Dragon Pearl

Dragon Pearl


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Rick Riordan Presents Yoon Ha Lee's space opera about thirteen-year-old Min, who comes from a long line of fox spirits. But you'd never know it by looking at her. To keep the family safe, Min's mother insists that none of them use any fox-magic, such as Charm or shape-shifting. They must appear human at all times.
Min feels hemmed in by the household rules and resents the endless chores, the cousins who crowd her, and the aunties who judge her. She would like nothing more than to escape Jinju, her neglected, dust-ridden, and impoverished planet. She's counting the days until she can follow her older brother, Jun, into the Space Forces and see more of the Thousand Worlds.
When word arrives that Jun is suspected of leaving his post to go in search of the Dragon Pearl, Min knows that something is wrong. Jun would never desert his battle cruiser, even for a mystical object rumored to have tremendous power. She decides to run away to find him and clear his name.
Min's quest will have her meeting gamblers, pirates, and vengeful ghosts. It will involve deception, lies, and sabotage. She will be forced to use more fox-magic than ever before, and to rely on all of her cleverness and bravery. The outcome may not be what she had hoped, but it has the potential to exceed her wildest dreams.
This sci-fi adventure with the underpinnings of Korean mythology will transport you to a world far beyond your imagination.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781368013352
Publisher: Disney Press
Publication date: 01/15/2019
Pages: 320
Sales rank: 10,497
Product dimensions: 5.60(w) x 8.40(h) x 1.10(d)
Lexile: 780L (what's this?)
Age Range: 8 - 12 Years

About the Author

Yoon Ha Lee (yoonhalee.com) is the New York Times best-selling author of several critically acclaimed short stories and the Machineries of Empire trilogy for adults: NINEFOX GAMBIT, RAVEN STRATEGEM, and REVENANT GUN. Yoon draws inspiration from a variety of sources, e.g. Korean history and mythology, fairy tales, higher mathematics, classic moral dilemmas, and genre fiction. Yoon's Twitter handle is @motomaratai.

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Dragon Pearl 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous 4 months ago
The best thing about this story is the complete universe building. Initially I expected to see english names and non-Korean characters show up once the main character left her home world, but that never happened. Seeing the Korean mythologies and culture transfered to outer space so completely was really interesting. The story itself had a bit of a pacing problem which took aaway some of my ability to enjoy the story. I was pleasantly surprised when the story was completed in the end and not just the start of a much larger trilogy arc with a cliffhanger ending
CaptainsQuarters More than 1 year ago
Ahoy there me mateys! I have been meaning to read more of this author’s work ever since I read the odd but interesting short story called the starship and the temple cat. It can be found for free at the beneath ceasless skies website. I do own the first book in his machineries of the empire series but haven’t yet read it. I decided to tackle this young adult title first. The story follows a young fox spirit named Min who is biding her time until she can join the Space Forces like her older brother Jun. Then her family is visited by a government representative who is looking for answers regarding Jun’s desertion from the Force. Min is convinced that her brother is innocent and runs away to rescue her brother, clear his name, and bring him home. Ah how I loved this one. First of all its a coming-of-age story with a feisty, intelligent protagonist. I adored Min and her trickery. Secondly it combines Korean folklore and space travels. Who doesn’t want space battles, lasers, magic, dragons, ghosts, and much more. Thirdly, it showcases a loving, stable family. Jun and Min’s relationship is lovely. Fourthly, the ending is divine. Fifthly . . . oh I don’t want to spoil anything. The tale is magical and engaging and diverse and wonderful. It was beautifully written and I am so glad I read it. Go and get a copy and enjoy! I am definately going to have to read more of his work. Arrr!
ChaptersWeLove More than 1 year ago
A Real Treat! Published: January 15th, 2019 Publisher: Rick Riordan Presents Rating: 5/5 My thoughts  What can I say other than I really loved and enjoyed this book and I want everyone to read it!  When I read the description of this book I was like ghosts, goblins,spaceships please count me in!  Plus Korean mythology that I really don't know much about I was intrigued very intrigued. Then I was lucky enough to get a e-arc from Netgally, started reading and I was like ohhh she's a fox spirit!??? and can shape shift to anything and use charmed Oh I was sooo taken by this story that I couldn't put this book down. We have Jun our 13 year old fox spirit that runs away from home to find her missing brother and along the way makes some mistakes but also learns from them.  Her love for her brother is so great that she is willing to die in order to find out exactly what happened to him. I also, have to say I love the side characters, we have goblins, ghosts and tigers.  The friendship Min forms with some of these characters is very unique and I really enjoy this part of the book. One thing I found I wasn't a big fan of was how sometimes everything worked out so easily for Min and even though I'm not a big fan of it I still found myself smiling and being happy for Min. Oh and did I mentioned this is a middle grade book that has non-binary characters which I really don't get to much. Overall, I loved this book and I hope there's more to come, I loved Yoon Ha Lee's writing and can't wait to pick up another one of his books.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
LaraBeth More than 1 year ago
This YA/MG book is diverse and inclusive. Women and men are equally represented in positions of authority (guards, ship captains) and it has nonbinary characters! Strongly influenced by Korean folklore, this story is both old and new at once. Although this was suggested on a Middle Grade list, at over 300 pages it feels more YA to me. The protagonist, Min, is identified as 13 years old at opening, she definitely seems more mature. The further I read, the harder it was for me to picture her as 13. She felt much closer to 17 to me—particular as she drives a scooter and works in a gambling den. As she moves around the ship and works as a cadet, I really couldn't' sustain the idea that she was 13. But I think this book will appeal to readers of all ages, and the language is direct and clear and is easily accessible to readers of many skill levels. That's not a bad thing, and of course it is only my opinion. Content wise it is appropriate for younger audiences as well as more mature teen readers. 
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Magic foxes in space. Should speak for itself!
JillJemmett More than 1 year ago
This was an exciting story! I loved the mix of folklore and a futuristic setting. Min is a Fox, so she is a shapeshifter. She lives on a different planet, but they take the form of humans since those are most common. There was a lot of science fiction, since most of the story took place on spaceships, but the background came from Korean folklore. This story was so fast paced. I read it in just one day! It felt like a whole series because so much happened. It was thrilling in some parts too, because there was a lot of danger. Min started out as an innocent teenage girl, but she put herself in a lot of risky situations in a short amount of time. I also like the diversity of the characters. The characters had Korean names. There was a character who preferred gender neutral pronouns. It takes a while to get used to a single person being referred to as “they,” but this was a great way to include gender diversity in the story. I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Pegliss More than 1 year ago
When Min, a shape-shifting fox who presents as human, learns of her older brother’s military desertion and disappearance, she leaves her impoverished planet Jinju to search for him and to claim the ancient Dragon Pearl, which has great powers and worth. She manages to board an interplanetary ship and assume the shape of a dead male cadet as she gathers information and improvises rescue and recovery operations. Like many thirteen-year-olds, she often acts rashly. The exciting story is infused with Korean mythology that is seamlessly woven into the narrative. There is a wide cast of characters, some of whom are binary; readers get to really know only Min and may be confused by the shifting loyalties of Min’s fellow cadets. Min relies on her abilities to shape-shift and Charm to advance her efforts, but she also uses lots of pluck. Lee has created a believable story populated by human and magical creatures in a science fiction-type world. While primarily an adventure of grand order, there are themes of loyalty, family, and power. This rapidly moving space adventure will appeal to middle grade boys and girls; its rollicking pace and assortment of characters, including dragons, ghosts, and pirates, will keep readers turning pages. There is a hint of more stories about Min to come. Let’s hope so. Thanks to NetGalley and Scholastic for providing a DRC.
marongm8 More than 1 year ago
After reading Dragon Pearl we could not help but think what if Mulan was in the Empire of Sand following her calling as one of the greatest warriors in the empire. The character of Min is very inspiring and her bravery and tenacity will really inspire young readers. We are always fans of young characters striving to accomplish their goals and achieve their dreams. A exhilarating novel that is sure to attract the young crowd. That is why we give this book 5 stars.
drakenfyre More than 1 year ago
When I first saw the cover for this book and found out that it was a space opera and that there is a shape shifting fox, I knew I wanted to check it out. Min is from a family of fox shapeshifters who try to hide what they are the best that the can, since fox shifters are seen as sneaky and untrustworthy. One day a stranger appears at the door looking to speak to Min’s mother about her son Jun. Min wasn’t supposed to overhear the conversation, but of course curiosity got the best of her. Seems that Jun had deserted his post to search for the Dragon Pearl and this stranger is trying to see if Min’s family has any clues as to why or where his is. Min at this point decides that she of all people will find out what is going on and why, so she runs away from home and goes to the nearest port city to try to make her way onto a ship to get close to the Pale Lightning to find out more about her brother, and to try to get her hands on the Dragon Pearl to save her own planet. One Min is aboard the Pale Lighting I found this part of the book slow and confusing, like why she suddenly changed her plans just to help someone that she just met. How she was able to keep up her disguise even while she slept, how the other shapeshifting cadets didn’t notice her magic. I was losing interest at this point since you weren’t really following Min anymore, you were following a cadet she was pretending to be. I found the story picked up again once Min was discovered and she is forced to show her true self, and at that point Min is also back on track to find out what happened to her brother and he search for the Dragon Pearl. I was a bit surprised to the end of the book, wasn’t expecting half of what did happen the way that it did, and I found that to be decent, since some books can be a bit predictable. There were times where I did forget that this is a MG book, since Min doesn’t come across as a 13-year-old girl, but someone who is at least 17. This did read more as a YA book at times and I found it to be a good read.
Kimsbookstack More than 1 year ago
The perfect space fantasy with an Asian twist that is as readable for middle schoolers as it is for young adults. Min can change into a fox like her ancestors but it is something she is forbidden to do - no magic! When she learns that her brother is being accused of desertion from the Space Forces in order to search for the secret Dragon Pearl, Min runs away in disguise to join the Space Forces and prove her brother's innocence. She is a tough yet sensitive girl who believes in her brother and somehow manages to fake out the military and take on much more dangerous missions than anyone thought she could handle. This is a clever spin on Korean mythology and a space fantasy to boot that is exciting and different than most of the middle-grade series.
courtofbingereading More than 1 year ago
When I read the synopsis for Dragon Pearl, I was immediately intrigued. This book seemed to be right up my alley. Sadly, this book didn’t measure up to my expectations. I never felt connected or invested in the story. I felt as if I was only going through the motions while reading this book. I was never dying to know what would happen next. My biggest complaint is the slow pace. There isn't much action and a lot of the scenes don't seem to be important to the overall plot. The story didn’t catch my attention until around the 80% marker, and by then it was too late. Honestly, I don’t think this book and the writing style were for me. They didn’t do anything for me personally, but that doesn’t mean it will be the same for you. I encourage everyone to give this book a try. Despite complaints, I do think this series has potential. I plan on checking out the sequel to see where Min’s journey takes her next.