Drawn Together

Drawn Together


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A cartoon that could make Fritz the Cat blush, the cable television show Drawn Together isn't above turning anything into a genitalia joke, but where it really shows its smarts is with its songs. Sure "Black Chick's Tongue" starts with "What is this thing in my mouth/It's slippery, and it's slimy" but when combined with music that is straight out of the house of mouse, the track is a fall-over funny parody of the song any given Disney princess will sing once they start yearning for more (see "Part of Your World" or "A Whole New World"). The mod rave-up "La La Labia" ("You've got something for me/In your wizard's sleeve") is much harder to defend and the jaunty -- yes jaunty -- "S**k My Taint" will clear a room faster than you can say "S**t Sandwich." Of course, if you can't stomach such bathroom humor, you certainly shouldn't bother, and really, if you aren't a regular viewer of the show, you'll be missing a good portion of the joke as many require a familiarity with certain episodes or characters. Fans, on the other hand, will appreciate having these foul little numbers at the ready for whenever they crave a little "Schummabuma" or "Weener Song."

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