Drawing Home

Drawing Home

by Jamie Brenner


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An unexpected inheritance, a promise broken, and four lives changed forever: discover "the gold standard of summertime escapism" from USA Today bestselling author Jamie Brenner (Elin Hilderbrand).

Summer has started in idyllic Sag Harbor, and for Emma Mapson that means greeting guests at the front desk of The American Hotel. But when one of the town's most famous residents, artist Henry Wyatt, dies suddenly, Emma learns he has mysteriously left his waterfront home - a self-designed masterpiece filled with his work - to her teenage daughter, Penny.

Back in Manhattan, legendary art patron Bea Winstead's grief at her lifelong friend and former business partner Henry's passing turns to outrage at the news of his shocking bequest. How did these unknown locals get their hands on the estate? Bea, with her devoted assistant Kyle in tow, descends on Sag Harbor determined to reclaim the house and preserve Henry's legacy.

While Emma fights to defend her daughter's inheritance, Bea discovers that Henry left a treasure trove of sketches scattered around town. With Penny's reluctant help, Bea pieces them together to find a story hidden in plain sight: an illustration of their shared history with an unexpected twist that will change all of their lives.

Drawn together in their battle for the house, Emma and Bea are forced to confront the past while facing a future that challenges everything they believe about love, fate, and family.

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ISBN-13: 9780316476799
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Publication date: 05/07/2019
Pages: 368
Sales rank: 61,217
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.30(h) x 1.30(d)

About the Author

Jamie Brenner is the author of the USA Today bestseller The Forever Summer, The Husband Hour, and The Wedding Sisters. She lives in New York City and spends her summers visiting the beach towns that inspire her books.

What People are Saying About This

Author of My Ex-Life - Stephen McCauley

"Jamie Brenner has mastered the art of the perfect summer read--an appealing, seaside setting you love spending time in, a cast of characters you come to care about, and enough twists and turns to keep you turning pages long past high tide. Drawing Home has all of that plus some complex themes that make this Brenner's most memorable novel and possibly her best yet."

#1 New York Times bestselling author of Why Not Tonight and Not Quite Over You - Susan Mallery

"A heartfelt story about the healing power of human connections and finding your way to happiness."

Bestselling author of The Banker's Wife - Cristina Alger

“Jamie Brenner always delivers smart, soulful summer reads and Drawing Home is her best book yet. Set against the idyllic backdrop of Sag Harbor and filled with richly-drawn, nuanced characters, Drawing Home is wonderfully absorbing and utterly satisfying.”

New York Times bestselling author of The Perfect Couple and Summer of ‘69 - Elin Hilderbrand

"I have been a fan of Jamie Brenner's storytelling from the very beginning; she is the rare writer who gets better with each book. Drawing Home is a captivating novel about mothers and daughters, shifting allegiances, the art world, waterfront real estate and love. Welcome to the gold standard of summertime escapism."

Bestselling author of Tony's Wife - Adriana Trigiani

Book clubs: get your merlot to go! Jamie Brenner has become the queen of the beach read with Drawing Home. This page turner will keep you reading long into your summer nights. A famous artist dies in seaside Sag Harbor leaving his curated home to a local's teenage daughter, blowing the expectations of his heirs and the art world to bits.”

New York Times bestselling author of Dreams of Falling and The Night the Lights Went Out - Karen White

"Just in time for summer, Jamie Brenner graces us with another compelling beach read. With a gorgeous Sag Harbor setting and peopled with a dynamic and diverse cast of characters to both love and hate, Drawing Home is at its core a heartwarming story of motherhood, the families we create, and the unlikely friendships we find along the way. With a sprinkling of romance and mystery, this is the first book that should hit your beach bag this summer."

Author of The Intermission - Elyssa Friedland

"Drawing Home is that rare novel where the plot and characters are equally rich, complex and surprising. Brenner sets a scene like no other author, transporting the reader to the town of Sag Harbor as though they were really there, breathing the sea air and sipping a cocktail at the iconic American Hotel. This is a novel with boundless soul, unexpected twists, nuanced relationships and unique characters that are all consuming. I drank this book in."

Author of The Dinner Party - Brenda Janowitz

“I absolutely loved Jamie Brenner’s Drawing Home. A smart beach read about family, friendship, and the true meaning of home, this is Jamie Brenner’s best book yet!”

Bestselling author of A Nantucket Wedding - Nancy Thayer

"I loved Drawing Home! It was original, delicious, and surprising. Jamie Brenner is wise beyond her years."

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Drawing Home 4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
beachandbookgirl 15 days ago
Jamie's books never disappoint and Drawing Home is my favorite by her so far. I love how she ties all the characters together and she has you rooting for all of them to figure it out. Emma and her daughter, Penny, have the typical mother/daughter dynamic with some OCD added in. Bea and Kyle come from NY to fight the last will of artist, Henry, and find not everything is easy. Angus is not related to Emma and Penny but is the family they choose. It was such a good story!
JHSEsq 29 days ago
Author Jamie Brenner follows up The Husband Hour with a perfect summer beach read set in Sag Harbor, New York. Emma Mapson is a native. Like her father before her, she has works for years at The American Hotel where, as the front desk clerk, she welcomes guests and ensures that their needs are met during their stay. Famed artist Henry Wyatt has been a resident for a number of years and a regular in the hotel bar. However, he dies suddenly, leaving behind a mystery that touches not only Emma's life, but that of her young daughter, Penny. It seems that instead of leaving his estate to his best friend and former gallery partner, Bea Winstead, Henry has bequeathed his architectural masterpiece, a lush waterfront home, as well as the remainder of his assets to Penny! Emma was aware, of course, that Penny and Henry had a special friendship and the elderly gentleman was serving as a mentor to Penny, a talented and budding artist. But Bea is outraged and convinced that Emma and Penny somehow managed to coerce Henry into changing his will. She swoops into Sag Harbor with her assistant, Kyle. Worse, she takes up residence in Henry's house! Determined to uncover Henry's secrets -- and successfully contest the will -- Bea embarks on a search for the truth, and finds that Henry created sketches -- valuable in their own right -- and left them all over town. Some are framed and hanging in the hotel bar, some are in the local museum . . . Eventually, Bea realizes that the sketches tell a story -- one that Henry was certain Bea would piece together, because he knew her so well. Drawing Home is a charming, emotionally rich, if predictable, tale about enemies finding commonality and coming together with a united purpose. Each of the five key characters -- Emma, Penny, Bea, Kyle, and Henry -- is fully developed with a rich backstory that informs their current motivations and desires. The town of Sag Harbor is virtually a character in itself, owing to Brenner's descriptions of its history, landmarks, and what it means to residents and visitors alike. As Bea moves closer to solving the mystery and it becomes clear that Penny is the common denominator, the two women, Emma and Bea, must come to grips with their own pasts in order to forge a meaningful future. As noted, the ending is fully predictable from the outset, but that does not detract from the enjoyment of experiencing the characters' journeys. Readers should abandon their preconceived notions about what it means to be a family, and throw Drawing Home into their beach bags this summer. They won't regret going along on Bea's scavenger hunt with her and Brenner's other characters. Thanks to NetGalley for an Advance Reader's Copy of the book.
Anonymous 6 months ago
Anonymous 6 months ago
paulalala09 6 months ago
I always anticipate new novels from Jamie Brenner. Her writing is always the best and her stories seek out and hit the mark. Drawing Home has a steady and persistent level of tension that grows greater with each chapter. I began to feel ambivalent support or each side of the Emma and Bea equation but never truly losing my distain for the actions of Bea. I felt completely and happily satisfied with the results when it all came to a head. It is excellent reading! I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
whatsbetterthanbooks 6 months ago
Heart-tugging, tender, and sincere! Drawing Home is an uplifting, engaging tale that takes us to Sag Harbor and into the life of Emma Mapson as she juggles all sorts of highs and lows, including single motherhood, an unexpected inheritance left to her teenage daughter, an ex who suddenly reappears out of nowhere, and an elderly woman determined to contest the final wishes of her oldest friend. The prose is immersive and expressive. The characters are well-drawn, troubled, likeable, and genuine. And the plot is a wonderful mix of life, loss, forgiveness, grief, love, familial drama, friendship, community, contentment, coming-of-age, and art. Overall, Drawing Home is another lighthearted, beautiful, beach read by Brenner that mixes a side of a mystery with her innate ability to delve into all the psychological and emotional entanglements found in nuclear families.
teachlz 6 months ago
Jamie Brenner, Author of "Drawing Home" has written an intriguing, captivating, enthralling, delightful, heartwarming and thought-provoking novel. The Genres for this story are Fiction, and Women's Fiction. There is a "dash" of mystery and surprise in this book as well. The story takes place in Sag Harbor on Long Island. I love the vivid descriptions of the beautiful town, and beaches and water that Jamie Brenner has written. The author describes her characters as complex and complicated. Some are dysfunctional and quirky.  I love reading about the summer  in Sag Harbor, with historical references, beautiful beaches, and a very traditional hotel in a small town. This is also a coming of age story. Emma Mapson, single mom to fourteen year old Penny, works hard managing the front desk at the American Hotel. Penny is very artistic, and loves graphic books. Often the famed Artist Henry Wyatt, can be seen working with Penny. Henry Wyatt is an older Artist. When Henry Wyatt passes away suddenly, it appears that Penny and Emma's life will take an interesting turn. Bea Winstead has been friends and business partners with Henry for over 50 years, and comes from New York City to check on his estate. Bea is a very outspoken woman and is grieving her friend, but is shocked at what  Henry's new will states.  She is determined no matter what to get to the bottom of the changes to the will, and to find out what is going on. One of my favorite parts of this story is the "Treasure Hunt" to find some of Henry's drawings that are scattered through-out the town.  I appreciate that Jamie Brenner discusses the importance of family, friends, community, honest, love and hope. The contemporary problems of drugs, and Obsessive Control Disorder are also brought up. I highly recommend this heartwarming and thought-provoking novel for those readers who enjoy a delightful read. I received an ARC from NetGalley for my honest review.