Ninfa Plebea

Ninfa Plebea

Director: Lina Wertmüller Cast: Stefania Sandrelli, Raoul Bova, Isa Danieli



A ripe 19-year-old virgin fights to keep her virtue and retain her free-spirited ways during WW II. Set in an ancient, remote Neapolitan village, Miluzza is the lovely pubescent daughter of the glorious Nunziata, a nymphomaniac who is surprisingly well tolerated by her husband and her normally conservative neighbors. Nunziata and Miluzza lead an idyllic life until the Allies bomb their village. During the shelling Nunziata is killed in a manner that would make Freud proud. Afterward, Miluzza gets work at a tomato sauce factory where the owner, enticed by an accidental peak at her underwear attempts to seduce her in a local hotel. With her reputation thus ruined, life for Miluzza becomes a struggle to fight the gossip mongers and those who would rape here until she encounters Pietro, a handsome wounded soldier who offers her a better life.

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Release Date: 05/02/2006
UPC: 0741952307099
Original Release: 1996
Source: Koch Lorber Films
Time: 1:50:00

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Scene Index

Disc #1 -- The Nymph
1. Sins of the Flesh [5:20]
2. The Devil's Feast [4:55]
3. The Priest's Sores [3:18]
4. Little Houses [:58]
5. An Itch [4:50]
6. A Nice Place [5:58]
7. House Guest [3:36]
8. Pizza [5:44]
9. Don Peppe [2:34]
10. Ravello [5:49]
11. Crazy [4:58]
12. Little Orphan [6:06]
13. Surprise [4:19]
14. Respect [3:58]
15. Shelter [2:56]
16. Life or Death [5:34]
17. Bombs, Bullets, Gunfire [4:52]
18. A Miracle [3:34]
19. Honored and Saved Son [3:31]
20. No More Nasty Thoughts [5:28]
21. Your Blessing [2:38]
22. 100 Years of Happiness [3:27]
23. Tradition [5:28]
24. Closing Credits [7:18]

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