There Be Peace
  13. When Love Cries
  14. When Love Cries
  15. When Love Cries

Disc 9

  1. I Believe (In You)
  2. True Love Survives
  3. You To Me
  4. Sweet Emotion
  5. Leave Me Alone
  6. Melanie
  7. Back Where You Belong
  8. People Talk
  9. To Turn the Stone

Disc 10

  1. Brooklyn
  2. I'm a Rainbow
  3. Walk On (Keep On Movin')
  4. Don't Cry For Me Argentina
  5. A Runner With the Pack
  6. Highway Runner
  7. Romeo
  8. End of the Week
  9. I Need Time

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Donna Summer   Primary Artist,Vocals,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus,Rap
Dionne Warwick   Choir, Chorus
Christopher Cross   Choir, Chorus
Siedah Garrett   Background Vocals
Howard Hewett   Background Vocals
James Ingram   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Michael Jackson   Choir, Chorus
Kenny Loggins   Choir, Chorus
Michael McDonald   Choir, Chorus
Paul Pesco   Acoustic Guitar
Lionel Richie   Choir, Chorus
Brenda Russell   Synthesizer,Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Bruce Springsteen   Guitar,Soloist
Quincy Jones   Choir, Chorus
David Foster   Synthesizer
Bill Champlin   Background Vocals
Keith Forsey   Percussion,Drums
Mae McKenna   Background Vocals
Eddie Schwartz   Guitar
Michael Sembello   Guitar,Background Vocals,Soloist
Bunny Hull   Background Vocals
Alex Acuña   Percussion
Matt Aitken   Guitar,Keyboards
Nathan Alford   Tambourine
Michael Baird   Drums
Hidle Brown Barnum   Choir Director
John Batdorf   Background Vocals
Jeff Baxter   Guitar
Roy Bittan   Piano
Michael Boddicker   Vocoder,Polymoog
Susan Boyd   Background Vocals
Larry Bunker   Drums
Leon "Ndugu" Chancler   Drums
Paul Chiten   Keyboards
Stanley Clarke   Clavinet
Robert Clivillés   Background Music
David Cole   Background Music
Paulinho Da Costa   Percussion
Dave Grusin   Synthesizer,fender rhodes
George DeAngelis   Keyboards
Craig Derry   Background Vocals
Keith Diamond   Keyboards
Don Dorsey   Synclavier
Nathan East   Bass
Bill Elliot   Steel Pads
Harold Faltermeyer   Synthesizer,Keyboards
Steve George   Background Vocals
Khaliq Glover   Background Vocals
Gary Grant   Trumpet,Horn Section
Donald Griffin   Guitar
Portia Griffin   Background Vocals
Carmen Grillo   Background Vocals
Jim Haas   Background Vocals
Warren Ham   Soprano Saxophone,Soloist
Gary Herbig   Clarinet,Saxophone,Soloist
Jerry Hey   Trumpet,Horn Section
Joe Hornoff   Drums
Dann Huff   Guitar
Hurdle   Bass Guitar
Kim Hutchcroft   Baritone Saxophone
Phillip Ingram   Background Vocals
Paul Jackson   Guitar
Carl James   Bass,Rap
Louis Johnson   Bass,Electric Bass
Jon Joyce   Background Vocals
Tom Kelley   Background Vocals
Randy Kerber   Keyboards
Lauren Kinhan   Background Vocals
Larry Klein   Fretless Bass Guitar
Michael Landau   Guitar,Soloist
Yogi Lee   Background Vocals
Edie Lehmann   Background Vocals
Dee Lewis   Background Vocals
J.T. Lewis   Drums
Maxayn Lewis   Background Vocals
A. Linn   Drums
Steve Lukather   Guitar
Skip McDonald   Guitar
Harvey Mason   Drums
Susannah Melvoin   Background Vocals
George Merrill   Background Vocals
Gene Miller   Background Vocals
Randy Mitchell   Guitar
Eve Nelson   Piano,Keyboards,Soloist
Michael Omartian   Percussion,Drums,Keyboards
Richard Page   Background Vocals
David Paich   Synthesizer,Piano,Keyboards
Jeff Porcaro   Drums
Greg Phillinganes   Synthesizer,Choir, Chorus,Synclavier,Synthesizer Bass,Portasound
Darryl Phinnessee   Background Vocals
John Pierce   Bass Guitar
Wesley Plass   Guitar
Joe Porcaro   Drums
David Resnik   Vibes
Howie Rice   Clavinet
John "J.R." Robinson   Drums
Marc Russo   Tenor Saxophone
Sabelle   Background Vocals
Terral "Terry" Santiel   Percussion
Ira Siegel   Guitar
Anthony Smith   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Guy Spells   Choir Conductor
Collyer Spreen   Percussion
Stephanie Spruill   Background Vocals
Mike Stock   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Bruce Sudano   Background Vocals
Neil Thomas   Rap
Joe Turano   Background Vocals
Rafe Van Hoy   Guitar
Ernie Watts   Saxophone,Alto Saxophone,Baritone Saxophone,Tenor Saxophone,Soloist,Horn Section
Stevie Wonder   Choir, Chorus
Bob Conti   Percussion
Heather Mason   Choir, Chorus
Cliff Dawson   Background Vocals
Leland Sklar   Bass Guitar
Mary Ellen Bernard   Background Vocals
David Tyson   Keyboards,Background Vocals
Steven Lindsey   Organ,Synthesizer,Piano
William Frank "Bill" Reichenbach   Horn Section
Dennis Cosby   Choir Conductor
Mary Gaines-Bernard   Background Vocals
Vicki Genfan   Guitar
Peggy Lipton Jones   Choir, Chorus
Susan Macke   Background Vocals
O.C. Rodriguez   Drums
Mari Falcone   Background Vocals
Kaydee   Percussion,Drums,Rap,Ethnic Percussion,Musician
Adrian Gaines   Background Vocals
Paul Bahn   Drums
Faith D. Wong   Choir, Chorus
Michael Davis   Choir, Chorus
Charles Vassy   Background Vocals
Tim May   Guitar
Kidada Jones   Choir, Chorus
Rashida Jones   Choir, Chorus
Sylvester Levay   Synthesizer,Keyboards
Bernard Walton   Choir, Chorus
Cydney Davis   Background Vocals
Heart Strings   Strings
Jeff Lams   Keyboards
Gene Van Buren   Background Vocals
Dyan Cannon   Choir, Chorus
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Joe Taylor   Guitar
Rini Kramer   Percussion
Danny Wilensky   Saxophone
Lynn Walton   Choir, Chorus
Terry Williams   Background Vocals
Biti Straugh   Background Vocals
Dina Rich   Choir, Chorus
Deirdre Dantzler Ribeiro   Choir, Chorus
Deirdre "Dee" Spears   Choir, Chorus
Debra Green   Choir, Chorus
Dara Bernard   Background Vocals,Choir, Chorus
Cynthia Spears   Choir, Chorus
Tracy Amos   Background Vocals
Tonya Dewalt   Choir, Chorus
McClendon Choir   Background Vocals
Shanté Lewis   Choir, Chorus
Patrick Crotty   Choir, Chorus
Maxie Anderson   Background Vocals
Liza Miller   Background Vocals
Keith Vince Lawrence   Keyboards
Keith D. Nelson   Bass
Joe Pizulo   Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Andrew Lloyd Webber   Composer
Jon Anderson   Composer
Siedah Garrett   Composer
James Ingram   Vocal Arrangements,rhythm arrangement,Duet
Brenda Russell   Composer
Bruce Springsteen   Composer
Donna Summer   Composer,Lyricist,Producer,Concept,Art Conception
Quincy Jones   Composer,Producer,Contributor,Vocal Arrangements,rhythm arrangement,Synthesizer Arrangements
Greg Mathieson   Synthesizer Arrangements
Bill Meyers   Composer,rhythm arrangement,Synthesizer Arrangements
David Foster   Arranger,Composer,rhythm arrangement,Synthesizer Arrangements
David Batteau   Composer
Keith Forsey   Composer,Lyricist
Jerry Leiber   Composer
Bruce Roberts   Composer
Eddie Schwartz   Composer
Mickey Thomas   Duet
Giorgio Moroder   Composer,Producer
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Michael Boddicker   drum programming,Vocoder Programming
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Paul Chiten   Composer
Rick Chudacoff   Arranger,Producer
Dave Concors   Engineer
Betsy Cook   Composer
Dave Grusin   Contributor,rhythm arrangement,Synthesizer Arrangements
Ian Curnow   Remixing
Keith Diamond   Arranger,Composer,Producer,String Arrangements
Don Dorsey   Synclavier Programming
James Dougherty   Engineer
Bill Elliot   Arranger,Programming
Harold Faltermeyer   Arranger,Composer,Programming,Lyricist,Producer,Engineer
Larry Ferguson   Engineer
Bruce Forest   Remixing
John Guess   Engineer
Phil Harding   Remixing
Karen Hewitt   Engineer
Jerry Hey   Horn Arrangements
George Karras   Engineer
Acar S. Key   Engineer
Daren Klein   Engineer
Jürgen Koppers   Engineer,Remixing
John Lang   Composer
Paul Lani   Engineer
Bill Levenson   Executive Producer
Steve Lukather   Composer
Tony Maiden   Composer
Johnny Mandel   String Arrangements
Harvey Mason   Drum Arrangements
Eve Nelson   Composer,String Arrangements
Michael Omartian   Arranger,Composer,Producer
Richard Page   Composer,Vocal Arrangements
David Paich   Arranger,rhythm arrangement,Synthesizer Arrangements
Vangelis   Composer
Steve Peck   Engineer
Richard Perry   Producer
Greg Phillinganes   rhythm arrangement,Synthesizer Arrangements
Wesley Plass   Engineer
Steve Porcaro   drum programming
Brian Reeves   Engineer
David Resnik   Composer
Jerry Rix   Composer
Peter Robbins   Engineer
Bob Rosa   Engineer
Merria Ross   Composer
Danny Sembello   Composer
Tom Seufert   drum programming
Anthony Smith   Composer
Ian Stanley   Remixing
Mike Stoller   Composer
Billy Strayhorn   Composer
Bruce Sudano   Composer,Executive Producer
Bruce Swedien   Engineer,Remixing
Rod Temperton   Composer,Vocal Arrangements,rhythm arrangement,Synthesizer Arrangements
Virgil Weber   Composer
Bruce Woolley   Composer
Tim Rice   Composer
Troy Germano   Studio Manager
Loveland   Remixing,Additional Production
Tony Humphries   Remixing,Additional Production
George Treadwell   Composer
Boilerhouse   Remixing
Janet Levinson   Art Direction
Glen Holguin   Engineer
David Tyson   Composer
Steven Lindsey   drum programming
Steve McLoughlin   Contributor
Jeff Lancaster   Art Direction
Chris Whorf   Art Direction
Bas Hartong   Executive Producer
Craig Kostich   Remixing
William Meisinger   Essay
Uli Rudolf   Engineer
Tony Viramontes   Illustrations
J.C. Convertino   Engineer
Dony McGuire   Composer
Vanessa Smith   Composer
Joe Erickson   Composer
Kaydee   Introduction
Justin Kantor   Liner Notes
Lover Patterson   Composer
Benjamin Nelson   Composer
Pit Floss   Engineer
Wayne A. Dickson   Photo Scanning
Adrian Sear   Director
Sylvester Levay   Arranger,Composer
Phil Ramacon   Programming
Donna Wyant   Composer
Jeff Lams   Composer,Programming,Producer
Joe "Bean" Esposito   Duet
Yoyo   Engineer
Colin Auchterlonie   Director
Christian John Wikane   Liner Notes
Susan Munao   Executive Producer
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Michael Clark   Composer
Vincent Lawrence   Composer
Wrong Way Smith   Introduction
Bob Mason   Studio Manager
Andy Slavic   Composer
Cosmos Watts   Programming
Tracy Nicholas Bledsoe   Cover Coordinator
Tony Drootin   Studio Manager
Keith D. Nelson   Composer,Producer
John Russell   Studio Manager
Johann Treiber   Composer

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