Legends of Hollywood: Charlie Chaplin

Legends of Hollywood: Charlie Chaplin

Director: Charles Avery, George Nichols Cast: Charles Chaplin, Henry Lehrman


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Release Date: 07/17/2007
UPC: 0787364788699
Rating: NR
Source: Bci / Eclipse

Special Features

6th DVD: Road to Rio, The Oscar® nominated comedy starring Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour.

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Bing Crosby Scat Sweeney
Charles Chaplin Actor,A Masher,A Tramp,Alcoholic Gentleman at Spa,Artist,Challenger,Charlie,Charlie, the Janitor,Charlie, the Papaerhanger's Assistant,Darn Hosiery,Dentist's Assistant,Drinker,Drunk,Escaped Convict,Farm handyman,Father,Film Actor,Film Extra,Fireman,Himself,Husband,Immigrant,Mr. Pest,Pawnshop Assistant,Piano Mover,Recruit,Reveller,Scene Shifter,Spouse,Street Musician,Stroller,Suitor,Swindler,Tailor's Apprentice,The Film Johnnie,The Janitor,The Star Boarder,The Tramp,Tipsy Dancer,Vagabond Police Recruit,Waiter,Wife,A Waiter. Posing as Sir Cecil Seltzer,Lord Helpus,Mr. Rowdy,Mr. Dovey,Referee
Mack Swain Actor,Ambrose, His Partner,Husband,Wellington, a Ladykiller,Another Rival,Patient
Minta Durfee Woman,The Landlady,Actress,Fatty's Girlfriend,Fatty's Wife,The Lady,Leading Lady
Albert Austin Taxi Driver,Clergyman and Policeman,Scene Shifter,A Diner,Client with Clock,Guest,Male Nurse,Shop Assistant
Alice Davenport Mother,Landlady's Friend,Wife,Maid
Alice Howell Dentist's Wife,Wellington's Wife,Mrs. Rich
Ben Turpin Actor,Film Extra,Remendado, a sumggler
Billy Armstrong Holidary-Maker,Cook and Pickpocket,Another Janitor,Husband
Bob Hope Hot Lips Burton
Bud Jamison World Champion,Edna's Beau,Mate, The Other Man,Her Husband,Actor, Unpunctual Star
Cecile Arnold Madeleine,Blond Girl,Waitress
Charley Chase Nephew,Piano Store Manager
Charlie Murray Seaman on Park Bench,Film Director
Chester Conklin Rival,Drinker,Film Actor,Cop,Husband,Pickpocket,Waiter,Butler,Policeman,Policeman/Bum
Edgar Kennedy Lover,Dance Hall Manager,Landlady's husband,Cafe Proprietor,Cyclone Flynn
Edna Purviance A Girl,Carmen,Daughter,Daughter of the House,Farmer's Daughter,Fellow Guest at Spa,French Girl,Girl Seeking Film Job,Girl Stolen by Gypsies,Herself,Maid,Missionary,Mother,Nursemaid,Secretary,Village Belle,Actor,His Daughter,His Secretary,Immigrant,Miss Moneybags, Heiress,The Girl,Trainer's Daughter,Daughter of the Shipowner,Lady in the Stalls
Eric Campbell Head Waiter,Store Manager,Tailor,Gentleman with Gout,Gyspy Chieftan,Scene Shifter Foreman,Scourge of Easy Street,Foregman of the Brigade,Mr. Stout, Edna's Admirer,Her Suitor
Ford Sterling Mirval Masher,Band Leader,Ford
Fred Goodwins Shanghaied Seaman,Farmer,Gentleman in Audience
Henry Bergman Pawnbroker,Actor,Her Father,John Bull,Masseur,The Artist,Mrs. Stout,Villager,German Sergeant,von Hindenburg
Henry Lehrman Film Director,Reporter
Jackie Coogan The Kid,Smallest Boy
John Francis Dillon Villainous Manager
Mabel Normand Mabel,Wife,Ambrose's Wife
Phyllis Allen His Wife,Charlie's Wife,The Other Woman,Customer
Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle Drinker,Fatty,Film Actor,His Neighbor,Musician,Bartender
Keystone Kops Actor
Charles Insley Boss Paperhanger,Father,The Bank President
Charlotte Mineau Film Star
Dorothy Lamour Lucia Maria de Andrade
Emma Clifton Lady in Distress
Frank D. Williams Camerman
Gene Marsh Landlady,Nephew's girlfriend,Secretary
Gordon Griffith Boy,Landlady's son
Harry McCoy Lover,Drinker,Policeman
John Rand Escamillo, the toreador,Pawnshop Assistant,Policeman,Scene Shifter
Josef Swickard Patient,Victim
Lloyd Bacon Her Father,Trainer,Assistant Manager,Edna's Fiance,Artist
Mack Sennett Rival Suitor
Margie Reiger Wife,Girl in Park,His Girlfriend
Peggy Pearce Beautiful Lady
Sidney Chaplin Kaiser, the,The Kaiser,Sergeant
Tom Wilson Boss,Large Husband,Policeman
Wesley Ruggles Jailbird and Thief,Crook
Al St. John Elevator Boy,Bellhop
Billy Jacobs Boy
Carl Miller Artist
Carl Stockdale Charles the Cashier
Gale Sondergaard Catherine Vail
Joe Bordeaux Mr. Poor,Policeman
Leo White Actor, Hussar Officer,Count,Elegant Masher,Fruitseller and Doss House Owner and Policeman,Old Jew and Gypsy Woman,Diplomat/Spy and Flophouse owner,Dishonest Better,Officer of the Guard,Owner of Burning House
Marta Golden Her Mother,Wife
Paddy McGuire Musician,Shanghaied Seaman,Farmhand
Tom Terriss Young Man from the City
Babe Kane Patient
Babe London His Seasick Wife
Dorothy Rosher Cupid
Frank Faylen Trigger
Glen Cavender Luke Connor
Hank Mann Drinker,Friend
James T. Kelly Musician and Singer
Loyal Underwood Short German Officer
Milton Berle Actor
Sadie Lampe His Girlfriend
Thelma Salter Girl
Vivian Edwards Brunette Girl
Fritz Schade Mr. Rich,Bakery Owner

Technical Credits
Charles Avery Director
Charles Chaplin Director
George Nichols Director
Henry Lehrman Director
Mabel Normand Director
Mack Sennett Director
Norman Z. McLeod Director
Jim Jacobs Director

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