I Love Lucy: Complete First Season

I Love Lucy: Complete First Season

Director: Marc Daniels Cast: Alberto Morin, Allen Jenkins, Barbara Pepper



Find out just why an entire nation fell in love with hapless redhead Lucille Ball as Paramount Pictures brings the premiere season of her timeless sitcom to DVD a whole new generation to enjoy. All 35 episodes of I Love Lucy are presented in 1.33:1 full-frame as originally aired and offer audio rendered in English Dolby Digital Stereo. In addition to the complete original episodes, this release also offers deleted footage and recordings of Ball's classic radio show.

Product Details

Release Date: 06/07/2005
UPC: 0097360274547
Rating: NR
Source: Paramount
Region Code: 1
Time: 15:07:00

Special Features

Closed Caption; Flubs; Lost scenes; Restored music; "Behind-the-scenes" featurettes; Deleted footage; Original series openings; Original animated sequences; Script excerpts; Production Notes; Song selections; Guest cast information; Photo galleries; Thirteen complete episodes of Lucy's radio show: My Favorite Husband

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Alberto Morin Carlos
Allen Jenkins Sgt. Morton
Barbara Pepper Jam Session Guest,Woman in Butcher Shop
Ben Welden Thief
David Stollery Timmy Hudson
Dick Reeves Bill Foster,Hank,Assassin
Edward Everett Horton Mr. Ritter
Florence Bates Mrs. Pettibone
Frank Nelson Freddie Fillmore
Gale Gordon Alvin Littlefield
Hal March Himself
Harry Shannon Jim
Hazel Pierce Waitress,Party Guest,Mrs. Peterson,Customer
Helen Silver Rosemary
Irving Bacon Bert Willoughby
Janet Waldo Peggy Dawson
Jay Novello Mr. Meriweather
Jerry Hausner Jerry,Joe
John Brown Mr. Murdoch
Joseph Kearns Dr. Tom Robinson
Marco Rizo Pianist
Mary Wickes Madame LaMond
Myra Marsh Club Chairwoman
Pat Moran Buffo the Clown
Peter Leeds Kenny
Ross Elliott Director
Shepard Menken Jean Valjean Raymand
Tony Michaels Charlie
Vernon Dent Santa Claus [cut from syndication print]
Bea Benaderet Miss Lewis
Bennett Green Photographer,Bum,Delivery Man,Stagehand
Bob Jellison Milkman
Edith Meiser Mrs. Littlefield
Elizabeth Patterson Mrs. Willoughby
Frank Scannell Burlesque Comic
Fred Aldrich Butch
Hayden Rorke Mr. O'Brien
Hazel Boyne Maggie
Jess Oppenheimer Network Representative #1
John Emery Harold
Lita Baron Maria
Maury Thompson Stage Manager,Stagehand
Milton Parsons Mr. Thurlow
Richard Crenna Arthur Morton
Roy Rowan Announcer
Ruth Perrott Mrs. Pomerantz
Sammy Ogg Jimmy Hudson
Bobby Ellis Office Boy
Frank Sully Delivery Man
Gail Bonney Mrs. Hudson
Harry Ackerman Network Representative #2
K.T. Stevens Mrs. O'Brien
Kenny Morgan Himself
Maurice Marsac Maurice
Philip Ober Arnold
Rita Convy Renita Periz
Gil Herman Assassin
Hal Hudson Network Representative #3
Lucille Ball Actor
Lee Millar Announcer

Technical Credits
Marc Daniels Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- I Love Lucy: The Complete First Season
1. Scenes: Meet Lucy and Ricky [9:16]
2. Scenes: Where There's a Will [2:54]
3. Scenes: A Clown Rehearses [5:29]
5. Scenes: Pepito Surprises Lucy [2:17]
6. Scenes: Ricky Performs [:39]
8. Scenes: Lucy Breaks Into the Act [9:29]
3. Songs: "Babalu" [5:29]
4. Songs: "The Continental" [:43]
7. Songs: "Cuban Cabby" [4:13]
2. Scenes: Anniversary Plans [9:13]
3. Scenes: The Boys Get Dates [2:04]
4. Scenes: The Girls Get Wise [5:35]
5. Scenes: Meet "Euncie" and "Ma" [:01]
7. Scenes: Anniversary Celebration [1:08]
6. Songs: "Guadalajara" [5:18]
2. Scenes: Ricky Ignores Lucy [5:06]
3. Scenes: Lucy Tries Glamour [4:05]
4. Scenes: Poker Pals [6:24]
5. Scenes: Ethel Gives More Advice [2:03]
6. Scenes: Lucy's "Little Havana" [:59]
7. Songs: "Mama Yo Quiero" (Carmen Miranda) [4:10]
2. Scenes: The Weigh-In [5:53]
3. Scenes: The Dancing Audition [5:05]
4. Scenes: Lucy Tries Exercise [2:46]
5. Scenes: Dinner at the Ricardos' [3:21]
6. Scenes: Lucy Gets Steamed [1:37]
7. Scenes: Lucy and Ricky Perform [4:39]
7. Songs: "Cuban Pete/Sally Sweet" [4:39]
2. Scenes: Mockingbird Murder Mystery [4:18]
3. Scenes: Lucy's Bad Fortune [7:08]
4. Scenes: Lucy Takes a Powder [9:35]
5. Scenes: Putting on the Dogs [:58]
6. Scenes: "Bird" on a Wire [1:16]
2. Scenes: Ricky Puts His Foot Down [5:30]
3. Scenes: "Females are Fabulous" [1:28]
5. Scenes: Freddie Sends His Man [:39]
6. Scenes: Lucy's "First Husband" [9:59]
7. Scenes: Lucy Wins the Prize [1:51]
4. Songs: "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean" [3:58]
Disc #2 -- I Love Lucy: The Complete First Season
2. Scenes: Where There's a Will... [8:05]
3. Scenes: A Clown Rehearses [1:48]
4. Scenes: Buffo Surprises Lucy [1:44]
5. Scenes: Ricky's TV Audition [8:48]
7. Scenes: Lucy and Ricky Make Up [2:08]
5. Songs: "Babalu" [8:48]
6. Songs: "How Dry I Am" [:51]
2. Scenes: By the Numbers [8:48]
3. Scenes: Meetin Merriweather [2:47]
4. Scenes: Well Done, Medium Raya! [3:09]
5. Scenes: The Séance [5:11]
6. Scenes: Postmortem [2:56]
2. Scenes: A House Divided [11:17]
3. Scenes: Ricky Rehearses [3:58]
4. Scenes: Lucy Plans a Mess [1:26]
5. Scenes: The Photographer Arrives [4:59]
6. Scenes: Lucy Ricardo, Cover Girl [1:28]
3. Songs: "Straw Hat Song" [3:58]
2. Scenes: Bringing Home the Mink [6:10]
3. Scenes: Lucy's Classy Sleepwear [2:31]
4. Scenes: Ricky Has a Plan [3:19]
5. Scenes: The Ricardos are "Burgled" [4:33]
6. Scenes: Ethel Spills the Beans [2:27]
7. Scenes: Lucy Makes a Few Alterations [1:56]
8. Scenes: "Anniversary" Presents [2:01]
2. Scenes: Lucy Gets Suspicious [6:17]
3. Scenes: An Accident at the Club [3:02]
4. Scenes: Lucy Finds the Lace [8:21]
5. Scenes: Crashing the Chorus [4:30]
6. Scenes: Lucy and Ricky Make Up [2:30]
5. Songs: "Jezebel" [4:30]
2. Scenes: Lucy Reads the Mail [2:50]
3. Scenes: Ricky Enlists Fred [3:48]
4. Scenes: The Girls Take Up Knitting [1:47]
5. Scenes: The Boys Jump to Conclusions [4:56]
6. Scenes: Competing Parties [8:51]
7. Scenes: "Jingle Bells" Tag Scene [1:16]
8. Songs: "Jingle Bells" [2:38]
Disc #3 -- I Love Lucy: The Complete First Season
1. Scenes: Ricky Needs Apache Dancers [:08]
4. Scenes: A Dancer Named Fred [5:34]
5. Scenes: Jean Valjean Raymand [3:55]
6. Scenes: The "Duel" [8:46]
7. Scenes: Lucy Gets Even [2:09]
1. Scenes: "Somebody's Singing Off Key" [:08]
5. Scenes: The Ricardo "Duet" [1:36]
7. Scenes: A Horse is a Horse [4:56]
8. Scenes: Fred Delivers a New Script [2:29]
9. Scenes: The Women's Club Benefit [:09]
4. Songs: "Shine On Harvest Moon" [6:55]
6. Songs: "Auf Wiederseh'n, My Dear" [3:31]
10. Songs: "We'll Build a Bungalow" [5:04]
1. Scenes: Lucy Buys a New Dress [:10]
4. Scenes: Lucy Lands a Job [3:47]
5. Scenes: Adventures in Babysitting [8:10]
6. Scenes: Mrs. Hudson Requests [2:31]
7. Scenes: The Amateur Contest [:24]
8. Songs: "I'm Breaking My Back" [2:43]
9. Songs: "Ragtime Cowboy Joe" [4:00]
1. Scenes: Miss Lewis Asks a Favor [:08]
4. Scenes: Lucy Delivers a Message [3:55]
5. Scenes: Miss Lewis Takes Lessons [3:57]
6. Scenes: Dinner With Mr. Ritter [6:40]
7. Scenes: Ricky is Waylaid [1:54]
Disc #4 -- I Love Lucy: The Complete First Season
2. Scenes: Ricky Needs New Acts [4:19]
3. Scenes: A Complex Problem [1:47]
4. Scenes: Three Faces of Lucy [5:50]
5. Scenes: Fred Spills the Beans [2:23]
6. Scenes: Lucy Has the "Go-Bloots" [5:31]
7. Scenes: Farewell, Lucy [2:49]
8. Songs: "I'll Be Glad When You're Dead, You Rascal You" [3:38]
2. Scenes: Lucy Ricardo, Playwright [4:29]
3. Scenes: Fred Lands the Role [3:47]
4. Scenes: Ricky Wants the Part [5:38]
5. Scenes: The Perils of Pamela [3:19]
6. Scenes: A Tree Grows in Havana [3:11]
2. Scenes: A Tuneful Evening [2:06]
4. Scenes: The Ricardos Want Out [6:11]
5. Scenes: Ethel Demands the Rent [3:12]
6. Scenes: Annoying Landlords [2:06]
7. Scenes: A Room Full of Noise [2:03]
9. Scenes: Moving Day [4:44]
2. Songs: "I Want a Girl Just Like the Girl That Married Dear Old Dad" [2:06]
3. Songs" Sweet Sue" [3:32]
7. Songs: "El Cumbanchero" [2:03]
8. Songs: "La Raspa (Mexican Hat Dance)" [1:40]
2. Scenes: Introducing "Petunia" Ricardo [3:20]
4. Scenes: Lucy Meets Madame Lemond [6:05]
5. Scenes: "Slowly I Turned" [6:08]
6. Scenes: Ricky's Short a Dancer [1:45]
7. Scenes: "Martha" [5:03]
8. Scenes: Ricky's Revenge [1:57]
3. Songs: "Dance of the Flowers" [1:15]
6. Songs: "Green Eyes (Aquellos Ojos Verdes)" [1:45]
7. Songs: "Martha" [5:03]
2. Scenes: Peggy Loves Ricky [4:29]
3. Scenes: A Woman-to-Woman Talk [3:47]
4. Scenes: Shall We Dance? [5:38]
5. Scenes: In Hot Water [3:19]
6. Scenes: Keep Jiggling, Peggy! [3:11]
7. Songs: "Babalu" [5:42]
2. Scenes: Room With a View [4:45]
3. Scenes: A "Neighborly" Call [:58]
4. Scenes: The O'Briens Rehearse [2:44]
5. Scenes: A Couple of Snoops [7:34]
6. Scenes: Lucy Sounds the Alarm [4:27]
7. Scenes: Man the Barricades! [4:59]
Disc #5 -- I Love Lucy: The Complete First Season
2. Scenes: Reuniting the Mertzes [14:24]
3. Scenes: Lucy Misses Ricky [2:23]
4. Scenes: Fred, the Firebug [2:20]
5. Scenes: Ricky to the Rescue! [4:42]
6. Scenes: The Mummy Returns [1:49]
2. Scenes: Ricky Grows Whiskers [5:35]
3. Scenes: The Bearded Lady [:55]
4. Scenes: A Bulldog of a Problem [5:50]
5. Scenes: Calling Colonel Culpepper [4:20]
6. Scenes: The Talent Scout Arrives [2:49]
8. Scenes: Lucy's Movie Offer [1:42]
7. Songs: "I'll See You in C-U-B-A" [4:14]
2. Scenes: Lucy's Lips are Sealed [8:56]
3. Scenes: Ricky Has an Idea [1:58]
4. Scenes: "Talking in His Sleep" [3:27]
5. Scenes: The Girls Share the News [5:44]
6. Scenes: Breakfast in Bed [5:09]
2. Scenes: Revolting Wives [4:40]
3. Scenes: Old-Fashioned Breakfast [3:27]
4. Scenes: The Girls Bake Bread [6:12]
5. Scenes: A Long Loaf [1:52]
6. Scenes: "Ricky Rides Again" [:45]
8. Scenes: The Surprise Inspection [:26]
7. Songs: "Pagliacci" [:54]
9. Songs: "I Was Strolling Through the Park One Day" [6:28]
2. Scenes: Errant Spelling [4:30]
3. Scenes: Ricky Plays a Prank [1:13]
4. Scenes: The Second Time Around [3:02]
5. Scenes: A Modest Proposal [4:03]
6. Scenes: There's a Small Hotel [4:11]
7. Scenes: A Lovely Ceremony [4:58]
8. Songs: "I Love You Truly" [3:15]
2. Scenes: Mysterious Money [5:08]
3. Scenes: A Closetful of Loot [2:13]
4. Scenes: The Conspicuous Cuckoo [5:49]
5. Scenes: Lucy Hatches a Scheme [1:33]
6. Scenes: A Couple of Crooks [8:54]
Disc #6 -- I Love Lucy: The Complete First Season
1. Scenes: Meeting "Little Renita" [:08]
4. Scenes: Fred and Ethel's Advice [1:28]
5. Scenes: Spying Scrubwomen [3:50]
6. Scenes: Renita Comes to Tea [2:14]
7. Scenes: A Surprising Dance [6:25]
5. Songs: "The Lady in Red" [3:50]
7. Songs: "Similau" [6:25]
1. Scenes: Lucy Wants a Freezer [:07]
4. Scenes: The Meat Arrives [4:23]
5. Scenes: The Butcher Shop [3:50]
6. Scenes: Loading the Freezer [3:59]
7. Scenes: Stalling the Boys [3:01]
8. Songs: "Mama Inez" [:39]
9. Songs: "Cielito Lindo" [6:07]
1. Scenes: Lucy Wants the Job [:08]
4. Scenes: Lucy Gets "On TV" [2:47]
5. Scenes: Lucy Fires the Girl [3:12]
6. Scenes: Vitameatavegamin [11:20]
7. Scenes: Showtime! [:26]
8. Songs: "El Relicario" [3:24]
1. Scenes: Ricky Needs Publicity [:07]
4. Scenes: The Girls Have an Idea [4:23]
5. Scenes: Ricky Gets the News [3:50]
6. Scenes: Presenting "The Maharincess" [3:59]
9. Scenes: Enter the Tiger [6:07]
7. Songs: "I Get Ideas" [3:01]
8. Songs: "Babalu" [:39]
Disc #7 -- I Love Lucy: The Complete First Season
2. Scenes: Ricky Ricardo, Quiz Whiz? [10:16]
3. Scenes: Lucy Books Ricky [1:40]
4. Scenes: The Truth Comes Out [2:12]
5. Scenes: A Visit to Freddie [3:56]
6. Scenes: Lucy's Got Answers [1:08]
7. Scenes: Ricardos on the Radio [5:00]
2. Scenes: Lucy Takes Her Time [3:42]
3. Scenes: Spring Ahead, Fall Back? [2:02]
4. Scenes: Forbidden Fruit [4:27]
5. Scenes: Ricky Lays Down the Law [1:22]
6. Scenes: Ice Coffee, Dear? [2:17]
7. Scenes: Breakfast With the Boss [2:02]
8. Scenes: The Wives Unite [2:31]
9. Scenes: Dinner's on Schedule [6:33]
2. Scenes: Holding Up the Mirror [4:41]
3. Scenes: The Hat Trick [5:22]
4. Scenes: "We Grow Hair" [2:08]
5. Scenes: The Girls Brainstorm [:56]
6. Scenes: A Bald Men's Party [4:00]
7. Scenes: Lucy's Torture Treatment [7:27]
2. Scenes: Lucy Coaches Ricky [4:00]
3. Scenes: Ricky Quits the Club [4:00]
4. Scenes: Reservations, Inc. [4:00]
5. Scenes: The Club Sells Out [4:00]
6. Scenes: Opening Night! [4:00]
7. Scenes: Ricky Has Good News [1:10]

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I Love Lucy: Complete First Season 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 14 reviews.
natalusya More than 1 year ago
I Love Lucy, A Timeless Classic First Season It all started in the late 1940s, when Lucille Ball played a silly and comic housewife, Liz Cooper, on My Favorite Husband radio sitcom. During that time, television sales were on the high rise. So naturally, CBS decided to move the show on television. Ball agreed, but there was one little problem – she wanted to get rid of her radio husband, Richard Denning, and cast her real husband, Desi Arnaz. Arnaz was a Cuban bandleader continuously on the tour, and Ball was in Hollywood pursuing her own career. Their marriage was on the rocks, this would be her last attempt to save her marriage. CBS, however, ridiculed the idea. All American girl married to a Cuban bandleader, this would push away television viewers. Ball decided to prove CBS wrong. During their summer vacation, Ball and Arnaz toured together putting on a live act performance created by the My Favorite Husband’s writers. The act was popular and well-reviewed. Eventually CBS agreed to fund a pilot starring the couple. The first pilot was filled in 1951. It was a victory. CBS decided to pick up the show. There was another problem, Ball and Arnaz wanted to stay in Hollywood and raise the family. In fact, Ball was already pregnant. During that time, almost all live shows were performed east in New York using the kinescope process, which had poor audio and video effect, and allowed later airing in the west. With her already difficult pregnancy, Ball and Arnaz came up with a solution. Their idea was to have the show filmed like a movie, rather than to be broadcast live allowing shows to be rerun. This was very costly. To stay in Hollywood, the couple agreed to significantly condensed salaries and reserved ownership of the show. This would eventually make them into the first television millionaire stars, and the system devised back in 1951 by Freund is still the basis for most sitcoms used today. I Love Lucy, the first complete season contains all 35 episodes and the pilot on DVD sold today. A rare seen pilot feared lost, until the copy was found in 1980, and first aired in 1990 by CBS. It’s all about schemes and getting into showbiz. The show is about a married couple living in a converted brownstone apartment complex on the east side of Manhattan. Ricky (Desi Arnaz) is the orchestra leader in the Tropicana nightclub, and Lucy (Lucille Ball) a smart and wacky redhead housewife who always tries to join her husband in show business. Ricky, of course, simply just wants her to be a housewife, cook, clean and fetch his slippers when he comes home. On the show they are joined by their two close friends, former vaudeville performers and their landlords, Ethel and Fred Mertz (Vivian Vance and William Frawley). Two families are close friends, but often split on gender roles when a problem arouses. The first regular episode to be filmed was actually the fourth to be aired “Lucy Thinks Ricky Is Trying To Murder Her”. The first few episodes are still not as polished as those to come. The writers were still trying to fully develop the script to fit with the characters, to hit their marks. Season one comprises of a few classical episodes as “The Freezer” in which Lucy and Ethel’s scheme to buy a walk in freezer goes totally twisted, the “Diet” in which Lucy starves herself to fit into size 12, and my least favorite “The Séance” where Lucy pretends to talk to dead. One of the highlights of the first season
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love Lucy is one of my Ultimate favorite t.v series. i watch i love lucy all the time. it puts me in a good mood when im sad or just want to have a good laugh. i own almost all the i love lucy dvd collection. But out of the whole i liked series number 3 the completed virsion. i liked the Episode were lucy want to be in a sales commercial, selling medicine. That episode was great. i was laughing hysterically. i give this 5 stars. im someone who likes commedy and i love it. Lucy is one great example of a funny person. i love lucy is well known in hollywood.. she is actually one of my idols. i love lucy is the bomb!!! i also think all the other episodes are funny and interesting and Exciting.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
If you EVER need a lagh then this serise is the best! i own ALL of the lucy series! LUCY YOU ROCK!