La Forza del Destino (The Metropolitan Opera)

La Forza del Destino (The Metropolitan Opera)

Director: Kirk Browning Cast: Richard Vernon, Leontyne Price, Leo Nucci

DVD (Dolby 5.1 / Stereo)

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A sweeping tale of honor and vengeance set in 18th century Spain and Italy, Verdi's classic opera finally arrives on DVD courtesy of Pioneer Studios. Presented in 1.33:1 full screen and featuring an Italian Dolby Digital Stereo soundtrack, this release also offers optional English subtitles.

Product Details

Release Date: 02/06/2001
UPC: 0013023150393
Original Release: 1984
Rating: NR
Source: Geneon [Pioneer]
Sound: [Dolby Digital, stereo]
Time: 2:59:00

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Side #1 --
0. Scene Selection
1. Act I Introduction [1:03]
2. Act I Overture [7:23]
3. Act I, Scene 1: Buona Notte, Mia Figlia (Marquis, Lenora) [3:53]
4. Act I, Scene 1: Me Pellegrina ed Orfana (Leonora) [4:24]
5. Act I, Scene 1: Ah, Per Sempre, O Mio Bell'Angiol (Alvaro, Leonora) [4:38]
6. Act I, Scene 1: Se Tu, Como'Io, Non M'Ami...Ah! Seguirti Fino Agl'Ultimi (Alvaro, Leonora) [2:46]
7. Act I, Scene 1: Vil Seduttor! (Marquis, Alvaro, Leonora) [2:12]
8. Act I, Scene 2: Holà, Holà, Holà! (Chorus, Mayor, Carlo, Leonora, Trabuco) [2:29]
9. Act I, Scene 2: Viva la Guerra!...Al Suon del Tamburo (Preziosilla, Carlo, Mayor, Chorus) [4:09]
10. Act I, Scene 2: Prayer - Padre Eterno Signor (Leonora, Preziosilla, Trabuco, Carlo, Mayor, Chorus) [3:23]
11. Act I, Scene 2: Viva la Buona Compagnia! (Carlo, Preziosilla, Mayor, Trabuco, Chorus) [2:34]
12. Act I, Scene 2: Son Pereda (Carlo, Chorus and Ensemble) [5:04]
13. Act I, Scene 3: Son Giunta!...Madre, Pietosa Vergine (Leonora) [7:02]
14. Act I, Scene 3: Chi Siete? (Melitone, Leonora, Padre Guardiano) [3:15]
15. Act I, Scene 3: Or Siam Soli (Padre Guardiano, Leonora) [5:01]
16. Act I, Scene 3: Se Voi Scacciate (Leonora, Padre Guardiano) [2:33]
17. Act I, Scene 3: È Fermo il Voto?...Sull'Alba il Piede (Padre Guardiano, Leonora) [4:15]
18. Act I, Scene 3: Organ Interlude [3:06]
19. Act I, Scene 3: Il Santo Nome di Dio (Padre Guardiano, Melitone, Chorus) [4:04]
20. Act I, Scene 3: La Vergine Degli Angeli (Leonora, Padre Guardiano, Melitone, Chorus) [5:04]
21. Act II, Scene 1: Attenti Al Gioco (Chorus) [4:24]
22. Act II, Scene 1: La Vita È Inferno all'Infelice (Alvara) [2:42]
23. Act II, Scene 1: O Tu Che in Seno Agli Angeli (Alvaro) [3:49]
24. Act II, Scene 1: Al Tradimento (Carlo, Alvaro, Chorus, Surgeon) [6:19]
25. Act II, Scene 1: Solenne in Quest'Ora (Alvaro, Carlo) [4:06]
26. Act II, Scene 1: Morir! Tremenda Cosa! (Carlo) [2:09]
27. Act II, Scene 1: Urna Fatale del Mio Destino (Carlo) [3:47]
28. Act II, Scene 1: Lieta Novella, È Salvo (Surgeon, Carlo) [2:09]
29. Act II, Scene 2: Lorchè Pifferi e Tamburi (Chorus, Preziosilla) [:07]
30. Act II, Scene 2: Qua, Vivandiere...A Buon Mercato (Chorus, Preziosilla, Trabuco) [2:39]
31. Act II, Scene 2: Tarantella and Chorus [5:29]
32. Act II, Scene 2: Toh! Toh! Poffare il Mondo! (Melitone, Chorus) [2:17]
33. Act II, Scene 2: Lasciatelo Ch'Ei Vada...Rataplan (Preziosilla, Trabuco) [3:32]
34. Act II, Scene 2: Nè Gustare M'È Dato (Alvaro, Carlo) [3:26]
35. Act II, Scene 2: Sleale! Il Segreto Fu Dunque Violato? (Alvaro, Chorus) [1:51]
36. Act II, Scene 2: Don Carlo, Amico...No, d'un Imene il Vincolo (Alvaro, Carlo, Chorus) [2:13]
37. Act III, Scene 1: Fate la Carità (Chorus, Melitone) [7:02]
38. Act III, Scene 1: Auf! Pazienza Non V'Ha (Melitone, Padre Guardiano) [7:11]
39. Act III, Scene 1: Del Mondo i Disinganni (Padre Guardiano, Melitone) [2:31]
40. Act III, Scene 1: Invano Alvaro (Carlo, Alvaro) [3:04]
41. Act III, Scene 1: Le Minaccie, i Fieri Accenti (Alvaro, Carlo) [3:32]
42. Act III, Scene 1: No, No, l'Inferno Non Trionfi (Alvaro, Carlo) [3:56]
43. Act III, Scene 2: Pace, Pace, Mio Dio (Leonora) [1:32]
44. Act III, Scene 2: Io Muojo! (Carlo, Alvaro, Leonora) [6:15]
45. Act III, Scene 2: Non Imprecare, Umiliati (Trio: Padre Guardiano, Leonora, Alvaro) [2:59]

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La Forza del Destino (The Metropolitan Opera) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I think this is the only full-length opera DVD with Price on it. She gets lots of emotion into her voice, but there's never any on her face. When she hits a high note it sounds so gorgeous you just want to keel over dead. I've never seen or heard Giuseppe Giacomini before, but he's wonderful as Don Alvaro. He has a very nice voice, and he can be powerful or gentle as the role requires. Leo Nucci has never thrilled me, but he's pretty good here as Don Carlo, especially when in confrontation with Giacomini. This is from an unedited show in 1984. The sound is very good, and the picture is a little dark. Sets and costumes are very good. The final trio is a heart-wrencher.