North and South - The Complete Collection

North and South - The Complete Collection

Director: Kevin Connor, Larry Peerce, Richard T. Heffron
Cast: Patrick Swayze

DVD (Special Edition / Repackaged / Boxed Set / Full Frame)

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This epic-length box set brings into a single collection three of the most acclaimed miniseries of the 1980s and 1990s, adapted from John Jakes's trilogy of bestsellers: North and South (1985), North And South, Book Two (1986) and Heaven and Hell: North and South, Book III (1994). The programs, set in the Civil War Era, relay tumultuous events from the lives of two families, The Mains and The Hazards - clans once closely intertwined but now irreparably separated (on geographic and ideological grounds) by the scourge of war. The all-star cast includes such notables as Kirstie Alley, Hal Holbrook, Lesley-Anne Down, Lloyd Bridges, James Stewart, David Carradine, Anthony Zerbe, Rip Torn and Billy Dee Williams.

Product Details

Release Date: 01/25/2011
UPC: 0883929161812
Original Release: 0000
Rating: NR
Source: Warner Home Video
Region Code: 1
Time: 20:12:00
Sales rank: 1,824

Special Features

Closed Caption

Cast & Crew

Performance Credits
Patrick Swayze Orry Main
James Read George Hazard
Jonathan Frakes Stanley Hazard
Kirstie Alley Virgilia Hazard
Genie Francis Brett Hazard,Brett Main Hazard
Billy Dee Williams Francis Cardozo
Lesley-Anne Down Madeline Fabray LaMotte
Kyle Chandler Charles Main
Wendy Kilbourne Constance Flynn Hazard
Cathy Lee Crosby Judith Main
Jean Simmons Clarissa Main
Terri Garber Ashton Main Huntoon
David Carradine Justin LaMotte

Technical Credits
Kevin Connor Director
Larry Peerce Director
Richard T. Heffron Director

Scene Index

Disc #1 -- North and South: The Complete Collection - Book One : North and South - Disc One
1. Credits [4:33]
2. West Point-Bound [3:30]
3. Love at First Sight [7:37]
4. Resolute Match [2:12]
5. Carpetbagger Fight [4:00]
6. Train to Progress [2:52]
7. Mind Over Beauty [1:21]
8. "Lower Than Plebes" [2:31]
9. Barracks Dispute [2:08]
10. Table Manners [2:21]
11. Bent Discipline [8:15]
12. Love Letters [3:08]
13. A Bitter Duel [4:40]
14. Long Distance [6:11]
15. Thin Ice [9:03]
16. Recuperation [1:45]
17. Of Human Bondage [9:03]
18. Changes at Home [3:32]
19. Mistreating Priam [3:25]
20. Wedding Woes [1:34]
21. A Ruined Woman [7:44]
22. End Credits [1:22]
1. Credits [2:43]
2. Madeline in Mind [7:17]
3. Insult to Injury [4:59]
4. Framing Bent [5:15]
5. Graduation 1846 [4:53]
6. Separation Anxiety [6:41]
7. Proper Punishment [5:49]
8. Forbidden Chapel [3:46]
9. Southern Pride [3:02]
10. Illegitimate Son [2:38]
11. Suicide Patrol [6:01]
12. Courting Constance [9:14]
13. A Fine Proposal [3:33]
14. Early Resignation [3:06]
15. Civilian Brawl [1:58]
16. Irish Eyes [3:23]
17. A Different Orry [1:50]
18. Love and Loss [4:17]
19. Helping a Runaway [2:47]
20. Hunted and Whipped [3:14]
21. Dangerous Meeting [4:59]
22. End Credits [1:25]
Disc #2 -- North and South: The Complete Collection - Book One : North and South - Disc Two
1. Credits [2:48]
2. Running Free [4:20]
3. A Family United [4:48]
4. Offer Accepted [3:19]
5. Antislavery Talk [7:57]
6. Feminine Wiles [3:28]
7. A Secret Bond [4:15]
8. Hazardous Inferno [5:57]
9. Man of the House [3:51]
10. Blood Relative [2:18]
11. End of an Era [5:21]
12. Beau for Ashton [6:15]
13. Charles's Challenge [5:21]
14. Duel of Honor [5:04]
15. West Point Boy [2:20]
16. Visit to Belvedere [2:48]
17. Family Values [4:19]
18. Ironclad Partners [2:53]
19. Damn Gentleman [3:17]
20. A Wronged Wife [4:08]
21. Fugitive-Slave Law [6:25]
22. End Credits [1:21]
1. Credits [2:48]
2. Southern Charm [5:22]
3. Too many Suitors [2:34]
4. Painful Attraction [6:07]
5. Slave to Love [8:20]
6. Path to Freedom [3:09]
7. Blaming the North [7:42]
8. A Dark Secret [6:19]
9. Need for Violence [5:51]
10. Controversial Text [2:23]
11. The Graduates [3:56]
12. Sibling rivalry [3:17]
13. Loyal and True [1:38]
14. Basic Chemistry [2:45]
15. Troubled Friends [4:43]
16. Shaming the Mains [5:12]
17. Madeline's Dilemma [5:05]
18. Tea and Sympathy [3:38]
19. Backwoods Ordeal [2:23]
20. Betrayal [4:58]
21. A Kept Woman [4:03]
22. End Credits [1:22]
Disc #3 -- North and South: The Complete Collection - Book One : North and South - Disc Three
1. Credits [2:49]
2. Wedding Vows [2:06]
3. Laudanum Treatment [6:03]
4. Distant Wives [7:40]
5. Secession Talks [4:06]
6. Bent at the Brothel [8:12]
7. Prejudice Railroad [2:49]
8. Profit Partners [3:22]
9. The Right Side [4:22]
10. George's Concerns [2:00]
11. Unity Postponed [2:50]
12. John Brown Detour [7:57]
13. Militia Martyrs [3:55]
14. The Inevitable [2:03]
15. Asylum Walls [4:03]
16. Mrs. Grady [5:43]
17. "War Is Killing" [4:10]
18. Strong Medicine [2:35]
19. Furious Orry [5:21]
20. Ashton's Scheme [6:20]
21. Palmetto Pride [3:25]
22. End Credits [1:20]
1. Credits [2:46]
2. Nothing to Wear [2:16]
3. Election-Day Thugs [5:50]
4. Services Rendered [2:48]
5. Reconciliation [3:09]
6. Arranged Marriage [2:28]
7. Call to Arms [2:22]
8. Rights and Wrongs [5:27]
9. Family Tree [2:02]
10. Choosing Sides [5:15]
11. Fort Sumter Orders [1:53]
12. One Less Yankee [6:12]
13. Newlywed Ambush [8:23]
14. One Bad Apple [2:48]
15. Addiction's Cure [1:37]
16. True Devotion [4:15]
17. A Look at Lincoln [1:58]
18. Bent on Blockade [2:21]
19. Hazards at Odds [7:09]
20. April 12, 1861 [2:59]
21. Brotherly Love [18:43]
22. End Credits [1:21]
Disc #4 -- North and South: The Complete Collection - Book Two : Love and War - Disc Four
1. Credits [2:46]
2. Sharpshooter [6:13]
3. The Race to Fight [6:59]
4. Heroic Departure [3:38]
5. Southern Aggression? [5:07]
6. A Woman Alone [7:35]
7. The Need to Nurse [2:10]
8. Influential Men [7:42]
9. Impolite Politics [9:33]
10. Lord of Discipline [2:33]
11. Shameful Secret [1:41]
12. Mrs. La Motte [1:30]
13. Fiery Destruction [4:22]
14. Homecoming [1:54]
15. Business and Pleasure [6:11]
16. News to Brett [1:53]
17. Drumming up Support [5:55]
18. Lincoln's Strategy [2:00]
19. Watching the War [4:52]
20. Carnage at Manassas [3:32]
21. Leisurely Retreat [5:03]
22. End Credits [:47]
1. Credits [2:47]
2. Presidential Defeat [2:40]
3. Fugitive Women [8:38]
4. Davis Approves [2:35]
5. Hate for Love [5:19]
6. Blockade Champagne [4:03]
7. Bent Desire [3:24]
8. Napoleon and Josephine [4:31]
9. The Happiest Day [7:17]
10. A War on Paper [4:06]
11. Trading Post [2:03]
12. Saved at Gunpoint [5:55]
13. Dorothea Dix [4:00]
14. Medical Benefits [3:26]
15. Horseback Target [4:02]
16. Augusta's Soldier [7:45]
17. Officer Feud [4:11]
18. Emancipation [3:04]
19. A Hard Bargain [3:35]
20. Thwarted Liaison [6:48]
21. A Mistress Reveals [3:18]
22. End Credits [:56]
Disc #5 -- North and South: The Complete Collection - Book Two : Love and War - Disc Five
1. Credits [2:47]
2. Hazardous Business [3:52]
3. Friend and Foe [7:00]
4. Counting the Dead [2:22]
5. Ulysses S. Grant [3:27]
6. Freeing the Slaves [4:57]
7. Condolence Call [4:09]
8. Back Pay [6:54]
9. Ambush in Virginia [2:38]
10. Family Man [10:43]
11. Brothers of Arms [2:43]
12. Gettysburg [4:07]
13. A Hollow Victory [1:29]
14. Dueling Deserters [3:03]
15. Working Women [5:26]
16. Ashton's Revenge [7:32]
17. Water Wheel [4:00]
18. Brief Rendezvous [5:32]
19. A Sister's Scorn [4:34]
20. Insubordination [3:25]
21. Low Country Lawyer [2:51]
22. End Credits [:46]
1. Credits [2:47]
2. Rebel Training [4:28]
3. Augusta and Charles [5:24]
4. Sniper Patrol [4:26]
5. A Boy's Life [1:37]
6. Grant's Move [3:03]
7. Wilderness Hell [5:39]
8. Negligent Nurse [3:38]
9. Orry Investigates [2:48]
10. Wounded General [3:59]
11. Madeline's Mercy [4:54]
12. "Mrs. Picard" [5:05]
13. Enemy Sympathizer [4:48]
14. Libby Prison [7:59]
15. State's Rights [2:59]
16. Using Huntoon [5:09]
17. Murder suspect [6:39]
18. Mistress Protection [4:02]
19. Valiant Rescue [4:41]
20. Lincoln's Priorities [3:04]
21. Hazard's Plight [6:02]
22. End Credits [:56]
Disc #6 -- North and South: The Complete Collection - Book Two : Love and War - Disc Six
1. Credits [2:47]
2. Dismal Conditions [2:33]
3. Prisoner Transfer [8:08]
4. Christmas Presents [4:04]
5. A Visit From Salem [2:47]
6. Cavalry Clues [3:20]
7. Rafe's Generosity [4:07]
8. "Honor Is Dead" [2:48]
9. Justice in Charity [2:03]
10. Speedy Recovery [2:58]
11. Defective Weapons [3:07]
12. A Man Named Morgan [2:25]
13. Iron Forgery [2:11]
14. Money for Love [5:13]
15. Armed Celebration [3:06]
16. Sold to a Scoundrel [3:30]
17. Double or Nothing [2:15]
18. Madeline's Mystery [5:28]
19. Benefit Performance [8:12]
20. Lost Causes [12:09]
21. Violent Traitor [10:24]
22. End Credits [:48]
1. Credits [2:46]
2. Last Chances [3:17]
3. Spared by Sherman [5:04]
4. The New Boss [3:32]
5. Greene Investigated [4:24]
6. Home Fires Burning [2:42]
7. Lincoln's Vision [3:31]
8. Petersburg, 1865 [7:41]
9. Wounded Boy [1:36]
10. Outnumbered [6:33]
11. Lee at Appomattox [6:12]
12. The War at Home [7:55]
13. A New Era [3:07]
14. More Than Bricks [1:46]
15. Servicing Sam [4:57]
16. Accepting Fate [4:28]
17. Several Concerns [2:50]
18. Looking for Orry [5:25]
19. Overjoyed [3:52]
20. Battle Mont Royal [7:21]
21. "Charity for All" [4:33]
22. End Credits [:48]
Disc #7 -- North and South: The Complete Collection - Book Three : Heaven and Hell - Disc Seven
1. Vendettas (Credits) [6:18]
2. The End of Orry [5:16]
3. Soldier and Actress [6:16]
4. Mont Royal Doubts [3:04]
5. Private Performance [1:35]
6. Klan Invitation [2:49]
7. Madeline's Mission [3:05]
8. Segregated Church [4:00]
9. Visit From George [2:58]
10. Mentally Disturbed [1:35]
11. New Partnership [4:06]
12. Desire to Love [4:29]
13. Bawdy House [2:48]
14. Charlie's Past [4:30]
15. Intervention [2:18]
16. Schemers [3:15]
17. Cheyenne Country [7:17]
18. Business Ventures [5:13]
19. Teepee Sanctuary [5:29]
20. Cooper's Fire [8:17]
21. Bent Revenge [5:27]
22. End Credits [1:01]
1. Credits [2:42]
2. Fire and Blood [3:32]
3. Untimely Funeral [4:07]
4. Tracking a Butcher [3:54]
5. Pride in Liberty [4:40]
6. Cooper's Claim [1:10]
7. Piano Lessons [3:23]
8. Wanted Man [2:18]
9. Scarred for Life [3:09]
10. Vows and Threats [4:25]
11. Terms of Investment [3:10]
12. Without Malice [3:05]
13. Slavery With Interest [:53]
14. Impossible Love [6:53]
15. Labor Talks [2:12]
16. Obsessive Behavior [2:45]
17. Magic Magee [4:46]
18. The Right of Men [10:29]
19. Box-Office Smash [6:09]
20. Asking for Help [3:42]
21. Taking Lives [11:50]
22. End Credits [1:01]
Disc #8 -- North and South: The Complete Collection - Book Three : Heaven and Hell - Disc Eight
1. Credits [2:58]
2. Healing Scar [4:33]
3. Civil Action [5:44]
4. Purchasing Power [7:25]
5. Soul Mates [5:42]
6. Called to Rescue [2:06]
7. Society Woman [2:42]
8. Charlie's Trail [3:09]
9. Sobering Encounter [4:32]
10. Special Treatment [2:19]
11. Dynamite Plan [2:25]
12. Finding Rocks [5:10]
13. Touched in the Head [5:01]
14. Clues From a Friend [1:56]
15. Ashton's Return [2:50]
16. Saving the Enemy [2:35]
17. Resting Place [4:53]
18. The Devil in Cooper [4:10]
19. Need to Leave [6:23]
20. Prepared for attack [4:38]
21. Good and Evil [8:26]
22. End Credits [1:02]

Customer Reviews

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4.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 45 reviews.
RanchLadyTX More than 1 year ago
This is by far one of the best TV Mini-Series that has ever been produced. That of course is my opinion. I managed to buy the complete set on sale at Barnes and Noble and received it in a record breaking amount of time. It is just a marvelous production. The costumes worn were very authentic to the era. The battle scenes that took place in the Civil War were enacted true to life as could possibly be done in the mid 1980's. It is filled with action,romance and mystery. It is very tasteful and does not use foul language. The characters are outstanding in their respective roles. If you have a chance to purchase this for your collection I highly advise it. It will be part of our collection that we will watch over and over in the years to come.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
cesi More than 1 year ago
the movies were like new wrapped but some how I received two book 3 heaven and hell and no book 2 love and war...very disapointing..
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
I very much enjoyed parts one and two, but part three lacked somewhat with the absence of Patrick Swayze. Still, it's worth watching for the conclusion of the story.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
North and South, I first saw this mini series in 1994 when I was 8 years old I fell in love with it then...and I was so glad when i saw it on DVD. If you must have one DVD collection this holiday season,...THIS IS IT!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have been a Civil War historian and civil war reenactor for eleven years and having both read North and South and have seen its film, I disagree strongly that it is as factual and good of a film as Gone with the Wind, Gods and Generals, or even Gettysburg. The film does point out, although not as an intent, the reason why the war started. Virgilia Hazard played by Kirstie Alley through out the film gave no class or decency to her fellow Americans. Hypocritically she bashed the institution of slavery while her own father ran a factory that all but enslaved its workers. The uncompromising and ignorance of her character shows how the North wanted and demanded its own terms and of war. The film directs too much attention to the stereo type that the South fought for slavery and that the North was an army of liberators. All facts of history proves this film to be fiction. It is a politically correct bashing of the South and a slight against her people. If you enjoy a good fiction, this film is for you. However, it may not be. The acting and quality is pretty cheesy too. Most civil war movies have not eleviated an inch in comparison to Gone with the Wind. If you do not mind a long movie with Patrick Swayze then check this out. But don't expect it to teach you an accurate history lesson.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
The mini series was fantastic. Both parts kept the viewer watching in awe as events of the Civil War unfolded and its effects on two families. The third part which was considered a flop, ironically, is a lot closer to John Jake's book then parts one and two. The third part was never released domestically on video
Guest More than 1 year ago
I remember watching this mini-series over and over in the 80's and got the first two books on VHS. I have since gotten other friends addicted to its great story. The Civil War backdrop is great and all the characters are well-played. People of all ages can definitely benefit from this look into our nation's history. I'm so excited that it is all finally available on DVD!
BAB52 More than 1 year ago
I loved watching this again after so many years. I am very happy that I purchased it. Now I can watch it over an over again whenever I like.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I watched all three books on DVD. They were great! It's like living with characters in the mid 1840's thuough to the rebuilding of the South. I really wanted to know what happened next to Orry Main and George Hazard. I really recommond this collection.
Guest More than 1 year ago
if you haven't seen it you should it is vary good. I would recamend it to high school histoy classes 9-12 to study the civil war!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I am a native of Charleston, South Carolina so when the series was originally broadcast on television in the mid-1980's, I was eager to watch it. Much of both of the first 2 books were filmed in and around the Charleston area. I am also a history major and history teacher and feel that although the movie uses the politics and and events on the mid-19th century as a backdrop to tell a romantic story, the history that is presented in the films is pretty accurate. The main characters(George and Orry) in the stories and their families are not presented as being all good or all bad. They are shown as being flawed and fallible individuals who are trying to make the best of their lives in the time and place in which they exist. Orry's family is a family of plantation-owning slaveholders who detest the institution of slavery but their culture and livelihood depends on the continued existence of slavery. Thomas Jefferson and many of our founding fathers found themselves in the same situation. George's family was a family of Northern industrialists whose fortune depended on the labor of poor white wage-slaves. The only difference was that the people working for George's family were free. I have not seen the DVD series, but I have seen the VHS version about 20 times. I would recommend this series to someone interested in the politics and culture of the mid-19th century.
Guest More than 1 year ago
My parents taped the first two miniseries when they first came out. When I about 12 I remember my aunt watching them when she came to visit. I caught parts here and there (minus the more questionable parts for a kid) and fell in love with the time period. So much so, I took on both books in 8th grade and did a book report on 3 parts of Love & War (book II) because the whole book for too long. So HURRAY for these to be on DVD!!! My parents' old VHS tapes are wearing thin!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love this movie. The book was most excellent as well. I can't decide which I loved more. You must see this movie - a cultural literacy must.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I positively loved this set in it's entirety. I was happy to see an old favorite, Robert Mitchum in this also. Wonderful cast. I was happy to finally see the Part 3, included. I did miss seeing some of persons from the first two titles replaced with new actors. On the whole, there were enough of the actors from the first two parts who were in this part, that it took very little time to "get back into the swing of the story". I was sad to see a favorite character gone so soon and one character showed up, that was rather inconsistant with parts 1 & 2. The interview with John Jakes and the main story characters was also great. It will forever be played at our house.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I was so excited to see that North and South finally made it to DVD! My videos are just about worn out from all of the times I've watched them! I highly recommend this to anyone who loves the Civil War period or even just a great storyline!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I must say that the parts of this classic series contained on the set I purchased, deserve 5 stars. It truly kept my attention and I was clinging on the edge of my seat in anticipation of the next segment. I was extremely disappointed, however, when I reached disc B of books I and II. Side 2 of the second disc was blank in both cases and the bridge from one book to the next was not there. For example, at the end of side i, disc B in Book I, Orry and George were still in West Point. Side 2 of the second disc contains no information, per the message printed on the disc. When we went to Book 2, Orry was a criple and the Mexican War was over! This created a tremendous gap. Similarly, Madeline was severely beaten my her husband and hooked on drugs. In Book 2, she is with Orry on his plantation and is abducted from there after Orry left to fight in the Civil War. How she got there is not shown! In Book III, Madeline was with George! What happened between the books? For these reasons, I only rated it 4 stars. If the tapes are available, I would like to purchase them to get the COMPLETE COMPLETE SET!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Atlast! I have bought the boxed sets twice only to have them break and deteriorate over the years. I even wrote to Warner Brothers asking why one of the best series of all time was neglected when other junk movies were converted to DVD daily. Thank you, for preserving this great film onto DVD finally.
Guest More than 1 year ago
When I bought the trilogy I thought I would get an ending instead the Heaven and Hell disc leaves everything hanging there is no ending. Bent Kidnapped charles son, what happens to George and Madeline. Does Charles ever go home.either my disc was never finished or this was a sorry way to have someone spend the time and watch the whole thing to have no ending...Could someone let me know if the book has an ending after spending money on the DVD now I will have to buy the book to find out how it ends.
galeAG More than 1 year ago
The first 2 books were really good. Everything was done well. The last one had too much violence and it seemed like a cheap productiion.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I have just finished watching "North and South" today after a four-day journey through the lives of the Hazards and the Mains. I really had no idea that it was such a phenomenon--after all, I hadn't even been born when 'North and South' (Book I) came out! There are so many things I love about this miniseries. First of all, I was inspired by the enduring friendship between two such wonderful gentlemen, George Hazard and Orry Main. I have more praise for George, of course, because he is one of my favorite characters. The account of their decades-long friendship brought home to me just how destructive the Civil War was to the United States' psyche. And it's always great when faith, hope, and love can overcome geographical and ideological divides. Secondly, I admired the great love between George and his Constance. The scene of their first meeting as well as their engagement will remain as some of the most wonderful accomplishments of the miniseries in my mind. I never put too much stock by the love between Orry and Madeline, though I knew it was authentic and sincere, simply because I always thought Leslie-Anne Down was too mature for Patrick Swayze as a young West Pointer as well as too artificial and done up. Not only that, she's just got too many men after her, the most illogical of which is George Hazard (also Rafe Beaudeen)!!! Constance and George are the epitome of the perfect married couple for me, at least in this miniseries, and Constance--though I am biased because she is also one of my favorite characters--had this charm and warmth that hid a deep reservoir of strength and an even deeper well of love and support for George. Thirdly, I enjoyed the story of Brett and Billy's love. I know a movie is wonderful when I start caring whether or not the people in them are going to make it "happily ever after" once the credits have rolled. Their love is so refreshingly chaste yet passionate--they are the only couple that does not disappoint me through the entire length of the miniseries (Orry and Constance did, after all, die). I must also give credit to this miniseries for a marvelous portrayal of the various officers of both the Union and Confederate armies, particularly Gens. Grant and Sherman and Gen. Lee, and most especially for my third favorite character, Pres. Abraham Lincoln. Hal Holbrook was simply superb as the President. As far as I'm concerned, 'Heaven and Hell,' a.k.a. Book III, only lives up to its name because watching the "heavenly" epic unfold in the first two installments turned to hell. If I never saw Book III again, I'd be perfectly happy, especially because Book II, 'Love and War,' had the perfect ending to the saga! For all the good reasons--and forgetting the bad ones--I've given as well as for what you will discover in it for yourself, I highly recommend "North and South."