Have Gun Will Travel: Complete First Season

Have Gun Will Travel: Complete First Season

Director: Andrew V. McLaglen, Lamont Johnson, Lewis Milestone
Cast: Anthony Caruso


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The golden age of television returns as a mysterious jack of all trades embarks on a wild series of adventures in this Paramount Pictures release of the television Western classic. Presented as originally aired in black-and-white 1.33:1 full-frame, this disc offers audio rendered in English Dolby Digital Mono with optional Spanish subtitles. As an extra treat for longtime fans, production notes, cast biographies, and behind-the-scenes episodic information are all included as bonus material.

Product Details

Release Date: 05/11/2004
UPC: 0097368752344
Original Release: 0000
Rating: NR
Source: Paramount
Region Code: 1
Sound: [Dolby Digital]
Time: 16:49:00
Sales rank: 19,130

Special Features

Closed Caption; Production notes; Cast biographies; Behind-the-scenes episodic information

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Anthony Caruso Joseph Whitehorse
Barbara Baxley Lucy Morrow
Barry Atwater Gene Morgan
Betsy VonFurstenberg Isobella Westropova
Charles Bronson Manfred Holt
Constance Ford Gloria Prince
Eduardo Ciannelli Renato Donatello
Edward Binns Nathaniel Beecher
Hal Baylor Bryan Sikes
Harold J. Stone Bart Holgate,Samuel Abajinian
James Craig Ralph Coe
James Olson Sheriff Owen Deaver
Janice Rule Nancy Reade
Jeanette Nolan Ma Warren
Joan Weldon Faye Hollister
John Carradine Father Bartolome
June Lockhart Dr. Phyllis Thackeray
June Vincent Maria Rojas,Martha Lathrop
Kam Tong Hey Boy
Kent Smith Louis Strome
Lawrence Dobkin Billy Joe Kane
Lita Milan Mlle. Annette
Marian Seldes Christie Smith,Molly Stanton
Morris Ankrum Max Bruckner
Nico Minardos Pablo,Geno
Norma Crane Ella West
Parker Fennelly Rupe Bosworth
Peter Whitney Judd Calhoun
R.G. Armstrong S.J. Lovett,Jaffrey
Robert Simon Col. Lathrop
Rodopho (Rudy) Acosta Pedro Valdez
Strother Martin Dooley Delaware,Fred Coombs
Susan Cabot Angela De Marco
Tom Helmore James Brunswick
Victor McLaglen Mike O'Hare
Warren Stevens Major Wilson
Abraham Sofaer Cah-la-te
Alix Talton Felicia Carson
Angie Dickinson Amy Bender
Barbara Luna Lupita
Carl Benson Jackson Breck
Carl Benton Reid Martin Westropova
Carol Thurston Martha Whitehorse
Claude Akins Dever
Denver Pyle Clay Sommers,Pete Hollister
Don Megowan Oren Gilliam
Earl Hodgins Leadhead Kane,Old Timer,Tomahawk Carter
Geoff Parish Grady Stuart
Grant Withers Mulrooney,Sam Barton,Sheriff Ludlow
Harry Townes Henry Prince
Henry Brandon Chief Gerada
Herbert Rudley Henry Ritchie
Jack Lord Dave Enderby
Jacqueline Scott Tildy Buchanan
James Best Andy Fisher
John Dehner Ben Marquette
Lisa Gaye Nancy Warren,Helen Abajinian
Lurene Tuttle Ma Deaver
Michael Pate Miguel Rojas
Mike Connors Johnny Dart
Murray Hamilton Ed McKay
Paul Jasmin Hank Bosworth
Pernell Roberts Maury Travis
Richard Long Rod Blakely
Richard Shannon Tim Gorman
Robert Gist Ben Tyler
Robert H. Harris John Sukey
Robert J. Wilke Casey Bryan
Roy Barcroft John Griffin,Sheriff Swink
Russ Conway Jared Martin
Simon Oakland Sancho Fernandez
William Swan Tracey Calvert
Wright King O'Reilly
Andrew Duggan Daniel Weaver
Bob Steele The Jockey
Bruce Gordon Louis Drydan
Charles Aidman Gordon Dawes,Tom Barton
Christine White Myra Ritchie
Corey Allen Chuck Anderson
David Leland Sheriff Marlow
Don Beddoe Tater
Fay Spain Rena
George Keymas Regaldo
Gerald Milton Farley
Harry Bartell Sheriff Quinn
Harry Landers Lt. Harvey
Harry Shannon Marty Buchanan,Jesse Reade
James Franciscus Tom Nelson
Joe de Santis Clint Bryant
Judson Pratt Ian Crown,O'Brian
King Calder Sheriff Clint Forbes
Leo Gordon Clyde McNally
Murvyn Vye N.G. Smith
Norma Moore Sheila Stuart
Peg Hillias Mrs. Jonas
Peter Coe Carlos Valdez
Rita Lynn Teresa Donatello
Steve Mitchell Gage
Stuart Whitman Gil Borden
Tyler McVey Jim Morris
Warren Oates John Bosworth
Whit Bissell Vance Crawford,Mr. Jonas
William Schallert Clyde Broderick
Adam Williams Frank Gault
Adeline Reynolds Baba Bruckner
Barry Cahill Abe Taltree,Guard,Sgt. Combs
Bart Bradley Pedro
Bruce Cowling Brady
Buddy Baer Bolo
Chris Alcaide Bill Whitney
Don Keefer Kelso
Donald Foster Fair Chairman
Fay Nuell Tuolumne O'Toole
Fay Roope E.J. Randolf
Fintan Meyler Catherine
George Clarke Jack Webber
Jack Albertson Jason Coldwell,Bookie
Jean Allison Nora Borden
Joe Bassett Matt Garson
John Anderson Fred Cooley
John Doucette Joe Marsh
Johnny Crawford Robbie
Jonathan Hole Elkins
Kevin Hagen Ed Bosworth
Len Lesser Boldt
Mario Alcalde Carlos
Martin Balk Jess Hagen
Michael Granger Emanual
Mike Mazurki Breed
Onslow Stevens Dr. Mayhew
Russell Thorson Col, Harrison
Ruth Storey Clara Benson
Stephen Wootton Jed
Ted de Corsia Chief Harry Blackfoot
Vladimir Sokoloff Gourken
Walter Barnes Mason Enfield
Alan Carney Harry Nolan
Carlyle Mitchell Governor
Charles Fredericks Maj. Blaisdell
Clinton Sundberg Waddy
Don Kelly Coley
Don Randolph Don Francisco
Frank McDonald Gotch
Frankie Darro Mickey
Fred Graham Stocker
George E. Stone Joe Rolland
Jacqueline Mayo Janie Bosworth
James Waters 1st Guard
Jay Adler Bottellini
Joan Marshall Molly
Johnny Western Steve
Karl Swenson Milo Culligan
Ken Alton Jackson
Ken Mayer Eli Gardner
Lennie Geer Ben
Luis Gomez Jose
Madlyn Rhue Jean Nelson
Mary Adams Maggie
Mason Curry Manager
Ned Glass Wilkins
Nick Dennis Jorgi
Peggy Rea Lulu
Peggy Stewart Sarah Holt
Philip Ahn W. Chung
Ralph Moody Judge Howell
Robert Karnes Joe Peavey
Steve Terrell Deputy Harry Dill
Vic Perrin Haskins
William Fawcett Jake

Technical Credits
Andrew V. McLaglen Director
Lamont Johnson Director
Lewis Milestone Director

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Guest More than 1 year ago

Have Gun Will Travel, the hit series airing from 1957 to 1963, was the creation of two innovative ex-radio writers, who had been tipped that CBS was in the market for a cowboy show with a 'different twist.Ó The result was the first truly adult TV western, which chronicled the exploits of a college-educated, West Point-trained, solider of fortune known simply as Paladin. Historically the term ÒpaladinÓ is associated with the medieval knights of CharlemagneÕs court, who were often called upon to travel the country and resolve issues between the kingÕs subjects. Indeed, the showÕs main character was a complex combination of knight errant and resourceful gunslinger, who upon payment of $1,000 would leave his well-appointed suite in San Francisco's Hotel Carlton to pursue whatever mission a well-heeled client commissioned. A gourmet, opera buff, and connoisseur of fine wine, women, and Ming Dynasty artifacts, Paladin could quote Keats, Shelley, and Shakespeare with the same self-assurance that he brought to subjugating frontier villains.

The character of Paladin was played with sharp intelligence and dry wit by talented actor Richard Boone. Boone's intimidating growl, prominent nose, and pock-marked visage physically distinguished him from the typical pretty-boy hero, just as his character's cultured background distinguished him from more rustic inhabitants of the 1870s Old West. Dressed all in black and sporting a waxed mustache, his holster embossed with a silver chess knight, Paladin routinely handed out his signature calling cardÑthe image of a white knight chess piece and the inscription: 'Have Gun, Will Travel . . . Wire Paladin, San Francisco.' The charisma and sophisticated elegance of his character brought Boone more loyal feminine fan mail than many of his more photogenic cowboy contemporaries received.

The thirty-minute episodes spanning five seasons of Have Gun Will Travel were immensely popular, and the individualistic take on the traditional western format made an international star of its talented lead actor. All in all, it was an interesting, well-written show, moral without being preachy. Paladin often solved problems with his wits and powers of negotiation rather than his gun. He was respectful toward women and ethnic groups and spoke any language the plots called for. Yes, the show is dated in itÕs view of the proper place of women, and not every episode is top-notch, but in general the writing is very goodÑparticularly within the confines of a half-hour drama formatÑand the plots well-researched. You can also see any number of guest actors, such as Jack Lord (Hawaii 5-O), Charles Bronson, DeForest Kelley (Star Trek), and June Lockhart, who would later become prominent television stars. Recommended for anyone who likes westerns or has the urge to re-visit televisionÕs Golden Years.

Guest More than 1 year ago
I have recently been given gifts of seasons 1 and 3. I remember this show very vaguely from my very young years. Now, as I watch with the perspective of time, I am amazed to understand the actors and writers who applied their talents to this show. It is no surprise that many did well in Hollywood, whether as character actors, writers or stars to their own credits. I remember one episode in particular that was very well written, intelligent and seemed vaguely familiar in its themes. I was not surprised to later find out the Gene Roddenbury "Star Trek" creator had written it. Other episodes were written or produced by Sam Peckinpah, who certainly knew westerns. Interesting to note that Gene Roddenbury went on to create the Star Trek series and had trouble finding a home for it because the networks wanted a western in space. He would not do that and the franchise he created is still known for its intelligence. Unfortunately, CBS did follow-through on its promise to show a western in space with "Lost in Space" and rejected Roddenbury's Star Trek pilot. June Lockhart, shown as an intelligent heroine in the capable writer's hands for Have Gun, Will Travel, is not given much material to work with in the Lost in Space series.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have been a fan of the repeats on television for years, and purchased the first season as soon as I could after it was released (I am currently serving in Iraq). It is an outstanding series, which is good for the whole family. I can't wait for the second season to come out!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Have Gun Will Travel, all and all the best show ever on TV. Superb acting and well written episodes. This show was the force for a lot of other tv shows and movies. Todays television could not hold a stick to the thought that went into that series. Richard Boone was the perfect actor for this part and should be considered one of the best actors of our times.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Classic TV Western at its best. Excellent writing, acting, scenery. You'll recognize many of the guest actors who went on to be stars in their own right and writers include Gene Rodenberry etc.