Laurel and Hardy Collection, Vol. 1: the Big Noise/Great Guns/Jitterbugs

Laurel and Hardy Collection, Vol. 1: the Big Noise/Great Guns/Jitterbugs

Director: Malcolm St. Clair, Monty Banks Cast: Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy



Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy play janitors for a detective agency who pose as super-sleuths when they're hired to protect inventor Alva P. Hartley (Arthur Space). Moving bag and baggage into Hartley's gadget-laden house, Stan and Ollie must first contend with the inventor's bratty son Egbert (Bobby Blake, aka Robert Blake) and much-married Aunt Sophie (Esther Howard). More problems ensue when Hartley's next door neighbors Charlton (Frank Fenton), Hartman (James Bush), Dutchy (Phil Van Zandt) and Mayme (Veda Ann Borg) reveal themselves as the crooks they really are. Entrusted with Hartley's latest invention, super-bomb called "The Big Noise," Stan and Ollie skeedaddle to Washington, just one step ahead of the criminals. Escaping the villains, the boys take flight in a balky airplane, only to find that they're the targets for Army gunnery practice. Our heroes save themselves-and the day-when they use the bomb to destroy a Japanese submarine. Long regarded as the worst of Laurel & Hardy's feature films, The Big Noise has in recent years been championed by several of the team's fans, not least because the admittedly patchy storyline incorporates several of their classic routines from such earlier 2-reelers as Habeas Corpus, Wrong Again and Berth Marks. Arguably the film's best scene finds Stan and Ollie trying to gorge themselves on a "banquet" consisting of dehydrated food capsules.

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Release Date: 04/11/2006
UPC: 0024543231752
Rating: NR
Source: 20th Century Fox
Region Code: 1
Time: 3:41:00

Special Features

All three films include feature commentaries by Laurel & Hardy historian Randy Skretvedt; photo galleries; and trailers for the film.
Big Noise also includes: the original 1944 theatrical press book; and trialers for Bullfighters, Great Guns, and The Dancing Master.
Great Guns also includes: the original 1941 theatrical press book; Movietone News report on the film's opening the Freemont Theatre; and trialers for Big Noise, Bullfighters, and Jitterbugs.
Jitterbugs also includes: the inauguration of the Railway Movietone News; and trailers for Big Noise, Bullfighters, and Great Guns.

Cast & Crew

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- The Big Noise
1. Main Titles
2. This Time... It Explodes
3. Western Union With Feathers
4. Two of the Best
5. Detectives With Direction
6. The House of Tomorrow
7. Deceiving Innocence
8. Pills With Purpose
9. A Menace to Men
10. Excess Baggage
11. Sleepwalking Sophie
12. Testing a Bomb
13. Dinner With the Neighbors
14. The Bomb in the Squeezebox
15. Chasing a Bum Bomb
16. Upper Berth Buddies
17. Explosive News
18. Just Down the Road... a Piece
19. Ace Rookies
20. Bombs Away!
Disc #2 -- Great Guns
1. Main Titles
2. From the Draft Board
3. Medical Examination
4. In the Army
5. First Impressions
6. Meeting Ginger
7. Upstaging Sergeant Hippo
8. Hitching a Ride
9. Surprise Inspection
10. The Colonel, the General and the Whole Outfit
11. The Darkroom
12. Waiting Up for Dan
13. Sweet Dreams
14. On a Mission
15. Foiling Plans
16. Division Maneuvers
17. Captured
18. Penelope
19. Dan Saves the Day
20. Sanitary Unit/End Titles
Disc #3 -- Jitterbugs
1. Main Titles
2. Out of Gas
3. Wonder Pill
4. Two-Man Band
5. Easy Money
6. Love at First Sight
7. Swindled!
8. Chain of Events
9. Baiting the Trap
10. Southern Belle
11. Flirting
12. Jealous Husband
13. I've Gotta See for Myself
14. Aunt Stan
15. The Moon Kissed the Mississippi
16. Business Proposition
17. Envelope Switch
18. Double-Cross
19. Shoveling Coal
20. If the Shoe Fits, Wear It
21. Gas Pills
22. Loose on the River
23. Chester Explains
24. A Watery End

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