Dragonball Z: Season Five

Dragonball Z: Season Five

DVD (Wide Screen)

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Release Date: 05/27/2008
UPC: 0704400022470
Original Release: 0000
Rating: TV-PG
Source: Funimation Prod
Region Code: 124
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Sound: [Dolby Digital Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround]
Time: 10:15:00
Sales rank: 18,790

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- DragonBall Z: Episodes 140-145
1. Episode 140: Seized with Fear [1:49]
8. Episode 141: The Reunion [:53]
15. Episode 142: Borrowed Powers [:08]
22. Episode 143: His Name is Cell [:08]
29. Episode 144: Piccolo's Folly [4:29]
36. Episode 145: Laboratory Basement [4:34]
Disc #2 -- DragonBall Z: Episodes 146-151
1. Episode 146: Our Hero Awakes [1:49]
8. Episode 147: Time Chamber [1:17]
15. Episode 148: The Monster is Coming [:08]
22. Episode 149: He's Here [:08]
29. Episode 150: Up to Piccolo [3:26]
36. Episode 151: Silent Warrior [5:18]
Disc #3 -- DragonBall Z: Episodes 152-156
1. Episode 152: Say Goodbye, 17 [1:49]
8. Episode 153: Sacrifice [2:59]
15. Episode 154: Saiyans Emerge [3:33]
22. Episode 155: Sugar Vegeta [1:37]
29. Episode 156: Bow to the Prince [1:38]
Disc #4 -- DragonBall Z: Episodes 157-159
1. Episode 157: Hour of Temptation [1:49]
8. Episode 158: Krillin's Decision [4:42]
15. Episode 159: The Last Defense [3:12]
Disc #5 -- DragonBall Z: Episodes 160-162
1. Episode 160: Cell is Complete [1:49]
8. Episode 161: Vegeta Must Pay [4:12]
15. Episode 162: Trunks Ascends [4:14]
Disc #6 -- DragonBall Z: Episodes 163-165 & Extras
1. Episode 163: Saving Throw [1:49]
8. Episode 164: Ghosts from Tomorrow [5:11]
15. Episode 165: Cell Games [2:26]

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Dragonball Z: Season Five 3.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Prince_Zarbon More than 1 year ago
This season was the other worst out of all the Dragon Ball franchise aside from the Cell Games being the absolute worst of them all. The Cell Saga was my least favorite saga overall. It accomplished jack squat for the main premise of the DBZ story; didn't deal with the dragonballs, and didn't even progress the primary plot between Goku and Vegeta. Totally useless in its entirety aside from progressing Gohan, and that did absolutely nothing for the primary focus of the series run. Additionally, Cell's fights were quite boring and unlike all the other sagas, Cell was the only antagonist featured in this entire series set, so it becomes lame quickly as I'm neither a fan of Cell nor the bout between Cell and Gohan; coincidentally the worst fight scene as it was a three-episode long beam struggle that lasted way too long onscreen. My least favorite fights are those that either lasted too long and were just plain... boring, to say the least. I absolutely detest beam struggles, especially those that drag on forever. I prefer the more bone-cracking, pulse-pounding, nerve-wracking fist-to-fist battles instead of the uber-blast oriented ones. I found the Cell Saga to be my least favorite in terms of action, plot, and its lack of story-driven element. To be specific, I absolutely detested the Cell Saga in general with some very minor exceptions. The saga seemed to be the least enthralling in terms of battles scenes and it's overall lack of compelling plot devices. Basically, if someone's not a Cell fan (like myself), then the saga ends up being a horrid experience. Cell v. Gohan is my overall least favorite scuffle in the entire series run. I absolutely detested the two-way kamehameha struggle between Gohan and Cell. For a conclusion, I hated the Cell Games beam struggle. I pretty much hate beam struggles in general, but that particular one was WAY too long. I found Cell's death to be extremely anticlimactic and a complete bore when it came to the extremity of prior sagas. In fact, I hated almost all of Perfect Cell's fights; the entire saga is my least favorite. The fights prior to Perfect Cell were mediocre at best. Imperfect Cell versus Piccolo was somewhat acceptable and Super Vegeta versus Semi-Perfect Cell was probably the highlight of the whole season as its one of the only actual beatdown sequences without being a lame beam struggle or array of energy waves. The saga was still the absolute worst in general and this season is a part of that boring saga which was lacking of amazing villains and their sinister actions propelling the story. Instead it had a competitive super-android who lacks his own moves and instead steals the moves of others (Cell) and two punk traitorous brats who were just cannon fodder (Androids 17 and 18). This was indeed the worst saga along with that horrid Cell Games conclusion.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This season is an unforgettable season with the introduction of new characters. This is great for DBZ fans. This and the other DVD sets bring back great memories and make it great for those who enjoyed watching this show. I highly recommend this if you are a DBZ fanatic.