Animal Farm

Animal Farm

Director: John Stephenson Cast: Pete Postlethwaite, Kelsey Grammer, Ian Holm


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George Orwell's political fable about corruption and betrayal in post-revolutionary Russia gets a new look in this version that employs a cast of real animals alongside digitally manipulated critters and lifelike beasts crafted by Jim Henson's Creature Shop. At the Manor Farm, the alcoholic master Mr. Jones (Pete Postlethwaite) is cruel to his animals and has horribly mismanaged the property. One night, the wise but elderly pig Old Major (voice of Peter Ustinov) gathers the animals and speaks of a remarkable dream, in which the animals throw off their tyrannical human masters and learn to reap the fruits of their own labors. After Old Major's death, two other pigs, Snowball (voice of Kelsey Grammer) and Napoleon (voice of Patrick Stewart) lead a revolution that drives Jones from his land and leaves the animals in charge of their own destiny. After their revolt, Snowball and Napoleon rule side by side, but Napoleon soon becomes drunk with power and squeezes Snowball out of authority, eventually turning the other animals against him. With Boxer (voice of Paul Scofield), a simple-minded but loyal and physically powerful horse, as a role model, Napoleon leads the animals on a campaign of self-denial and hard work that will bring them security and freedom; however, it soon becomes obvious that Napoleon is growing fat while the other animals are starving, and he is quickly becoming the sort of creature he once waged war against. Animal Farm received its American premiere on the TNT cable TV network in October 1999; it opened as a theatrical release in several other countries shortly afterward.

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Release Date: 07/17/2012
UPC: 8809151411558
Original Release: 1999
Source: Imports

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Pete Postlethwaite Farmer Jones,Benjamin
Kelsey Grammer Snowball
Ian Holm Squealer
Julia Louis-Dreyfus Mollie
Julia Ormond Jessie
Paul Scofield Boxer
Patrick Stewart Napoleon
Peter Ustinov Old Major
Alan Stanford Mr. Pilkington
Caroline Grey Mrs. Jones
Gail Fitzpatrick Mrs. Pilkington
Joe Taylor Mr. Frederick
Jimmy Keogh Dennis
Noel O'Donovan Eric

Technical Credits
John Stephenson Director
Brian Ackland-Snow Production Designer
Mike Brewster Cinematographer
Martyn Burke Screenwriter
Cinesite Special Effects
James Corcoran Sound/Sound Designer
Colin Green Editor
Robert Halmi Executive Producer
Richard Harvey Score Composer,Musical Direction/Supervision
Alan Janes Screenwriter
Paul Lowen Producer
Morgan O'Sullivan Co-producer
Jonathan Privett Special Effects Supervisor
Sue Rowe Special Effects Supervisor
Jim Henson's Creature Shop Special Effects
Greg Smith Producer
Lionel Steketee Asst. Director

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Animal Farm 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 30 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Have you ever thought that animals could take over? You're probably thinking "Yeah, when pigs fly!" Well, you might want to start looking towards the sky because in Animal Farm, the animals do just that. Animal Farm is a tale about a farm of animals that are abused and neglected by the drunken farmer, Mr. Jones. The animals are so tired of being slaves to humans that they decide to take over the farm. The animals kick out Mr. Jones and begin to create their own government, which begins as a democracy; setting up their own "commandments" and choosing a leader. But putting too much faith into a single leader, such as the amount of trust that the animals put in Napoleon, leads to a hopeless situation, when the animals finally realize what the evil Napoleon has done, it is already too late. This is part of the important theme and message. George Orwell's message in this book is that if you trust in a deceitful leader, without questioning any of the dictator's actions, you will end up hopeless and it will be too late to fix things. Orwell successfully portrays the idea that putting full trust in someone without any doubts or questions or suspicions can ruin your life. He depicts his message victoriously! His message is easily understood and is brilliantly created. His symbolism is easy to understand and he explains every action with much detail, which makes it easy to analyze and compare to real-life events. I thought the plot and character choice was really interesting. I like how the plot represents Britain's conflicts at that time. I also like the way this story resembles actual events throughout history and how Napoleon shares a significant amount of similarities with other authoritative figures such as Stalin and Hitler. There are many historical events that resemble the tale of Animal Farm such as the Holocaust. I loved the symbolic imagery. For example, how the windmill symbolized the modernization of the farm. I really enjoyed the way Animal Farm was written. Some of the most important events were when Napoleon, Squealer, and the other pigs began to break and change the seven commandments. Also, when Boxer, the farm's strongest, most beloved, dedicated, and skilled worker is injured and unable to work, Napoleon sells him to a slaughterer and lies about it, yet the animals don't know until later. He says that he sent Boxer to a hospital. This devastates the other animals, especially when Benjamin reads that the truck that came to take Boxer away says "Glue Factory" and "Horse Slaughterer". These are two of the most important events within this wondrous tale because they both represent how despicable and deceitful a leader can become. It shows how unbelievable their actions can be, and, if given the power to, they can control every aspect of your life. I believe that everyone should read this fantastic tale! My personal opinion is that the book is of high worth. I give this book four stars! It is easy to understand, enjoyable, and is very interesting, especially when you unravel the symbolism and themes. Its meanings and significance can be applied to many life experiences and gives and supports good advice. I think that Animal Farm is an intriguing tale with an important message that everyone should learn.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Animal Farm is about a group of mistreated animals. They work together to run the farm owners out of the farm because they believe that the way animals are treated is unfair. When they finally begin to have freedom, Napoleon; a pig becomes in charge of all the animals. Or so he thinks. They all decide to build a windmill along with other ideas, but Napoleon believes he is in charge and makes all the decisions. Will the rest of the animals deal with Napoleon's rude attitude towards them, or will they fight against him to make their own decisions?
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The story Animal Farm, by George Orwell parallels Soviet Russian Communism, but uses the motif of oppressed animals rebelling, and eventually running their domain. In the story the animals take over Manor Farm, which was originally run by a corrupt, and abusive farmer. The animals set up an Aristocratic animal government, that eventually evolves into a tyranny. The song "Beasts of England" is the Animal Farm anthem. Here, Old Major, who started the revolution, describes his vision of freedom, and equality for all animals."Rings shall vanish from our noses," "Cruel whips no more shall crack," and "All must toil for freedom's sake " are verses that support Old Major's dream. As the story unfolds Old Majors dreams evolve into a more diabolical reality when Napoleon steps forward in a leadership role. The development of the seven commandments which states that: 1. Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy. 2. Whatever goes upon four legs, or has wings, is a friend. 3. No animal shall wear clothes. 4. No animal shall sleep in a bed. 5. No animal shall drink alcohol. 6. No animal shall kill any other animal. 7. All animals are equal. Is the premise that the Animal Farm is supposed to follow, but with qualifiers such as some animals are more equal than others. The scrambling for power and the parallels we see with communism is seen as Napoleon, and Snowball disagree with the future of animal farm. The use of attack dogs to purge the animals society of those who disagree with Napoleon, a sort of "ethnic cleansing" parallels the path of communism where ones freedoms are limited and strictly supervised. Orwell uses insightful descriptions to show human fallibilities through the animals on the farm. The animals missteps, the dramas that arise throughout the book, the reversal of roles were animals are human, and the humans become animal like are all part of a story line that makes the reader question society, and contemplate if a utopia is truly possible.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is an exciting, yet interesting, book to read. It has action in it, and some kind of weird parts too. This book was about a farm of animals that did not like being pushed around and working their tails off. So they wanted to take over that farm and have their own say in things. So they finally over took the farm and started doing what they wanted to. Of course, they had someone that led them. It could get chaotic at times when I was reading this book, but I liked that it was just fun and it had an interesting story plot about how animals do not like being told what to do by humans. Sometimes it is good to have someone there to lead you in the right direction of everything in life. I know that if I did not have my parents to guide me in the right direction, then who knows where I would be in life right now. I found the ending to be kind of confusing though. I figured out what it meant. It was kind of an interesting way to end the story. I sure would not have thought about writing that as an ending. Another thing that I found interesting about this book was the way that there was enemies among the animals themselves. That is kind of related to real life. You may think people are with you, or are your friends, but they are really just using you or just your friend because they feel bad for you. In the story, a few of the animals were deceiving by making the other animals think that they were with everything that was going on, but really it was just all a game. That's what they mean when they say that looks can be deceiving. All in all, I thought that it was a very entertaining book and that people should definitely read this book if they want some thing to laugh at and to keep them interested. It was a real well put together book that should definitely get recognized. I had a blast reading it. It is really good to read when you are not doing anything or when you are just in the mood to read something that will keep you awake and in tact. I would recommend this book to every one that I know. Even people that I just met. I think everyone should read this. Over all, I had a great time reading it. I submitted this on the 23rd of December
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
In most stories there are the powerful and the powerless. In Animal Farm the story shows the way a character obtains absolute power through schemes and lies, and how others are left powerless while it happens. The whole story starts out with a prize winning pig named Old Major, who dreamed of having the Manor Farm be controlled by animals. Although the animals succeeded in controlling the Manor Farm, the way it is run becomes more and more similar to the communism way, rather than all the animal being treated as equals. Animal Farm is the fairy-tale version of the Russian Revolution. "Animal Farm" shows an imaginary example on what happens when oppressed farm animals rebel, and attempt to rule the farm themselves, after getting rid of their former master Mr. Jones. The animals tried to establish a perfect society with some hidden communism, where each would work according to strengths and weaknesses, while also respecting others needs. The sough out dream failed, and "Animal Farm" ended up being a run solely of pigs, who were to be the brightest, and most capable of the animals by their standards. Orwell's skills are shown when he shows how totalitarianism begins to slowly unfold in the story, and his way of putting some examples of communism within the book such as when the animals would hold meetings on Sunday, and only Napoleon/Snowball would be discussing issues or pitching ideas. Orwell also portrays Old Major as something like the leader of all the other animals and has all of their respect could probably make them do whatever he wants, even though little is known about Old Major and everything he has done with the farm to make them admire him so much. In reality, the whole plan on "no animal must ever tyrannize over his own kind. Weak or strong, clever or simple, we are all brothers" immediately was bound to fail when the pigs started taking milk and other items from the other animals. The seven commandments they made for each of the animals must live by to help create an equal balance worked for a short time. However, the pigs began taking control of the farm with Napoleon being the leader, and they began rewriting the commandments to make their lives better than the rest of the animals that are considered to be less great than the pigs. So, with the help of propaganda and the fear of Mr. Jones coming back to the farm, Napoleon became the absolute ruler of the "Animal Farm".
TaeBBY More than 1 year ago
I read this book for my FLVS class and the book "Animal Farm" was a very enthralling novel about political tactics and views on Stalinism. The author, George Orwell, did very well with helping me feel like I was actually in the story. I felt like I had been to the farm and seen the animals myself. Overworked and underpaid animals decide to take over their farm and make the farmer, Mr. Jones, relinquish his control over the farm. They begin working towards creating a utopia and live off a simple set of rules called "The Seven Commandments." The main character Snowball appoints himself leader and begins working on their perfect society almost right into the novel. A war broke out between Mr. Jones, others from neighboring towns and farms, and the animals. But the animals were prepared for what the humans had in store. The animals had a plan, they fought back, and won. There were a few losses but the animals grew stronger by the day. Over the course of the story another pig, Napoleon, thought that he was the one that deserved the power and control over the farm. He planned to sabotage Snowball's meeting and run him out of the farm. After Snowball is gone, Napoleon takes control. He tries to make people believe that Snowball was wrong and that the things he said were all wrong and lies. At this point in the story I knew things would be going downhill. Like the famous quote "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely." Over time the animals become more and more like humans and less like animals. Soon they can't tell who's an animal or who's a human. Most animals don't remember the time when Snowball was there. Many of the original animals from the farm are dead except for very few including Napoleon. There is an overall repeating theme in this story and it is the danger of blindly following someone more powerful than yourself. This story shows that, although the animals are naïveté, they were loyal to their original leader. But the animals were unwilling to question Napoleons authority. This just shows how if you follow someone with more power and not inform yourself, you could end up in this type of situation. Throughout the story you can see the symbolism that Orwell used to show the rise and fall of Stalinism in society. It progressively gets worse the farther you get into the story. I highly suggest you read this book.
drumgrl1 More than 1 year ago
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if animals took control? Well in the book Animal Farm, the prize winning boar Old Major tells the animals on the farm about a dream he has where animals will rule England. Three days later when he dies, three pigs: Napoleon, Squealer, and Snowball, take Old Major's dream into action and start the rebellion by kicking Mr. Jones and his wife out. While the animals start their Animal Farm, Mr. Jones is plotting against them and it seems like the farm is doing pretty well. This is a very well written story full of animal fable and conflicts between many different groups in society. One conflict that was interesting to me was the pigs verses the other farm animals. It seemed like the pigs knew what they were doing, knew what the animals would believe it, and led them into the pigs rule blindly. They forgot the main purpose of the rebellion, though, and that was for ALL animals to rule not just the pigs. Although the book clearly stated that Mr. Jones gave them the bare minimum to just survive, having the pigs leading made everything worse than it already was. After a while, all the animals forgot what it was like to have Mr. Jones there, so they assumed that where they were at was better than the past. They didn't know that what the animals were getting into was something they couldn't get out of. As soon as the rebellion started Napoleon and the other pigs kept on pushing them to work harder for the farm. From building the windmill, to rebuilding the windmill after it was too weak and even winning the Battle of the Cowshed and the Battle of the Windmill. The farm was becoming a horrible place for animals, because it was like work, work, and work, eat a little, work, sleep a little, and work. They had no play time, not a lot of food, and had to work all the time. In this book, the rebellion starts off as going amazing and spectacular. The animals are doing good working without the help of Mr. Jones and they are even doing things that he used to do, better. Then when the pigs start going a little power crazy it grows into a dictatorship. Napoleon kills anyone that gets in his way; even if they lie or take too much food. Another thing horrible about the pigs ruling is that all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others. The pigs never have to work, they just sit and eat and come up with more ways to make the Animal Farm prosper. The book ended on a very sad note where the animals couldn't tell the pigs apart from the humans, because they were acting the same and talking as if they were friends. Overall, I would have to say Animal Farm is a five star book because of its excellent storyline, characters, and details of the farm. I would certainly recommend this book to any age whether a beginner or very advanced in reading.
Jamminjemma More than 1 year ago
For my English one class, module three I was given the choice between two books, since I am in the honors class. My two choices were The Life Of Pi, and Animal Farm. I chose to read Animal Farm, by George Owells. The main reason that I chose to read this book was because it was easier to get a hold of, since it was available to read online for free. I am glad I chose this book over my other option, because this book seems like something everyone should read at some point in their lives. This book is about a farm, where the animals are getting tired of being treated like slaves. The leader of the animals, Old Major, tells them about the way that life could be for the animals and they decided to take over after his death. They then celebrate their victory and make plans to run the farm, changing its name from Manor Farm to Animal Farm. The Animal Farm leaders are automatically made the pigs, since they are the smartest of the animals. They watch over the farm and make sure everything is done correctly, while the other animals do the actual physical labor. Snowball seems to be the main protagonist, and he seems to want the best for the animal farm. He makes plans to build a windmill to have electricity in the barn. Napoleon, the antagonist, dislikes the idea of a windmill, most likely because he wishes he could have thought of it first. He precedes to run Snowball off of the farm, and proclaims himself the leader. That's what started the downfall of there farm. The farm had a list of rules, told to them by Old Major before he died. These included things such as, do not wear clothes, do not sleep in beds, etc. It pretty much meant, be as inhuman as possible, since the humans were what caused all of the problems for the animals. Slowly, as Napoleon gained more power on the farm, he and the other pigs began to break these rules. The book ends with the pigs becoming exactly like the humans, walking on two feet, sleeping in the house, and letting themselves enjoy the things that Old Major specifically warned against. I dislike this book because of the way its written. It doesn't have any specific main character, but it does have a good plot.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The story in which animals rebel against their human oppressor and set up a new, anarchical society certainly deserves credit. There are even elements which make the film work better than the novel. For example, whereas the original story features Clover, an old mare, as the closest thing to a narrator, the remake uses one of the dogs, Jessie. Had the film used a mare rather than a dog, the animal would have been restricted to certain areas only (unlike the dog, the mare would not have been able to wander around the farm as she pleased, spying on the pigs through the window and running around whenever help was needed). Nevertheless, the film also has several flaws when it comes to the appearance and departure of animals. It does not explain what becomes of Mollie the white mare, and although he is a surivor in the original, Benjamin the donkey mysteriously disappears towards the end of the movie. We also have no idea who the black horse is (the one that walks with Jessie in the rain at the end of the film). And LOOK OUT! At the end of the film, Jessie is blind (it is visible in her eyes, which have gone cloudy blue), and yet she seems to be perfectly able to see the car driving towards the farm. PLUS, at the end, if you look carefully at the black and white film that the pigs have made to commemorate Napoleon (the one with the soprano duck), you'll notice that towards the end, the film suddenly turns to colour, and what used to be a black and white farmhouse has turned red, and there are brown cows at the bottom of the screen! Nevertheless, this is still an amazing movie (although watch it before you show it to children- you have been fooled if someone has told you it is anywhere near as sweet and cuddly as 'Babe' or 'Lassie') and the animals' characters are dynamic. Another bonus is that this film was made recntly, so although I won't tell you how it ends, let me just say that whereas the novel was written during the peak of communism, this movie shows everything that has happened up until nowadays.
Guest More than 1 year ago
“Animal Farm” directed by John Stephenson is a poorly made film badly adapted from Orwell’s timeless classic. As someone who has read “Animal Farm” and enjoyed it I sympathise with anyone who has seen the film and not read the book and has therefore gone away thinking that a marvellous piece of writing is in fact one and a half hours of un-believable drivel. As the film was made around the same time as others adapted from books, set on farms and featuring both animals and humans such as “Babe” (which was both enjoyable and believable.) Hallmark entertainment can hardly claim that the special effects needed weren’t accessible because they obviously were! The “animals” were made in Jim Henson’s workshop and really in this case “muppet” is the word that springs to mind. When you look past the bad acting and lack of plot the voice-overs provided by Kelsey Grammer (Snowball) and Julia Ormond (Jessie) are actually very good, so maybe the casting director and executive producer (Robert Halmi) should go into radio instead of film!
giftgirl2305 More than 1 year ago
To me this story portrayed an excellent view on communism. It also showed how diversity and nature itself keeps people from being equal or happy. "Animal Farm" is a story telling about a farm of animals that rebel against the farmer, Mr.Jones, and run him off the farm. The animals then make an attempt to run the farm by themselves. The animals seemed to be aiming for a utopian society where everyone works to their own capabilities and limits. In the end, their hopes and plan failed and Napolean became a tyrant, due to being charismatic and clever. You can also notice some fore-shadowing in the beginning of the story if you read through the book then go back and reread it carefully. Things such as the pigs, for example, "settled down in the front of the platform", which might be a hint at their future role in the book. There is also Clover, it read that she "made a sort of wall" with her leg to cover some ducklings. You might even find hints that their society was going to fail. Even though the animals were idealistic in the beginning, it appears that they were doomed when they began. When they set up the Seven Commandments, they did so to create equality and happiness for all animals. Unfortunately, depending on your point of view, the pigs were clever and managed to mutilate the Commandments. By doing this they managed to create a tyranny of pigs under the leadership of Napolean. This book presents how controlling propaganda and a type of brainwashing works in controlling what others believe and support. Squealer was the character who was mainly responsible for the propaganda. He managed to change the rule from "all animals are equal" to "all animals are equal but some animals are better than others". He even convinced the other animals that they should thank Napolean for carrying the "heavy responsibility" of leadership and if nothing else worked he would use the threat of Jones returning. The author showed how absolute power corrupts even the most clever and intelligent, just like the pigs were corrupted by their power over the other animals and became creatures that walk on two legs and carry whips, just like the cruel humans.
Charlene92 More than 1 year ago
When i first started reading this book i thought the book was about a simple rebellion. But it is not that simple. I thought after being abused for a long while with hard labor that they would just snap. I know i would. There is a lot of comparisons of this novel and the real world. For example, when canada seperated to make its own country and be free from england we were free but then we got a government who made laws to keep us out of chaos and prisons and such to keep the people who did break the law contained. Just like the pigs started to make commandments to make sure everything runs smoothly. Now the difference between the book and our situation is that the pigs got greedy and didnt think about the rest of the animals in the end. They became what they despised in the first place. In this real life situation our country thrived. We had some bumps in the road but we made it and our gov't didn't turn out like the pigs. The characters in the story had a type of anarchy system from the beginning. Mr.jones, (the farmer) then pigs, they held meetings every night because they were the smartest animals on the farm and then the hard laborers. Now before the rebelllion it was very easy going because none of them had power,Mr. Jones had it all, but once they got rid of the lazy farmer the pigs rose in power. In the very beginning of the rebellion, after they ran Mr.Jones off the farm, the pigs wanted all animals to be equal to each other and they humans to be lower than them. Like the commandment said "Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy" and "whatever goes upon four legs, or wings, is a friend". But eventually the commandments started to change to suit the pigs rather than any of the other animals. For example, after the pigs drank Mr.Jones's liquor, they had a terrible gut rot and there was a new commandment put after that. it said no drinking alcohol. After they got over the terrible pain, they changed it to you can drink it but not excessively. The plot of the book is a rebellion gone wrong. The animals were doing everything on the farm and not getting one cent for what they were doing, there owner Mr.Jones, he was lazy and took everything from the animals and didnt give anything back. So they started the rebellion. The pigs organized it because they could read and find strategies to beat Mr.Jones in the rebellion. They other animals were used for what they could do, but none of them could do what the pigs did after the rebellion they started having more success with the farm than Mr.Jones ever did. But with all that came more power and more responsibility for the new leaders, the pigs. Just like Jones, they became lazy, selfish, and greedy. In the end the pigs started acting like Mr. Jones. What i think the author was trying to tell us is that power can corrupt even the most well-meaning people. That if you take power away from someone and think you can use it better than them fine. But if you start acting like the previous person/animal in power all you are is a hypocrite because your doing the same thing they did. In conclusion, I think this book can show you how power can corrupt if you don't use it responsibly. This book is very good at showing the circle of life and power because in the end of the book it still came down to who had more power, which were the pigs.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I had to read this book for my Florida Virtual School English 1 class. In module 3 I was asked to read one of two books from my honors class. The main reason I chose this one was because I didn't want to buy a book I'll be only reading once and because right under the title I noticed I can read the book online, but once I got a hold of my instructor she told me that the book was also in movie form, so that was even better for me (knowing i really don't like reading). Therefore I read this book, well I saw the movie, and it really gives you an educational view and a life long lesson on treating people/animals equally so that thing that has happened in history don't occur again and it gives a message to things that are happening now-a-days in the world. Like in the movie all of the animals are forced to listen to their master (the farmer) and do everything he commands them to do, and in different parts of the world such as in Cuba and Africa there are lots of children and adults being forced to do things they don't want to do, or else they'll be killed. Well back to the novel, the animals are starting to make plans on how to take control of their lives and be free from being tortured from the farmer. The animal that stepped up to the plate and took control of this protest was the pigs, and they were the only one's brave enough and outspoken enough to say what they feel out of all the animals in the farm. Snowball, the protagonist, was the pig leader of the group who had big dreams for the future of the farm and the animals who lived in it. All of the animals had his back and listened to his every speech to know what will happen next. They began to write rules such as "No animal shall sleep in beds with sheets", four legs good, two legs bad", and other rules made by Old Major. Napoleon, the antagonist, didn't like Snowball being in charge and wanted to have all the fame and glory that shined over Snowball. Napoleon found a way to make Snowballs face disappear from the farm, and took charge after doing so. He made up a story to the rest of the animals saying he was the bad one and that he was going to treat everyone just like the farmer. Little by little Napoleon began to gain the trust of all the animals and began to be the leader of the group and all the pigs following him began break the rules, but little did the animals know that he was the bad one from the beginning. Overall I like the concept of the novel because of the message it sends out to anyone who has read/seen it.
Paola71 More than 1 year ago
Animal farm is an engaging novel you almost cannot stop reading the moment you pick it up. The plots and themes in this novel is like no other! It has unique styles in engaging the reader. This novel is based on several animals on a farm that decide they need a change in their lifestyle once and for all. They become rebellion to many but have a goal set for each and every single one of their lives. This novel is very different from many of the books I usually read but it has it's way in filling you in with the details of the novel. With many struggles these animals have to surpass they keep their eye on the lifestyle they've always dreamed about. With many disagreements,conflicts and struggles these animals learn to move on from it and keep their head high. Based on this novel the style is somewhat difficult to understand depending on your knowledge. But overall the tone of work is very well organized throughtout the novel and brings out the animals to life!
This novel hopefully will inspire others tolook pass their "ordinary" life, and picture themselves living that extraordinary lifestyle such as these animals did. The setting of this story is based on an England farm during the Russian Revolutionary War.

With having so much chaos surrounding their small little farm they learn to work together as one, and learn to respect,honor,and obey each other in order to overcome society and the conflicts. One of the most interesting parts of the story for me was the fact that so many different animals were going through so much frustration in their mind but didn't realize it until one courages pig decided to speak up and set this goan/plan for each of the animals. Which was to take over society,and change their lives drastically. They wanted many changes including everything that had to do with the harm of their animals. These animals were brave in what they did;working together and surpassing the humans that were in control of them. And like always, there is always that one person(or in this case, animal) that wants to change things or be in control of everything which you'll find out in this story exactly what I mean.
If you want to read a book full of exitment,courage, and inspiration I completely suggest you give this book a try, it's a way of knowing there's more to life than what we have now.
Brit3 More than 1 year ago
Animal Farm is an engaging book that involves the underdogs finally standing up and taking control. After being underappreciated and mistreated for so long, the animals on the farm finally decide they've had enough. An inspirational speech by the farm's previous animal leader drives them over the edge. After he passes, they begin to question their lives. Would it really be better without any humans? Or would it be total chaos? This book was really an inspiration. It inspired me to stand up for myself and others that I believe in. Why should we get shoved aside because of our gender, race, religion, etc.? The answer: we shouldn't. We should fight for what we believe in. Life is too short, why waste it with regrets? In this story I must say that my favorite character would definitely be Boxer. He is the hardest working animal on that farm and is extremely under-appreciated. He is very loyal to those around him and will stick with them no matter what. Boxer reminds me a lot of myself. Very naïve in believing that everyone is as trustworthy as he. Time and time again they deceive and overwork him, yet he still remains loyal. If everyone would be like this, the world would be a much better place. In this book, the author is showing the complications that can (and will) occur when you take control. The animals know this from the start. The question is, is it worth it? The author does a very good job doing this and (although it seems comical when you truly think about it), at times I forgot that I was reading about animals. They were so real and their personalities so complex! Some consider animals to be incompetent, I am not one of them, but I was still surprised that I could get sucked into these fictional animals lives so easily. I believe that the most symbolic part of the book is the windmill. It shows all of their efforts as they work, and then their failures when it's torn down time and time again. We should all learn a lesson from this book and these wonderful and experimental animals. Next time somebody tries to tear you down and belittle you, stand up for yourself! Don't let them manhandle you in that manner (unless it's your boss). ;) I would recommend Animal Farm to anybody. Children, teenagers, adults, no matter what age you are you will enjoy these animals' perseverance and courage!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Animal Farm is a wonderful representation of universal, political and biblical ideals. Animal Farm successfully represents how these ideals have been used to manipulate and control individuals to an extent where oppression goes unquestioned and society cannot help but be stratified.

Animal Farm written by George Orwell tells a tale of animal oppression and injustice. The story starts off with the animals revolting against their farmer Jones, who has been cruel to them. Neglecting to feed them and take proper care of them. They are influenced into a revolt by rhetoric of an old pig who passes, and they eventually take control over the farm and ends up running Jones off the land. The original name of the farm Manor Farm was changed to Animal Farm to show their success and in hopes that it would be recognized by animals every where.
The success of the animals was followed by introduction of new concepts and ideals such as Animalism and commandments, one stating that all animal were equal. This success was pioneered by a pig named Snowball who established the commandments. There was another pig who represented some sort of authority in the farm; Napoleon. Napoleon however was not satisfied with this success and went on to take control over the Farm. Through malcontent and deception he grew into power and ran Snowball off the farm. Eventually this lead to more oppression on part of the animals and everything they fought for was in vain.

Throughout animal farm The use of Rhetoric is used to manipulate the animals towards a particular point of view. Old Major used rhetoric to motivate the animals into a revolt and Snowball continued to use rhetoric to get the animal to indulge in the concept of animalism. Napoleon the antagonist used rhetoric to manipulate the animals to bend to his will. This was a continuous trend throughout the novel to use rhetoric to manipulate the animals where her for good or for bad. This event reflects political discourse that was used in Communism, particularly Russia.

This rhetoric was used mainly to control the animals like any good political discourse. The animals were manipulated and oppressed by Napoleon who constantly twisted and changed the concepts of animalism to benefit himself. This went unquestioned by the animals as it was so convincing that it seemed justified through their eyes. Napoleon changed several of the commandments, the number main one being that all animals were equal to `all animals are equal but some are more equal than others¿. This referred to himself and the pigs being superior to the other animals.

Likewise in the Political discourse of communist Russia, Joseph Stalin a cruel dictator used his rhetoric to manipulate the people and convince them that communism was the only way to achieve a Utopian society.
The main aim of animals was to achieve equality among all of them through the concept of animalism as well as Russia¿s attempt to achieve equality through the concept of Communism. However these concepts proved futile.

The Rule of Napoleon led to more injustices and inequality among the animals. Which brings us to the fact that society cannot help but be stratified. Attempts made to make everyone in society equal will always prove futile as in every society there must be class stratification. In every society there are leaders or governments that guide society and maintains order. When this happens it leads to the ones in power developing a sense of superiori
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Animal Farm is an odd but interesting book. The animals are mistreated by their farm owner, Jones. Later on in the story they soon drive out Jones with a well formed plan. In the story the animals wanted to rule the farm together without a human leader. They go out of their way just to keep the farm running so that they will have food to eat and sell for money for more food or little things that they might need for the farm. That is exactly what they try to do when they run Jones off of the farm. In the book soon after Jones is driven out there's a very interesting part where Jones tries to recapture his farm. The animals are going about their daily routines normally when it happened. They were in a meeting and someone saw Jones and a few man walk through the five-barred gate. The animals were all frightened but Snowball had planned for this in case of attack. He prepared all of the animals and they had an ambush waiting in case their front line attack failed. The animals had to retreat but like they planned, their back up forces ambushed Jones and drove him away from the farm yet again. The animals had celebrated in victory that night. They had driven out Jones and they had felt like it was for good this time and Snowball had given them an inspiring speech about how well they did. Snowball's leadership was not long lived though. One of the female dogs in the book had nine pups and Napoleon had taken them aside for private "teaching" earlier on. Napoleon had unleashed these dogs, which he had turned into killers, and drove Snowball out of the farm. Napoleon then lied to everyone by saying Snowball was in league with Jones and he was plotting to destroy Animal Farm. Of course most of the other animals were not as smart as the pigs so they had no choice but to believe him. The author made this book very well when he had the animals build the windmill. The animals work hard breaking rocks by pushing them off a cliff and then pulling them back up to be used for the windmill. They put it together once but then it gets destroyed. Finally they build it again and complete it. They have to sell a bunch of wood to be able to afford wiring but they get scammed. I think the author did very well on this book and I like it a lot. He developed the animal characters well. This book shows that power can get to some ones head easily. Also, it shows that established and unchangeable laws help keep a government together.
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Reading a review stating this was a horribable adaptation of George Orwell's novel earlier today, I laughed at how wrong they were. They change how old Major dies and a few small things unimportant(execpt the happy ending). This was a great movie and adaptation (heck, im listening to the album). My favorite part is the breaking of one of the commandments and is the last one broken(is different from book, but I think better). Also has captin Picard (Patrick Stewart) doing a voice over along with Frasier (Kelsey Grammer) and Loagns Run, Peter Ustinov. Great cast!
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This book, well actually the movie, is a very educational type of movie. These animals are being forced to follow their leader, just like in Cuba, with Castro. The people in Cuba are having to being under strict rules, that make Castro successful, but they need a leader, they need somebody to help them, basically to help guide their lives. So in this case, this movie, Animal Farm, is a book that should be recommended by many teachers for their students to read and discuss about the importance in leadership. Also how people can be held under several rules. George Orwell's book, Animal Farm, is in relation with the American Revolution. In many scenes the animals sang revolution songs or gave proud, hard speeches about it. This movie had some great scenes such as; the animals fighting the humans at night for the first time when they finally get the farm to their selves. This movie shows important and great keys that can educate you and give you more information on how things went back in the Revolution. Many leaders can take their leadership skills to the extreme and just do whatever they feel like doing. Well the pigs thought they were the important animals in the farm, so they did what they felt and what pleased them. The other animals have to listen and do whatever the pigs say because they don't think they can survive without them. Even though the pig, like Castro, told the animals lies about doing good things, the animals still obeyed his rules. I thought this movie was very good at comparing the farm to the revolution. Especially because the pig had the same leadership skills as Castro did in the revolution. Napoleon wasn't the perfect leader, but the animals needed someone to take care of them so that they could survive. So the animals believed that napoleon was doing well. But after the humans found out the animals could talk, they didn't really care how the animals were treated, they were just a profit. This shows that neither people, nor animals had their rights. The leader defiantly didn't have a right to control the animals like that and take away their rights. So this movie does a great job showing what actually happened in the revolution as it compares to the animal farm. At the end of the movie, new farmers came along and the animals weren't serving a leader anymore, and they had all their rights to be free back again. The American Revolution finally ends.
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Animal Farm Review In animal farm the many different characters share pains, sorrows, joy, and happiness. It is a very interesting novel with great insight for life. The storyline and setting are also guaranteed o keep the reader interested and entertained. George Orwell really knows how to write a good novel. In the beginning the animals of the farm were being cruelly oppressed by the evil Mr. Jones, their wisest and oldest comrade gave them a long speech and an inspirational song. He told them that the humans have oppressed the animals for a long time and that I was time to rebel. The animals agreed and waited for the opportunity to heed his wise instructions. Finally the opportunity came and they took over the farm. Once taken over the pigs assumed control, they made general rules on how the animals should be governed. The nice leader was chased out of the farm by the eager napoleon. And by eager I mean for power. Now I will leave the rest for you to read. The author displays all the required and needed style and components for an interesting and nice story. Any person to read this story, no matter the age, will find it an enjoyable tale. The only downside to the story is the speed at which it is told. I find that many parts of the book are often sped up and not well explained. Some parts are just skimmed over. Many of these parts are crucially important to the story line. Also the lesson to be learned is a little tough to comprehend by a small child. If I was the author I would have made it a bit more entertaining to the child portion of the reading community. All in all it is a fantastic book that I recommend highly. It does have some flaws that I don't think should be taken very seriously, although its outcome makes you forget all the wrongs and focus on the main message and theme of the story. You will find that it has a real life lesson to be learned. George Orwell has really opened my eyes to many things through this book, and has done a fantastic job in convincing others as well. I praise this book highly and recommend this book to any one reading this review. Anywhere and anyone can enjoy this book. It is a good choice.
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Animal farm is a great book about the corruption of Socialist Ideals in the Soviet Union. Animal Farm is centered around a farm where the animals inhabiting it are unhappy with their leader, just as the Soviets during the time of corruption. In the beginning of the novel, the animals rebel against the humans on the farm. They despise him and wish to be free and claim they will then be happy. Therefore, they fight of the owner of the farm of his own farm not once but twice!!! At first, everyone is happy and they have a great time. However, slowly but surely the animals on the farm realize that all is not so great. Through out the book a new corrupt ruler forces his way into place and things could even be considered as worse than before. By the end of the book, things are not looking to good for the animals and are living in harsh conditions. This book should be read by everyone for one important reason. And that reason is that we as humans need to understand and be careful as to who we elect as our ruling government. Too many times in history we have made this common mistake and this book is a great way to demonstrate this. In conclusion, this book is not just a great and smooth read but an educational read as well. I recommend this book to everyone who enjoys reading!
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Everyone believes that there is a possibility at a perfect society. People believe that if they were to maintain control and change the way things are being run, that they would be able to make their place better. Unfortunately, that does not exist, no matter how hard someone strives to make it. The fact is, there will always be someone who opposes what is happening and will rebel against it. Therefore, there is no such thing as a Utopia. The book Animal Farm by George Orwell makes this more clear. Animal Farm makes a political point using animals that attempt running a farm and being an equal society. An old pig that lives on the farm, Old Major, had a dream of animals uniting together and rebelling against the human race. They were attempting to live a happy life and not a life of work and abuse like the were at the time. Old Major thought that this was something that he was supposed to let the other animals know so they could attempt it. There was even a song that went along with this, to play as their anthem. Shortly after he shared his story, Old Major died and the rest of the animals went about with the rebellion. George Orwell is known for writing books that make a political statement. Some think he seems inhuman with some of his writing. He makes you see people from an angle that not many realize. George Orwell also is known in his literature for referring to past historical events. In Animal Farm, he did this as well. The main character, Napoleon, represented Joseph Stalin. His actions resembled Stalin's as well. I think there is great value in this book. It brings realization to human nature and the way we work. Everyone sees humans as such a superior race, and maybe so, but there is flaw about us as well. We are all very determined to maintain a high amount of power. We like to control everything and make things go our way. Napoleon showed an example of this. He was trying to have control over the farm and make them do as he pleased, whether it abided by the rules, or not. This was that urge for power and control, and I think this book expressed that characteristic well. Although Animal Farm was very fictional, it displayed a great plot for us to realize. I enjoyed the book very much, and I would highly recommend it to readers interested in politics, or that believe that there is a such thing as maintaining a perfect society.
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Greedy farmers, talking animals, and controlling pigs can all be found in Animal Farm. In this classic tale written by George Orwell, "overworked, mistreated animals" take over Manor Farm in an attempt to create a paradise and safe haven for all animals. The animals plan to protect all animals and never to subject themselves to the ways of humans. But is it possible for animals to survive without the help of humans? It is a dream from "the prize Middle White boar", Old Major, which starts the animals' plans. Old Major tells the animals that the only way to improve their substance of life to get rid of Man. The animals had become weary and worried that the life of an animal would always be controlled and manipulated by Man. Old Major's dream changes all of the animals in a tremendous way. No longer do they feel helpless and inferior, they become courageous and after Old Major's death the animals put their plans to action. On Midsummer's Eve, the animals run Jones and his men off the farm with little trouble. It is immediately after this incident that the animals come up with Seven Commandments for animals to live by. They even change the name of the farm from Manor Farm to Animal Farm and for the first time in a long time, the animals were happy. They set to beginning a new, happier life. Although they had gotten rid of Mr. Jones, work still had to be done on the farm. At times the work was even harder to do without the humans than it had been before, but the animals persist and get it done. One of the pigs, Snowball, even comes up with the idea of building a windmill, which would not only be difficult for animals to build but also time consuming. Everything seems to be going well with the animals but problems will remain with or without humans and it isn't long before the animals are at one another's throats. In this book I learned that a utopian world can not exist among humans nor animals. No matter how hard the animals strive for the perfect society for animals, there will always be problems. I also learned that animals need humans just as much as humans need animals; it is how the world is balanced. Animals and humans are more alike than we may realize but it is evident that whether you have two feet or four feet, you want happiness.
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