Dreams - Behind the Scenes of Dreams - Your Dreams Interpretation Book and Guide to Lucid Dreaming

Dreams - Behind the Scenes of Dreams - Your Dreams Interpretation Book and Guide to Lucid Dreaming

by Will Harris

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Every single person has experienced dreaming. In fact, it is said that even before we are born and exit our mother's womb that we dream. What exactly is a dream? From a surreal point of view, a dream is something that speaks to you from your subconscious, letting you know all manner of secrets that you consciousness should unlock. From a realistic view, it is defined as a series of thoughts, sensations and images that occur within your mind when you are fast asleep.
Dreams are fascinating, and their significance dates back all the way to the earliest biblical times. At these times, it was said that God spoke to people through their dreams. This was a way of passing forth important messages that would call people to action. Today, when people dream, they also accept that they are receiving some sort of message from somewhere within them. In the past, dreams were full of symbols and being able to discern those symbols is what gave meaning to the dream. The same continues to apply these days.
When you fall asleep, you lose consciousness of what is around, and one can say that you travel (or, at least, your mind and soul travel) to another dimension. In this dimension, you dream. Dreams come to you as images in your mind when you are fast asleep, and usually, they include a series of events that will tell you a story. A dream can be entertaining, disturbing, fun and sometimes completely bizarre such that you cannot make any sense of it.
When you dream you have no control over that you see or over any memory that you may have activated. There are people who have been studying dreams for decades, and although they have made breakthroughs, a lot still remains to be explained.
Take for example a neuroscientist. He would try to understand a dream by looking at the structures within it, the way it is organized and how it is narrated. However, a psychoanalyst would look at a dream by examining its context within a relationship and the history that the dreamer has. These two different approaches offer some explanation as to why there is still a mystery that surrounds dream interpretation.
This book is just what you need if you have been grappling with dreams, particularly how to understand and interpret your dreams. In it, you will find information on the different types of dreams that you could experience, and also, the main themes that exist within your dreams. You will also find that every dream of yours can speak something into your life, and understanding your dreams is the best way that you can interpret them. No matter which approach you choose to adopt, you will find something in this book that will explain the unexplainable, and help you understand what your subconscious is telling you.

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