House Party

House Party

DVD (Pan & Scan / Wide Screen / Dolby 5.1 / Stereo)

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Reginald Hudlin's hip-hop party film House Party comes to DVD with a pair of pictures. The widescreen anamorphic transfer preserves the original theatrical aspect ratio of 1.85:1 and is preferable to the standard full-frame 1.33:1 image. Closed-captioned English soundtracks are rendered in Dolby Digital 5.1 and Dolby Digital Surround. English subtitles are accessible. Supplemental materials include the original theatrical trailer, as well as cast and crew filmographies. Hip-hop fans will certainly want to look at and listen to this disc.

Product Details

Release Date: 06/06/2000
UPC: 0794043485428
Original Release: 1990
Rating: R
Source: New Line Home Video
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Full Frame, Wide Screen]
Sound: [Dolby Digital, stereo]
Time: 1:42:00
Sales rank: 20,620

Special Features

Original theatrical trailer; Cast and crew filmographies

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Christopher "Kid" Reid Kid
Christopher "Play" Martin Play
Robin Harris Pop
Martin Lawrence Bilal
Tisha Campbell Sidney
A.J. Johnson Sharane
Paul Anthony Stab
B. Fine Zilla
George Clinton D.J.
D-Zire Girl No. 1
Full Force Actor
Daryl Mitchell Chill
Barry Wiggins Waiter
Bowlegged Lou Pee Wee
Edith Fields Principal
Kelly Minter La Donna
Clifton Powell Sharane's Brother
Verda Bridges Sharane's Sister
Desi Arnez Hines Peanut
Lou D. Washington Uncle Otis
Kimi Sung Sunni
Barry Diamond Cop #1
Michael Pniewski Cop #2
Randy Harris Roughouse
Diana Mendoza Lover
J. Jay Saunders Sidney's Dad
Myra J. Guest
Norma Donaldson Mildred
Eugene Allen Groove
Belal Miller Herman
Shaun Baker Clint
Leah Aldridge Benita
Val Gamble La Shay
John Witherspoon Mr. Strickland
Bebe Drake Mrs. Strickland
Richard McGregor Evrette
Anthony Johnson E.Z.E.
Ronn Riser Guy
Bentley Evans Tall Teen
Warrington Hudlin Burglar #2
George Logan Pimp
Rodney Hill Albert
Cliff Frazier Brutus
Stan Haze Hatchett
Chino "Fats" Williams Fats
Jaime Cardriche Tattoo
Alexander Folk Guard
Ellaraino Sidney's Mom
Cedrick Hardman Rock

Technical Credits
Reginald Hudlin Director,Screenwriter
Tisha Campbell Choreography
Peter Deming Cinematographer
Harold Evans Costumes/Costume Designer
Molly Flanegin Set Decoration/Design
Warrington Hudlin Producer
Adrienne-Joi Johnson Choreography
A.J. Johnson Choreography
Bryan Jones Production Designer
Kid 'N Play Choreography
Marcus Miller Score Composer
Gerald T. Olson Executive Producer
Susan Richardson Art Director
Eddie Smith Stunts
Laini Thompson Makeup
Earl Watson Editor
Lenny White Score Composer,Costumes/Costume Designer

Scene Index

Scene Selections
0. Scene Selections
1. Main Title [2:04]
2. Good Morning/Lunch [7:00]
3. A Talk With Pop [3:15]
4. Pink Slip [5:03]
5. Big Load, Small Car [5:34]
6. Pre-party Gossip/To the Party [4:30]
7. Another Party [3:51]
8. The Party Has Started [7:08]
9. Housing the Party/Project Girls [4:13]
10. Is That a Challenge? [6:49]
11. Moving in on Sidney [4:02]
12. No Hoods Allowed [2:26]
13. Kid 'N Play on the Mic [5:22]
14. Pop in the House [5:15]
15. Party's Over [5:42]
16. Kid and Sydney [6:47]
17. Kid on the Run [2:53]
18. Behind Bars [2:53]
19. Collection for Kid [4:09]
20. A Motivated Rap [3:35]
21. Goodnights [4:55]
22. End Credits [6:26]

Customer Reviews

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House Party 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I had seen the film when it first debuted back in 1990, and enjoyed it quite a bit, but looking back today, it's hard for me to divorce myself from a certain nostalgia for the look, sound and feel of the urban scene of 1990, when I was as deep into the music as I would ever be. Although this movie doesn't really feature artists on the cutting edge of hip hop of the day, and Kid N Play would come to be known more for their appearance in the House Party movies than anything they ever did as recording artists, there is still a beauty in the way the dialogue is presented and in the fashion of the young African-American teenagers that keeps it interesting for those that embrace such things. Obviously, at the center of the film is a house party, where the high school clique gets together for some fun, dancing, a little drinking, and a little romance. The gist of the story is that Kid (Reid), a hyperactive high schooler with an enormous high-top fade hair style, is grounded for misdeeds in school, but he still manages a way to sneak out and join the fun. Some of the emphasis is on the romantic connections that will form between two of the girls there, Sidney (Campbell, Little Shop of Horrors) and Charane (Johnson, Dying Young), which Kid (Martin) and his best friend, Play, seem to be vying for. Meanwhile, the high school bullies (Full Force) that got Kid in trouble to begin with are on the prowl for him, while everyone must overcome overzealous cops, whiny neighbors, and maintaining a rep among the peers. Although it was a modest hit when it was released, the enduring legacy of House Party is that it would eventually set the trend for nearly every party film that would come after it (Can't Hardly Wait is one prime example). It is also refreshing because it plays to its intended audience, but never speaks down to it, nor does it exclude people that aren't part of the scene it portrays from enjoying it. Unlike many other films which featured African-American casts of the time, it doesn't beat you over the head with forced positive messages, and conversely, it is mostly devoid of gangster drama, drugs, or serious crime that usually rear their ugly heads whenever an all-Black cast emerges ina Hollywood film. While there is some very subtle commentary on the nature of police suspicion of Blacks, safe sex, and drinking, they never veer into contrived melodrama, and in fact, they add a good deal of humor to the proceedings without seeming anything like a public service announcement. Other than that, it’s a great movie to add on into your collection.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
man this movie is funny i like it i laugh at it and pops i laugh at him so the kid sneeks out of his house and goes to Plays party also Martin Lawernce was great in this movie a very funny comedy may not be sutitable for younger children
Guest More than 1 year ago
I'm isiah and I am a die hard kid and play fan but I am also a movie buff and when I first saw house party from start to finish it made me feel like I was one of crew weither it's kid,play,bilial,pop,chill,groove,sidney,fullforce,or shrane. You know that deep feeling you get when you are watching a movie that seems to be directed just for you and you feel what that actors feel that's how I felt when I finished watching it this is the best movie directed by acclaimed director reginald hudlin about. Friend,girls,trouble,and the illest house party ever!!!! Ir.