Director: Guillermo del Toro Cast: Ron Perlman, John Hurt, Selma Blair

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Mike Mignola's acclaimed comic book series about a creature from Hades who joins the battle against evil arrives on the screen in vivid form in this adaptation directed by distinctive horror filmmaker Guillermo del Toro. During World War II, the Third Reich has joined forces with the evil Grigori Rasputin (Karel Roden), who has used his occult powers to summon up a young demon from the depth of Hell to be used as the ultimate Axis weapon. However, the demonic creature is captured by American forces, and put in the care of Professor Broom (John Hurt), the founder of a top-secret organization called the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. Under Broom's tutelage, the creature develops empathy and a desire to do good while his physical powers and paranormal talents are honed to a fine point. Sixty years later, the demon, now known as Hellboy (Ron Perlman), is part of an elite secret defense team alongside Liz Sherman (Selma Blair), a beautiful young woman who can create fire with her mind, and Abe Sapian (Doug Jones), an aquatic humanoid with the power of telepathy. Despite his many years of fighting for right, Hellboy finds himself facing his greatest challenge when the powerful Rasputin returns, determined to bring the demon back to the forces of darkness so that evil may finally rule the world. Hellboy's supporting cast also includes Jeffrey Tambor, Rupert Evans, and Brian Steele.

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Release Date: 04/19/2005
UPC: 0043396112803
Original Release: 2004
Rating: PG-13
Source: Sony Pictures
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Wide Screen]
Time: 2:12:00
Format: Sony PSP

Special Features

Full-length movie; Widescreen presentation; DVD picture quality

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Ron Perlman Hellboy
John Hurt Prof. Trevor "Broom" Bruttenholm
Selma Blair Liz Sherman
Rupert Evans Agent John Myers
Karel Roden Grigori Rasputin
Jeffrey Tambor Dr. Tom Manning
Doug Jones Abe Sapien
David Hyde Pierce Abe Sapien
Brian Steele Sammael
Ladislav Beran Kroenen
Biddy Hodson Ilsa
Corey Johnson Agent Clay
Kevin Trainor Young Broom
Brian Caspe Agent Lime
James Babson Agent Moss
Stephen H. Fisher Agent Quarry
Garth Cooper Agent Stone
Angus MacInnes Sgt. Whitman
Jim Howick Cpl. Matlin
Santiago Segura Train Driver
Guillermo del Toro Baby Hellboy/Kroenen/Samuel
Bridget Hodson Ilsa
John William Johnson Agent Clay
Mark Taylor Truck Driver
Daniel Aarsman Kid
Bettina Ask kid
Alvaro Navarro kid
Emilio Navarro kid
Rory Copus kid on rooftop
Tara Hugo Doctor Jenkins
Richard Haas Second Doctor
Andrea Miltner Doctor Marsh
Jo Eastwood Down's Patient
Charles Grisham Museum Guard
Jan Holicek museum guard
Jeremy Zimmerman lobby guard
Monty L. Simons orderly
Pavel Cajzl Sherpa Guide
Andrea Stuart Girl with Kittens
William Hoyland Von Krupt
Mille Wilkie Young Liz
Bob Sherman Television host
Ellen Savaria Blonde Television Reporter
Petr Sekanina German Scientists
Ales Kosnar German Scientists
Justin Svoboda Young Guy
Winter Ave Zoli Girlfriend
Albert May Train Driver
Pete Anthony Conductor

Technical Credits
Guillermo del Toro Director,Original Story,Screenwriter
Georgina Abanto Makeup
Peter Afterman Musical Direction/Supervision
Nick Allder Special Effects Supervisor
Simon Allen Animator
Peter Amundson Editor
Dovi Anderson Animator
Pete Anthony Musical Arrangement
Jason Armstrong Animator
Merche Arque Makeup Special Effects
Michael Axinn Editor
Cheryl Bainum Executive Producer
Richard Baker Makeup Special Effects
Dan Balcer Camera Operator
Jeff Barnes Executive Producer
Dave Beavis Special Effects Supervisor
Marco Beltrami Score Composer
Pavel Bezdek Stunts
Kay Bilk Makeup
Beverly Binda Makeup
Steve Boeddeker Sound/Sound Designer
Petr Bozdech Stunts
Peter Briggs Original Story
Ronan Browne Animator
Zuzana Brozová Costumes/Costume Designer
Michael Brunet Animator
Keith Bryant Producer
Todd Bryant Stunts
Craig Davis Stunts
Zuzana Drdacka Stunts
Chuck Duke Animator
Zdenek Dvoracek Stunts
Hana Dvorska Stunts
Will Elder-Groebe Animator
Jiri First Stunts
Grant Fletcher Stunts
Karin Fong Art Director
Peter Francis Art Director
Victor Garcia Makeup Special Effects
Kameron Gates Animator
Justine Gerenstein Editor
Aaron Gilman Animator
Richard Goodwin Asst. Director
Lawrence Gordon Producer
Lee Greenwood Animator
Rene Hajek Stunts
James Hambridge Art Director
Jim Hart Stunts
J. Michael Haynie Asst. Director
Mark Holding Sound Mixer
Traci Horie Animator
Louie Horvath Stunts
Andy Howard Asst. Director
Spectral Motion Incorporated Special Effects
Eric Ingerson Animator
Roman Janecka Asst. Director
Julie Jaros Animator
Timothy James Kane Camera Operator
Michael Kitchen Animator
Juan Leiva Camera Operator
Lloyd Levin Producer
James Likowski Editor
Paul Loewe Makeup Special Effects
Jan Loukota Stunts
Joaquin Manchado Camera Operator
Brian Mendenhall Animator
Jose M. Menses Makeup Special Effects
Mike Mignola Associate Producer
David Mottl Stunts
Guillermo Navarro Cinematographer
Olina Norkova Makeup Special Effects
Luke O'Byrne Executive Producer
Patrick Palmer Executive Producer
Wendy Partridge Costumes/Costume Designer
Tomas Peterac Stunts
Jan Petrina Stunts
Gabriela Polakova Makeup
Morgan Ratsoy Animator
Ljuba Reznickova Costumes/Costume Designer
Silva Reznickova Costumes/Costume Designer
Mike Richardson Producer
Miguel Rodriguez Makeup Special Effects
Jules Roman Executive Producer
Matt Rose Makeup Special Effects
Marco Bittner Rosser Art Director
Alonzo Ruvalcaba Executive Producer
Marc Sadeghi Executive Producer
Buck Sanders Producer
Stephen Scott Production Designer
Jaromir Sedina Camera Operator
Phillip Lee Seegar Asst. Director
Juan Serrano Makeup Special Effects
Jiri Simbersky Stunts
Sergio Simenovic Asst. Director
Klara Slavikova Stunts
Dita Moers Strouhal Production Manager
Ivan the Terrible Stunts
Tomas Tobola Stunts
David Listvan Tomas Stunts
Margaret Yen Musical Direction/Supervision
Kamila Zenkerova Stunts
Jeremy Zimmerman Casting

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Hellboy 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 47 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
This movie was excellent. Everything from the plot to CG was amazing. Ted Danson did a great job as the lead. After a movie like this I understand why all of the other studios jumped in to make superhero movies. Unfortunately some of those movies like Hulk and Ven Helsing were horrible. But others like X-Men and Spiderman really did a good job of imitating the Hellboy formula and making a good movie.
Doctor_Who More than 1 year ago
Hellboy (Director's Cut) is one rollercoaster ride and an unexpectedly good movie. Ron Perlman is great as the lead character and the images of the Cthulhu creatures are very realistic. This 3 disc special edition contains a new film cut of 13 minutes of footage not seen in the original version.
Hellboy is a creature brought into our world by the Nazi's. He is raised by a scientist and now works for a secret government agency that takes down paranormal activity. His love interest is a young lady (played by Selma Blair) who is a firestarter. All hell breaks loose when Rasputin (the man that brought Hellboy into our world) returns to capture Hellboy and open a rift that will unlease the Apocalypse on an unexpecting world.
Special Features are massive.
Disc one: New movie cut; Commentary and Video Intruduction by Guillermo Del Toro; Composer Commentary with Isolated Score; DVD Comics that branch with the film; Set visits and Factoids; Storyboard Track; DVD-ROM features
Disc two: Video Introduction by Selma Blair; 3 deleted scenes; 2 and a half hour in-depth look at the making of the movie; Charater Bios; Motion Board-A-Matics; Animatics; Multi-Angle Storyboard Comparisons; Galleries; Trailers and TV Spots; Filmographies; Posters; Weblink to Hellboy Merchandise.
Disc 3: Video Introduction by Ron Perlman; Cast Video Commentary; Production Workshops; Makeup and Lighting Tests; Comic-Con 2002; Quick Guide to understanding Comics; Director's Notebook; Photo Galleries; Pre-Production Art; Conceptual Art Galleries; Comic Book Artists Pin-Ups
The Hellboy collection also contains a booklet on an excerpt from the Diary of Gregory Rasputin.
Easter Egg's:
Put in Disc 1 for first egg: Watch the introduction, Highlight Introduction again, Press up on control and you will see 3 eggs in the left hand corner. Press enter on control, Watch Del Toro talk about a mistake
For the second egg on Disc 1: Go to special features, scroll down to main menu, Press down on control and you will see 3 eggs in the left hand corner. Press enter on control, Scroll through the "Overhead at the Monitor"

Put in disc 2 and go to Kroenen's Lair. You'll find 3 eggs here.
First egg: Go to Animatics, Highlight Back, Press down on the controller, You will then see 3 eggs, Press enter and watch the secret animatic
Second egg: Go to Board-A-Matics, Highlight Back, Press down on the controller, You will then see 3 eggs to right side of the picture underneath "Back", Press enter and watch the secret board-a-matic
Third egg: Go to Storyboard Comparisons, Highlight Back, Press Down on the controller, 3 eggs will appear, Press enter and watch the secret storyboard
Guest More than 1 year ago
Awesome is the only word to describe the beauty of this movie. It had a real plot, short, but effective. It was a great movie. Not as funny as Men In Black, but it's not supposed to be. I really liked this movie. Ron Perlman is one of the most, if not THE most, underappreciated actors of our time. He is phenomenal to say the least as I'm sure his co-stars would agree. John Hurt is magnificent as Dr. Bloom. I love just about every movie John Hurt's starred in. His acting is beyond words. Selma Blair was wonderful as the love interest - although not as good as she was in Cruel Intentions, but it was a bigger part. Hellboy makes the Spawn movie look like a screen joke. In another artistic class altogether. That minion of Rasputin's gave me the ultimate heebie jeebies. I'm going to have nightmares about him. The horrible evil unleashed at the end reminded me of Lovecraft's Yog-sothoth!!! Hellboy rocks. The director and screenwriter deserves a nod for this. Art as its creator intended. Bravo!
Rom More than 1 year ago
Ooh...this movie is a spit in the face to a great comic. As a standalone film, it's passable, but the comic is supposed to be a horror series. They transformed it into a just okay super-hero flick.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I loved Hellboy. I t was a great romantic action film. The cast they picked for this motion picture were great, but Selma Blair kind of brought down the movie. I think it would have been better if Selma Blair wasn't Hellboy's girlfriend. I didn't mind at first, but at the end I just though the film would have been a lot better with someone else playing his girlfriend. It kind of seemed realistic to me at first, but now I didn't like it very much at the end. But this film turned out to be really good.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Wow! I didn¿t expect this one. I loved HELLBOY. Lately I¿ve been wondering if the comic book hero movie had run its course. I had been very disappointed in several in the past (LXG and the HULK), but HELLBOY redeems this genre. There¿s a plot. The set decorations are wonderfully gothic as are the characters. The villains were creepy but very interesting. The CGI is very good. The music goes with the story. There¿s action, plenty of action, and it makes sense. It¿s not unwarranted in the storyline. Ron Perlman brings the character of Hellboy to life. Selma Blair, Rupert Evans, and John Hurt are all great as the other main characters. I love the Lovecraftian monsters; they were beautifully realized. There¿s a love triangle. The characters have problems, but they don¿t wallow in them too much. The action continues on even though they might have troubles. That¿s so refreshing to see; you can have angst and action. The characters also have a sense of humor. This movie is stunning and artistic in its own eccentric way. Did you notice the statue of the Archangel Michael slaying the dragon (the devil) in the study, and in the masquerade scene the Del Toro is dressed up as a dragon and Mignola is Saint George? Goes with the theme of keeping hellish creatures in their place. Very fun. I understand a lot of comic book fans don¿t like this movie. It looks like the comic book creator, Mike Mignola collaborated on this movie and he seems to like it. I¿m a movie/film fan and that¿s how I judge it. As a movie, it was fun and enjoyable. -- Leslie Strang Akers
Guest More than 1 year ago
This movie was great! As a fan of the comic book I didn't know if I was happy that they were going to make a Hellboy movie, but they stayed true to the spirit of the book. I expected a lot from this movie and I was still surprised. By the way Ted Danson is NOT in this movie
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was pretty sure I wasn't going to like this movie, but it turned out to be rather enjoyable. Good story, interesting characters (both good & evil). The special effects were great and not so overwhelming that they deterred from the story...which is really hard to do nowadays. There were a couple of glaring story holes though, which I found distracting. But overall I enjoyed this movie, a lot more than I ever thought I would.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Never heard of the comic but the movie is quite entertaining and you'll just want to see it again and again, practically not getting tired off it that much. Del Toro is quite the director and does a good job with this movie with its humour and action sequences.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I never read or heard about 'Hellboy' but I did enjoy the film. Ron Perlman seems to look better in makeup than he does in real life since that TV show, 'Beauty and the Beast'.This movie shows you that when you are fresh out of choices to battle evil, why not let a necessary evil do the job for you, and that's where Hellboy comes in.This being becomes more reliable than someone who is good because this 'evil' person(which is really a dark hero)is on the same wavelength with the dark side of humanity, and you know that he can pull it off. I highly recommend this movie.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago