Jackson Browne: Going Home

Jackson Browne: Going Home

Director: Janice Engel Cast: Jackson Browne, Valerie Carter, Luis Conte


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Jackson Browne plays 23 of his songs during this music video featuring many tunes from his 1993 I'm Alive album. Bonnie Raitt and David Crosby are among the other musicians who perform and share their thoughts about Browne's music. Graham Nash joins Crosby and Browne for a special rendition of the tune "Lives in the Balance." Browne and others also play "Running on Empty," "Doctor My Eyes," and "Take It Easy."

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Release Date: 08/17/2010
UPC: 0801213030491
Original Release: 1994
Source: Eagle Rock Ent
Region Code: 0
Sound: [DTS 5.1-Channel Surround Sound]
Time: 1:30:00
Sales rank: 17,838

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- Jackson Browne: Going Home
1. I'm Alive [4:05]
2. Farther On [6:15]
3. Doctor My Eyes [4:25]
4. These Days [3:33]
5. Birds Of St. Marks [3:24]
6. Your Bright Baby Blues [2:46]
7. Take It Easy [2:29]
8. In The Shape Of A Heart [5:41]
9. Everywhere I Go [3:53]
10. World In Motion [1:35]
11. You Can Get It If You Really Want It [1:28]
12. Good Morning Little Mutant [1:20]
13. All Along The Watchtower [2:01]
14. The Pretender [4:02]
15. For Everyman [4:43]
16. Lives In The Balance [1:03]
17. Knock On Any Door [5:43]
18. My Problem Is You [4:47]
19. Too Many Angels [3:02]
20. Sleep's Dark And Silent Gate [5:55]
21. Sky Blue And Black [3:02]
22. Before The Deluge [6:10]
23. Running On Empty/Credits [7:35]

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Jackson Browne: Going Home 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
jankp More than 1 year ago
When The Disney Channel presented Jackson Browne: Going Home in August of 1994, Browne was just releasing his album I'm Alive and many of those tunes are included in the documentary. He was finally returning to the songs of the heart he had started out with twenty-five years earlier; in a sense he was going home after singing about social consciousness so passionately. In 1969 he was a baby-faced twenty-one year old starting out in music, inspired by the lyrical songwriting of a friend named Greg Copeland as he tells us after reciting one of Copeland's poems he's discovered in his messy room. We aren't shown him growing up with his jazz musician father; this documentary only captures his career. Starting with a rousing rendition of "I'm Alive," the ninety-minute film takes us up close to Browne as he sings twenty-three, popular rock songs, either in full or part and either in concert or behind-the-scenes. Sometimes just one song will seamlessly present him at different times in his career. We also hear, perhaps in the background, his thoughts about how far he's come, where his songs sometimes come from, what he's most passionate about, whether non-English-speaking listeners connect with the spirit of his songs. Other artists interviewed about their relationships with Jackson are Don Henley, Bonnie Raitt, David Crosby, Graham Nash, The Eagles, David Lindley (lots), Jennifer Warnes and more. Lindley had been with Browne's band until 1990 or so, I think, and remains very good friends with Browne, even touring Spain in 2006 with him. The resulting, wonderful album is called Love Is Strange, which I just reviewed. This is not a straight concert DVD. Browne hasn't ever made one of those, but instead with Going Home he's given us more than great music. He helps us to get to know the man writing and singing the songs. You don't need Graham Nash to tell you Jackson is a stand-up guy and someone he'd do anything for. It's easy to conclude that by listening to Browne. I really enjoyed hearing him sing "Lives in the Balance" with Nash and Crosby, all having a great time. The songs I really got into (every time) were "Doctor My Eyes" and "Knock on Any Door," but none of them bored me. I doubt he can write a bad song and the other interviewed artists confirm his influence on them. Browne plays guitar and some piano. His band is shown on stage with him, but we don't get to know any of them besides Lindley. I know Jackson had a son because there's a quiet, touching scene with the toddler. Browne mentions writing "Birds of St. Mark's" for a woman, but that's all for his personal life. There's old footage of him talking to other artists about doing a benefit concert (not sure who). After two viewings of this film I was pretty much ignoring the talking parts and just enjoying the music. If you love Brown's music and would like to feel like you're on stage with him or to get to know him out of the spotlight, then Going Home will be a treat for you. It was released on DVD last year and the sound is crisp.
BrightBabyBlues More than 1 year ago
I was a little disappointed that there wasn't more footage. I feel that it also wasn't long enough. Maybe that's because I could sit and watch him all day. I wish there would be more songs and interviews. I'm still going to buy another copy as a gift to my mother for her birthday. I know she'll love it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is an awesome video of not only Jackson's music, but of himself as the caring, fun-loving, musical genius that he is. My favorite song, too, is 'Sky Black and Blue'. I can only tell you that Jackson Browne is probably the second best lyricist in rock history after John and Paul. Listen to 'Sky Black and Blue' and you'll know what I mean.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Jackson, his family and his friends are so connected that the aura of his music is that of heart felt emotion.
gus_mccrea More than 1 year ago
I thought this would be a Jackson Browne concert, filmed live, but it isn't. I wanted to see him perform his hits that I had fallen in love with over the years but there were only a few that I even recognized. Since I ordered it several months before it was released I had no idea what was going to be on it. Only about half of The Pretender, one of my favorites, was shown before switching to another segment and one of his classics, Running on Empty, was shown at the end with all the closing credits running thru it.