Magnum, P.I. - Season 2

Magnum, P.I. - Season 2



Tom Selleck and his fabulous mustache return to DVD with Magnum P.I.: The Complete Second Season from Universal Home Video. Packed with 22 episodes, this set has all the suave Hawaiian goods that you've come to love from the comedic action series. Sadly, very few extras are included, though the set does come with some nifty packaging complete with puffy lettering, if that counts for anything. Bonus features include single episodes of The A-Team and Knight Rider, both of which can be found on their season-two DVD sets (not surprisingly, released the same day as this set). The picture comes with a standard full-frame image and Dolby Digital Stereo sound that should successfully preserve the show for future generations of Thomas Magnum fans years down the road.

Product Details

Release Date: 04/12/2005
UPC: 0025192710322
Rating: NR
Source: Universal Studios
Region Code: 1
Time: 18:03:00

Special Features

The A-Team season-two episode "Diamonds 'n Dust"; Knight Rider season-two episode "Brother's Keeper"

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Tom Selleck Thomas Sullivan Magnum III
Dana Wynter Olivia Ross
Darren McGavin Buck Gibson
David Wilson Dorsey Bramlett
Devon Ericson Jennifer Chapman
Guy Stockwell Dick McWilliams
Ina Balin Prof. Martinez
James Whitmore Billy Joe Bob Little
Jeff MacKay Lt. "Mac" MacReynolds,Lt."Mac" MacReynolds
Jeff Pomerantz Yuri Dolgof
Jill St. John Jan Kona
John Hillerman Elmo Ziller,Jonathan Quayle Higgins III
Judith Chapman Sara Clifford/Lisa Page
Julie Sommars Jeannie Lowry
Kristen Meadows Toby Griffith
Marta Du Bois Michelle Hue
Mimi Rogers Margo Perina
Nancy Lee Grahn Wendy Gilbert
Patch MacKenzie Virginia Fowler
Robert F. Lyons Taylor Hurst
Vic Morrow Sgt. Jordan
Andrea Marcovicci Kendall Chase
Anne Dusenberry Katrina Tremaine
Beverly Garland Florence Russell
Charles Aidman James Randolph
Elisha Cook Harold W. Farber
Irene Yah Ling Sun Mitsu McWilliams
Jack Hogan Henry Ellison,Matt Thompson
Joanna Kerns Mary Kanfer
Larry Manetti Orville 'Rick' Wright
Larry Pennell Jack Martin
Louise Sorel Eleanor Greeley
Mark Withers Dave Gilbert
Marla Pennington Carol Ann Little
Michael Halsey Alan Scheckter
Robin Dearden Lexi Ziller
Roy Dotrice Brice Harcourt
Susan Heldfond Nina Marcova
Tyne Daly Kate Sullivan
Vera Miles Joan Gibson
W.K. Stratton Off. Kelly
Wendy Girard Marion Hammond
Albert Salmi Jonathan Fletcher
Allan Rich Coluga
Barbara Rhoades Marcella Ziller
Christopher Morley David Bannister
Corinne Camacho Elaine Selmire
Denny Miller Ox
Jake Hoopai Sumo Enforcer
Jean Claudio Marquis
John Fujioka Nishimoto
Jon Lormer Barker
Kam Fong Cam Chung
Kathleen Nolan Myrt Callahan
Kenneth Mars Joseph
Kwan Hi Lim Lt. Tanaka
Nancy de Carl Claudia Randolph
Noriyuki "Pat" Morita Jack Metro
R. Mosley Theodore 'TC' Calvin
Seth Sakai Chan,Ito
Soon-Teck Oh Gen. Nguyen Hue
Wallace W. Landford Jim
Wings Hauser Nick Frangakis
Alan Fudge Security Chief Arthur
Barry Nelson William B. Knox
Bruce Johnson Dwarf Enforcer
Burr de Benning Ed Russler
Danny Kamekona John,Sgt. Akama
Dick Butkus Clarence
Edward Bell J. Weston Reese
Glenn Cannon Doc Ibold
James Edgcomb Ed Kanfer
Jeff Albert Mikhail Fillipovitch
Jo Pruden Dr. Jewell
John Calvin Gary
Lance Le Gault Col. Buck Greene
Mamaluna Tehani
Moe Keale Kaholo
Rebecca Clemons Librarian
Robert Harker Bart Lindsey
Sam Scarber Landers
Signe Hasso Lucia Prince
Wallace Merck Segundo
Bill Edwards Coach Bell
Bob Fimiani Agent Kelsey
Brandon Smith Russler's Aide
Clay Wai Parking Attendant
Clyde Kusatsu Col. Ki
Curtis Malia Keone
Ed Sheehan Emerson White
Garnett Smith Griffin
James Grant Benton Ralph
Jean-Ivan Dorin Tarisoff
Lenny Montana Bodyguard
Med Flory Texas Gunman #1
Michael Dennis English Minister
Peter Kalua Fighter
Reri Tava Gloria Bower
Robert Apisa Harland
Tommy Fujiwara Hiramoto
Tony Brubaker Eric
Wayne Ward Dixon,Wayne Lochman

Technical Credits
Alan J. Levi Director
Donald P. Bellisario Director
Gilbert M. Shilton Director
Lawrence F. Doheny Director
Michael Vejar Director
Mike Vejar Director
Raymond Austin Director
Robert C. Thompson Director
Robert J. Totten Director
Rod Daniel Director
Ron Satlof Director
Sidney Hayers Director
Winrich Kolbe Director

Scene Index

Side #1 -- Magnum P.I.: Complete Second Season, Disc 1, Side A
1. Preview (Main Titles) [1:56]
2. Run Down [13:08]
3. High Stakes [21:11]
4. Left for Dead [12:57]
1. Preview (Main Titles) [1:56]
2. Sacred Waters [12:54]
3. Sunken Treasure [20:13]
4. Proving a Theory [14:05]
1. Preview (Main Titles) [2:31]
2. A Rough Cut [16:16]
3. Unstable Situation [18:21]
4. Shafted [11:40]
1. Preview (Main Titles) [2:10]
2. Parole Revoked [12:16]
3. The Minotaur Bomb [21:14]
4. Time is Ticking [13:11]
Side #2 -- Magnum P.I.: Complete Second Season, Disc 1, Side B
1. Preview (Main Titles) [1:56]
2. A Special Girl [15:03]
3. Kissing Ghosts [22:09]
4. Reliving the Past [10:04]
1. Preview (Main Titles) [1:56]
2. Political Asylum [20:29]
3. Marxist Theory [12:25]
4. Back to the U.S.S.R. [13:21]
1. Preview (Main Titles) [1:57]
2. The General's Wife [29:39]
3. Military Reactivation [35:39]
4. Enemy of the People [30:16]
Side #3 -- Magnum P.I.: Complete Second Season, Disc 2, Side A
1. Preview (Main Titles) [1:56]
2. Well Bred [18:20]
3. Logic is Irrelevant [16:08]
4. An Ulterior Motive [12:42]
1. Preview (Main Titles) [1:56]
2. Death of a Friend [13:32]
3. Insufficient Evidence [22:09]
4. Confession to Murder [11:36]
1. Preview (Main Titles) [1:56]
2. Dramatic Entrance [12:30]
3. Live a Little [25:28]
4. Nothing to Lose [9:18]
1. Preview (Main Titles) [1:58]
2. At Gun Point [13:10]
3. In Cahoots [17:38]
4. The Honorable Thing [16:25]
Side #4 -- Magnum P.I.: Complete Second Season, Disc 2, Side B
1. Preview (Main Titles) [1:56]
2. Ballet Bodyguard [11:03]
3. KGB or CIA? [22:52]
4. Matter of National Security [13:22]
1. Preview (Main Titles) [1:55]
2. Biography of an Eccentric [12:38]
3. Private Love Letters [23:33]
4. On Ice [11:06]
1. Preview (Main Titles) [1:56]
2. Professional Assassin [11:10]
3. In Drag [23:20]
4. "Nuns Don't Work on Sunday" [12:46]
1. Preview (Main Titles) [1:56]
2. Security Consultant [11:08]
3. My Best Friend [23:14]
4. Industrial Espionage [12:50]
Side #5 -- Magnum P.I.: Complete Second Season, Disc 3, Side A
1. Preview (Main Titles) [1:56]
2. Divine Providence [10:05]
3. Under Hypnosis [26:39]
4. Drugged [10:34]
1. Preview (Main Titles) [1:56]
2. Rescue Mission [6:03]
3. Out to Get You [25:36]
4. Personal Vendetta [15:37]
1. Preview (Main Titles) [1:56]
2. Football Tryout [12:52]
3. Bed Check [24:23]
4. Getting Even [9:59]
1. Preview (Main Titles) [1:56]
2. Fast Deal [11:39]
3. Shipwrecked [25:00]
4. Spy Games [10:36]
Side #6 -- Magnum P.I.: Complete Second Season, Disc 3, Side B
1. Preview (Main Titles) [1:56]
2. In the Movies [14:10]
3. Real Bullets [23:43]
4. Cut the Act [9:25]
1. Preview (Main Titles) [1:56]
2. Wild Zebras [13:06]
3. Drug Runners [20:07]
4. Keep My Promise [14:01]
1. Preview (Main Titles) [1:57]
2. Howdy Partner [11:42]
3. Bring in the Clowns [24:42]
4. "Let Bronco Ride" [10:53]
1. Preview (Main Titles) [1:56]
2. Bikini Murder [10:37]
3. Slim Leads [25:09]
4. Close Call [11:30]

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Magnum, P.I. - Season 2 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
FASJ More than 1 year ago
Love, love, love Tom Selleck and the Magnum series. Takes me back. The combination of mystery and humor is unbeatable entertainment. I especially love the series because it doesn't take itself too seriously and the setting in Hawaii is extraordinarily beautiful (and so is Tom!).
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago