Dream with Me

Dream with Me

by Paige O'Hara



You've heard these honeyed tones before: Paige O'Hara was the singing voice of Belle in "Beauty and the Beast." Now the Disney diva presents an album's worth of lullabies and ballads culled from Broadway. Many of her selections, such as "Never Never Land" (from "Peter Pan"), "Tomorrow" (from "Annie"), and "Somewhere Out There," have been covered extensively on other children's records. O'Hara also renders "Beauty and the Beast," but does also offer a number of Broadway gems that are not nearly as ubiquitous, and it's in these that DREAM WITH ME truly glows. Many of them are contained in medleys, like "Peter Pan's" heart-meltingly lovely "Tender Shepherd," which O'Hara pairs with the sentimental "Distant Melody." In "The Rainbow Medley," she sandwiches between the very familiar "Rainbow Connection" and "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" the lyrical "Look to the Rainbow," from the now obscure musical "Finian's Rainbow." And album closer "The Goodnight Medley" features not one but two sublime tunes from "The Music Man": "'Til There Was You" and "Goodnight, My Someone." DREAM WITH ME sends your kids to dreamland in style.

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