Best Picture Academy Award Winners Collection

Best Picture Academy Award Winners Collection

Director: Francis Ford Coppola Cast: James Cameron, James L. Brooks, Mel Gibson

DVD (Wide Screen / DTS)


Mel Gibson, long-time heartthrob of the silver screen, came into his own as a director with Braveheart, an account of the life and times of medieval Scottish patriot William Wallace and, to a lesser degree, Robert the Bruce's struggle to unify his nation against its English oppressors. The story begins with young Wallace, whose father and brother have been killed fighting the English, being taken into the custody of his uncle, a nationalist and pre-Renaissance renaissance man. He returns twenty years later, a man educated both in the classics and in the art of war. There he finds his childhood sweetheart Murron (Catherine McCormack), and the two quickly fall in love. There are murmurs of revolt against the English throughout the village, but Wallace remains aloof, wishing simply to tend to his crops and live in peace. However, when his love is killed by English soldiers the day after their secret marriage (held secretly so as to prevent the local English lord from exercising the repulsive right of prima noctae, the privilege of sleeping with the bride on the first night of the marriage), he springs into action and single-handedly slays an entire platoon of foot soldiers. The other villagers join him in destroying the English garrison, and thus begins the revolt against the English in what will eventually become full-fledged war. Wallace eventually leads his fellow Scots in a series of bloody battles that prove a serious threat to English domination and, along the way, has a hushed affair with the Princess of Wales (the breathtaking Sophie Marceau) before his imminent demise. For his efforts, Gibson won the honor of Best Director from the Academy; the movie also took home statuettes for Best Picture, Cinematography, Makeup, and Sound Effects.

Product Details

Release Date: 02/06/2007
UPC: 0097361229645
Rating: R
Source: Paramount
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Sound: [DTS 5.1-Channel Surround Sound, Dolby Digital Surround, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]
Time: 18:15:00

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Debra Winger Emma Greenaway
Kevin Spacey Lester Burnham
Leonardo DiCaprio Jack Dawson
Marlon Brando Don Vito Corleone
Mel Gibson William Wallace
Russell Crowe Maximus
Tom Hanks Forrest Gump
Al Pacino Michael Corleone
Annette Bening Caroline Burnham
Joaquin Phoenix Commodus
Kate Winslet Rose DeWitt Bukater
Robin Wright Jenny Curran
Shirley MacLaine Aurora Greenaway
Sophie Marceau Princess Isabelle
Billy Zane Cal Hockley
Connie Nielsen Lucilla
Gary Sinise Lt. Dan Taylor
Jack Nicholson Garrett Breedlove
James Caan Sonny Corleone
Patrick McGoohan Edward I Longshanks
Thora Birch Jane Burnham
Catherine McCormack Murron
Jeff Daniels Flap
John Cazale Fredo Corleone
Kathy Bates Molly Brown
Mykelti Williamson Bubba Blue
Oliver Reed Proximo
Wes Bentley Ricky Fitts
Brendan Gleeson Hamish
Derek Jacobi Gracchus
Frances Fisher Ruth DeWitt Bukater
John Lithgow Sam Burns
Mena Suvari Angela Hayes
Robert Duvall Tom Hagen
Sally Field Mrs. Gump
Chris Cooper Colonel Fitts
Diane Keaton Kay Adams
Richard Harris Marcus Aurelius
Tomas Arana Quintus
Spencer Treat Clark Lucius
David Hemmings Cassius

Technical Credits
Francis Ford Coppola Director
James Cameron Director
James L. Brooks Director
Mel Gibson Director
Ridley Scott Director
Robert Zemeckis Director
Sam Mendes Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- American Beauty
1. The High Point of My Day (Main Title) [4:23]
2. Job Description [5:54]
3. I Will Sell This House Today [3:32]
4. The Gym [5:12]
5. Spectacular [4:46]
6. Welcome to the Neighborhood [2:36]
7. I'm Just Curious [3:32]
8. My Personal Hero [5:49]
9. I Love Root Beer [4:02]
10. America's Weirdest Home Videos [2:37]
11. Choking the Bishop [3:40]
12. I Want to Look Good Naked [3:53]
13. Mom's Mad [1:20]
14. An Ordinary Guy With Nothing to Lose [4:05]
15. The Royal Treatment [4:18]
16. The Most Beautiful Thing [5:12]
17. Pass the Asparagus [4:14]
18. Don't Give up on Me Dad [4:10]
19. Mr. Smarty Man [:01]
20. Massive Psychological Damage [4:20]
21. The Day You Die [5:33]
22. Smile, You're at Mr. Smiley's [3:30]
23. You Like Muscles? [5:46]
24. Our Marriage Is Just for Show [6:02]
25. You Couldn't Be Ordinary if You Tried [3:44]
26. I'm Great [6:18]
27. My Stupid Little Life [3:04]
28. End Credits [4:07]
Disc #2 -- Braveheart
1. The Wits of Men
2. Courage and a Free Heart
3. The Trouble With Scotland
4. A Nobleman's Rights
5. No Other, Forever
6. Application and Consequences of Laws
7. Gathering to Rebel
8. Ruthless Compromise
9. Madmen and Spies
10. Are You Ready for War
11. Terms and Offers
12. Guardian of Scotland
13. Negotiating With a Princess
14. Unity and Betrayal
15. Lands of Death
16. To Capture a Legend
17. The Pledge of the Bruce
18. The Crown's Price
19. A Queen's Plea for Mercy
20. Freedom!
21. Bleed With Me
22. End Credits
Disc #3 -- Forrest Gump: Feature Movie
1. I'm Forrest Gump...Forrest Gump
2. Mama
3. Like Peas and Carrots
4. Run Forrest Run!
5. Private Gump
6. Lieutenant Dan
7. My Best Good Friend
8. Wounded in the Buttocks
9. You're My Girl
10. National Celebrity
11. Happy New Year
12. Shrimp Boat Captain
13. Bubba Gump
14. Mama's Trip to Heaven
15. Jenny Comes Home
16. A Little Run
17. Forrest Meets Forrest
18. Beloved Mother, Wife and Friend
19. Credits
Disc #5 -- Gladiator
1. Far From Home (Main Title) [7:13]
2. Hell Unleashed [5:36]
3. You Have Missed the War [4:38]
4. A Pleasant Fiction [4:50]
5. One More Duty [9:28]
6. You Will Not Be Emperor [4:14]
7. Hail Caeser [3:15]
8. A Soldier's Death [6:41]
9. Mark of the Legion [4:02]
10. Gladiators, I Salute You [3:10]
11. Battle in Chains [5:14]
12. The Greatness of Rome [7:35]
13. Win the Crowd [8:56]
14. I Shall Cheer for You [1:28]
15. The Battle of Carthage [4:50]
16. My Name Is Gladiator [7:49]
17. Terribly Vexed [4:50]
18. A Man for the People [5:29]
19. Maximus the Merciful [4:37]
20. You Simply Won't Die [4:06]
21. The Last Wish of a Dying Man [3:58]
22. I'm an Entertainer [5:53]
23. Busy Little Bee [4:53]
24. Shadows and Dust [6:15]
25. Am I Not Merciful? [4:14]
26. Death Smiles at Us All [5:02]
27. Home Again [4:22]
28. Now We Are Free (End Credits) [4:14]
Disc #6 -- The Godfather
1. I Believe in America
2. The Wedding
3. Johnny Fontane
4. Tom Hagen Goes to Hollywood
5. Meeting With Sollozzo
6. Shooting of Don Corleone
7. Luca Brasi Sleeps With the Fishes
8. Micheal at the Hospital
9. It's Strictly Business
10. How's the Italian Food in This Restaurant?
11. The Don Returns Home
12. The Thunderbolt
13. Sonny Gives Carlo a Warning
14. Michael Marries Apollonia
15. I Don't Want His Mother to See Him This Way
16. Apollonia's Murder
17. We Are All Reasonable Men Here
18. The Don Puts Michael in Charge
19. I'm Moe Green
20. I Never Wanted This for You
21. Baptism and Murder
22. Don't Ask Me About My Business, Kay
23. End Credits
Disc #7 -- Terms of Endearment
1. Opening Credits and Prologue [:11]
2. Here Comes the Bride [3:48]
3. Moving Day [1:32]
4. The Astronaut [6:16]
5. Pregnant Again [7:11]
6. Turning 50 [3:24]
7. First Date [3:37]
8. Sleepless Nights [1:55]
9. Goodbyes [5:02]
10. The Doctors [2:40]
11. New York [4:17]
12. The Renoir [6:49]
13. Give My Daughter the Shots [1:35]
14. The Children [5:38]
15. She's Gone [2:12]
16. End Credits [2:45]
Disc #8 -- Titanic
1. Logos [:18]
2. Ghost Ship [:19]
3. The Woman in the Picture [8:02]
4. Reflections of the Past [4:26]
5. Southampton [7:14]
6. Departure [6:18]
7. Ode to Titanic [2:37]
8. First Glance / "You Jump I Jump" [5:55]
9. "You See People" [12:10]
10. The Snake Pit (First Class Dinner) [9:36]
11. A Real Party [8:43]
12. "They've Got You Trapped" [4:47]
13. "I'm Flying" [9:38]
14. The Drawing [4:07]
15. "Find Her"/To the Stars [5:12]
16. "Iceberg, Right Ahead" [7:38]
17. An Honest Thief [7:41]
18. Just a Precaution [3:17]
19. "Women and Children First" [4:22]
20. Through Being Polite [3:49]
21. "Not Without You" [19:30]
22. Swept Away [5:41]
23. "Your Money Can't Save You" [4:03]
24. Nearer My God to Thee [3:38]
25. Fight for Survival [4:24]
26. "This Is Where We First Met" [3:20]
27. Death of Titanic [3:42]
28. The Promise [4:25]
29. 6 out of 1500 [12:52]
30. A Promise Kept [7:03]

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Best Picture Academy Award Winners Collection 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
the greatest role for tom hanks was and will always be forest gump, he dosent realize it yet, he will in time. the movie touched people with an honesty of childhood love and dreams all wrapped up in one. barron
Anonymous More than 1 year ago