Dr. Seuss: Horton Hears a Who! [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Dr. Seuss: Horton Hears a Who! [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

by John Powell



Horton Hears a Who! is a whimsical and zany film, and its soundtrack appropriately follows suit. Created by British composer John Powell (who is also credited with playing the "30 foot water system, euphonifaffamelophone, [and] trombugle" in the liner notes), the original score bounces between genres with all the energy of Dr. Seuss' prose. Gothic choirs, Spanish tangos, string sections, big band horns, and '70s-styled funk, all have there place here, as does the sort of fast, furtive music that so often underscores the action sequences in animated movies. The pieces are short, often only 60 seconds in length, but they flow together with a fluidity that rarely disrupts the album's progress. Powell may not be conjuring up anything we haven't heard before (that is, apart from the euphonifaffamelophone gizmo), but familiarity doesn't keep Horton Hears a Who! from emerging as a smart, diverse, and often surprisingly classy soundtrack.

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Release Date: 03/25/2008
Label: Varese Sarabande
UPC: 0030206688825
catalogNumber: 066888

Album Credits

Performance Credits

John Powell   Primary Artist,Dulcimer,Guitar,Piano,Marimbula
Bruce Dukov   Concert Master
Walt Harrah   Vocals
Beth Andersen   Vocals
Rick Baptist   Trumpet
Joan Beal   Vocals
Dick Bolks   Vocals
Susan Boyd   Vocals
Aleta Braxton   Vocals
Johnny Britt   Vocals
Amick Byram   Vocals
Alvin Chea   Vocals
Craig Copeland   Vocals
Randy Crenshaw   Vocals
George Doering   Dulcimer,Guitar
Monique Donnelly   Vocals
Michael Fisher   Hand Percussion
Roger Freeland   Vocals
Linda Harmon   Vocals
Karen Harper   Vocals
Scottie Haskell   Vocals
Dan Higgins   Baritone Saxophone
Luana Jackman   Vocals
Clydene Jackson   Vocals
Harry Kim   Trumpet
Darlene Koldenhoven   Vocals
Melissa MacKay   Vocals
Bobbi Page   Vocals
Don Shelton   Vocals
Sally Stevens   Vocals
Carmen Twillie   Vocals
Mervyn Warren   Vocals
Dicky Wells   Vocals
Elin Carlson   Vocals
Rob Verdi   Bass Saxophone
Bob Joyce   Vocals
Susan Judy   Vocals
Guy Maeda   Vocals
Pete Anthony   Conductor
John H. West   Vocals
Michael Redman   Vocals
Mike Geiger   Vocals
Greg Whipple   Vocals
Edie Lehmann Boddicker   Vocals,Choir Conductor
Sean McDermott   Vocals
Drew Harrah   Vocals
Dick Wells   Vocals
Reid Bruton   Vocals
Vatsche Barsoumian   Vocals
Amy Fogerson   Vocals
Hollywood Studio Symphony   Performing Ensemble
Jennifer Barnes   Vocals
Cindy Bourquin   Vocals
Jonathan Mack   Vocals
Jody Golightly   Vocals
Claire Fedoruk   Vocals
Monica Lee   Vocals
Joanna Bushnell   Vocals
Agostino Castagnola   Vocals
Debbie Hall Gleason   Vocals
Christian Ebner   Vocals
Diane Freiman Reynolds   Vocals
Sandie Hall Brooks   Vocals
John West   Vocals
Gerald White   Vocals
Fletcher Sheridan   Vocals
Tonoccus Mcclain   Vocals
Karen Whipple   Vocals
Stephen Amerson   Vocals
Christy Crowl   Vocals
Scott Dicken   Vocals
Christy Crowl Dicken   Vocals
Shawn Kirchner   Vocals
Edward Bruner   Vocals
Scott Graff   Vocals
Christine Guter   Vocals
Christen Herman   Vocals
Nan Kohler   Vocals
Marc Pritchett   Vocals
Eyvonne Williams Hines   Vocals
Rich Logan   Vocals
Eyvonne Williams-Hines   Vocals
Tim Davis   Vocals
Monica L. Lee   Vocals
Susan Stevens Logan   Vocals
Leanna Brand   Vocals
Michael Lichtenauer   Vocals
Donna Medine   Vocals
Rob Verde   Bass Saxophone
Nike St. Clair   Vocals
Don Shelton   Vocals
Elissa Johnston   Vocals
Eric Bradley   Vocals
Jenny Graham   Vocals
Samela Beasom   Vocals
Teri Eiko Koide   Vocals

Technical Credits

Randy Kerber   Orchestration
Shawn Murphy   Engineer
Robert Townson   Executive Producer
Paul Mounsey   Programming,Additional Music
Tom Steel   Stage Manager
Brad Dechter   Orchestration
Tim Lauber   Engineering
Conrad Pope   Orchestration
Tom Cavanaugh   Business Consultant
Dave Metzger   Orchestration
Pete Anthony   Orchestration
Andrew Kinney   Orchestration
James McKee Smith   Programming,Additional Music
Germaine Franco   Score Production Coordinator
Daniel Lerner   Engineer
Rick Giovinazzo   Orchestration
John Powell   Composer,Producer
Jane Cornish   Orchestration
Kevin Kliesch   Orchestration
Francesco Perlangeli   Stage Manager
Denis St. Amand   Engineer
John Ashton Thomas   Programming,Orchestration,Additional Music

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