Duets II

Duets II

by Frank Sinatra


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Following the multi-platinum success of Duets, Capitol Records assembled Duets II, a sequel that followed the blueprint of its predecessor to the letter. Assembled from leftover tracks from the first album, Duets II is a somewhat more consistent album than the original. Lacking the superstar names of the first (Tony Bennett, Julio Iglesias, Kenny G, Barbra Streisand, Bono, Aretha Franklin), the artist roster on the sequel generally consists of either faded stars (Neil Diamond, Willie Nelson, Gladys Knight) or mid-level singers (Luis Miguel, Lorrie Morgan) who are popular within their genre, but fail to command the attention of the general public. However, there are standouts like Lena Horne and Antonio Carlos Jobim who help lift Duets II to a higher level than Duets. But that's a minor distinction, actually. The nature of the electronic duet prohibits the album from having any sort of emotional resonance, even on tracks that feature strong vocals by Sinatra or his partner. It might be nice to hear Horne and Sinatra together on "Embraceable You," but the song doesn't rise above anything more than a technical marvel. The real tragedy is, their performance hints that the album could have been so much more.

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Release Date: 11/15/1994
Label: Capitol
UPC: 0724382810322
catalogNumber: 28103
Rank: 76950

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Frank Sinatra   Primary Artist,Vocals
Lorrie Morgan   Track Performer
Willie Nelson   Track Performer
Eydie Gorme   Track Performer
Jimmy Buffett   Track Performer
Neil Diamond   Track Performer
Gladys Knight   Track Performer
Patti LaBelle   Track Performer
Linda Ronstadt   Track Performer
Lena Horne   Track Performer
Arturo Sandoval   Trumpet
Patrick Williams   Conductor
Jon Secada   Track Performer
Luis Miguel   Track Performer
Chuck Berghofer   Bass,Rhythm Bass
Chrissie Hynde   Track Performer
Antonio Carlos Jobim   Track Performer
Clay Ostwald   Keyboards
Rita Quintero   Background Vocals
Terry Trotter   Piano
Stevie Wonder   Harmonica,Piano,Vocals,Track Performer
Ron Anthony   Guitar
Gregg Field   Drums
Frank Sinatra   Track Performer
Jorge Noriega   Background Vocals
Bill Miller   Piano

Technical Credits

Quincy Jones   Arranger
Billy May   Arranger
Patrick Williams   Arranger,Director,Musical Director
Earl Robinson   Composer
John Aquilino   Engineer
Edwin Bonilla   Contributor
Billy Byers   Arranger
Sammy Cahn   Composer
Ed Calle   Contributor
Jorge Casas   Contributor
Bill Cavanaugh   Engineer
Don Costa   Arranger
Mike Couzzi   Engineer
Charles Dye   Engineer
Frank Foster   Arranger
Larry Greenhill   Engineer
Don Hahn   Engineer
Jay Healy   Engineer
Tom Hensley   Vocal Arrangements
Antonio Carlos Jobim   Contributor
Charles Koppelman   Executive Producer
Alan Lindgren   Vocal Arrangements
Johnny Mandel   Arranger
Juanito Marquez   Contributor
George Massenburg   Engineer
Paul McKenna   Engineer
Nelson Riddle   Arranger
Charles Paakkari   Engineer
John Patterson   Engineer
Csaba Petocz   Engineer
Charles Pollard   Contributor
Jose L. Quintana   Vocal Producer
Ed Rak   Engineer
Phil Ramone   Producer
Dave Reitzas   Engineer
Don Rubin   Executive Producer
Schmitt   Engineer
Ted Stein   Engineer
James Van Heusen   Composer
Frank Wolf   Engineer
Hank Cattaneo   Producer
Carl Glanville   Engineer
Bernie Becker   Engineer
Paul Cartledge   Engineer
T-Bone Demmar   Engineer
Geraldo Fernandes de Souza   Engineer
R.R. Harlan   Engineer
Scott Perry   Engineer
Rick Southern   Engineer
Larry Walsh   Engineer
Tom Young   Engineer
Bill Zehme   Liner Notes
Tommy Steele   Art Direction
Eliot Weisman   Executive Producer
Ron Taylor   Engineer
Andy Engel   Illustrations
Kiko Cibrian   Vocal Producer
Allen Lewis   Composer
Eric Schilling   Engineer
LeRoy Neiman   Paintings
Bart Howard   Composer
Dick Williams   Vocal Arrangements

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Duets II 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 10 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I cannot believe you refer to Luis Miguel as a mid level singer. I am dumbfounded! How can you voice such a strong remark about someone who has been refered to as the Latin Elvis or Sinatra Latino. A man who has won 5 Grammys his first at the tender age of 14! World Music Awards, 1 American Music Award, an a Star in the walk of Fame in Hollywood! He has been number 1 for more than 21 years in not only the spanish speaking countries but also in the Portuguese and Italian nations. I am shock when u call Luis Miguel a mid level singer , what's more I find your comments extremely ignorant. That'd be just like calling Sinatra or Elvis an average singer. Luis Miguel may not have recorded in english yet, but he is a living legend and even here in Australia his records are widely sold
Guest More than 1 year ago
This cd is worth it just for ''Luck be a Lady'' alone. Chrissie Hynde just oozed the feeling of this song as if she and Frank had spent years singing it in saloons. The Two DUETS by Sinatra and Partners are not the strongest vocals by the man, but choice of singers is very good and breathes a lot of new life into some old material
Guest More than 1 year ago
I just bought album for the duet with LUIS MIGUEL who IS NOT A MID-LEVEL SINGER. Just because he does not sing or records in English DOES NOT MAKE HIM A MID-LEVEL SINGER. He Sings better than all of the other's singers in the album! He has followers all over the world, including those who do not speak SPANISH!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Quite dissapointed after reading the negative commentary about Mexican singer Luis Miguel. Ignorace is no excuse for such foolishness. Has the reviewer ever listened to ''Romance''? Ever felt chills at the sound the title track of ''Amarte es un placer''. Thousands of L.M. fans bought this album just to get a chance to hear him sing in English (a special treat). This man's talent has made him so popular that even casual sightings of him on the streets of New York or L.A. have made national news. Not an exageration, he is that talented. The record company and Sinatra knew these things when they invited him to participate. Now as to the quality of the album as a whole, it's not as good as Duets (original), buy still worth getting.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I believe that this album is very good and I truly believe that Luis Miguel gives this album a great up-lift to it. I feel that Luis was invited to participate for two reasons; one he is a great singer and two (with all do respect) to sell this album to all spanish speaking people which cover millions and millions.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Frank was seventy-nine years old when he recorded this. His voice wasn't good because of his age and years of smoking. The recordings of Sinatra in the 1950's and 1960's are the best. A young Sinatra is my favorite singer. The people he is singing with aren't really all that good either.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The album is overall ok. I honestly only took it into consideration because of Luis Miguel. To the person who called Luis miguel a mid level singer....you obviously barked up the wrong tree. You must understand that Luis Miguel is Huge everywhere not just in Mexico. Your Ignorance is offensive. I'll give you a bit of advise, be open minded. You seem to think that the only way an artist can make it big is if he does so in the US. Well news flash thats not true. I'll tell you why. Because you could go to another country and ask people what they think of Frank Sinatra and sadly they probably wont know who your talking about but you ask them about Luis Miguel and they will tell you he's wonderful. Grow up a little and pick up some taste while your at it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Okay, the only reason why Frank wanted Luis Miguel in his duets album is because he is/was very well aware of who LUIS MIGUEL is. Please do yourself the favor to attend one of his concerts. You will be blown away with his beautiful strong voice, he sound even better live than on his records, as opposed to most artist who sound horrible live.
Guest More than 1 year ago
this cd is awsome! it is playing right now. i love the origanal songs on this cd.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I originally bought it for the Luis Miguel duet with Frank Sinatra but I end up liking all the other artists as well, since I love Jazz an also I'm a big Sinatra fan. I will say however about the Luis Miguel duet...he holds back! and yes he's probably the best singer in the world, but he holds back a lot. His people are very conservative, that's why going to his concert is great because you realize that no one really comes close to him...seriously he's that good. I wish he would get over his fears and sing in English for once, maybe a compilations of his hits including "amarte es un placer" the song. (google it, and listen to it, is great)