Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius: Jet Fusion

Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius: Jet Fusion



Pre-teen whiz-kid Jimmy Neutron keeps putting his knowledge to work, with unpredictable results, in this collection of seven episodes from the popular Nickelodeon television series. The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius: Jet Fusion features the special extended-length episode "Jet Fusion, in which Jimmy (voice of Debi Derryberry) is called upon by the Big Top Secret Organization to rescue movie star turned secret agent Jet Fusion (voice of Christian Slater). Elsewhere, "My Son, The Hamster" finds Jimmy turned into a fuzzy, four-legged critter. In "See Jimmy Run, Jimmy creates special jet-propelled running shoes to take on Cindy (voice of Carolyn Lawrence) in a relay race. Jimmy creates the most delicious candy in the world in "Krunch Time, with unexpected consequences. In "Safety First, he creates a robot to ward off the school bully, but the machine can't tell his friends from his enemies. Jimmy creates a series of gadgets to help his school's baseball team win the championship in "The Retroville Nine, but then has to wonder if that's cheating. Finally, Jimmy's latest project turns him into an elderly man in "Grumpy Young Men."

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Release Date: 02/03/2004
UPC: 0097368796034
Rating: NR
Source: Paramount

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