Star Trek: the Original Series, Vol. 7

Star Trek: the Original Series, Vol. 7

Director: Marc Daniels, Robert Gist Cast: Don Marshall, Elisha Cook Jr.

DVD (Pan & Scan / Dolby 5.1)


These two episodes, originally shown a month apart, both deal with the theme of command and its challenges, Leonard Nimoy's First Officer Spock the focus of the first and William Shatner's Captain Kirk at the center of the second. Each also reflects manifestations of the popular culture and political climate of its era. "The Galileo Seven" opens with the shuttle-craft commanded by Spock, with six others aboard (including Dr. McCoy and Chief Engineer Scott), crash-landing on an unexplored planet, populated by large, hostile, ape-like inhabitants, in the middle of an interstellar ion storm. Kirk, commanding the Enterprise, must locate them without sensors and faces a deadline after which he will be forced to abandon them, while Spock, in command for the first time, discovers that there are limits to what logic may achieve when dealing with illogical and even random forces. Much more interesting is the theme of alienation between the Vulcan science officer and his human companions, including McCoy, several of whom regard him with an almost racist distrust. A similar theme was explored more overtly in "The Balance of Terror" episode from the same season, in keeping with the concerns of the time (amid the burgeoning civil rights movement); what makes this show doubly interesting is the fact that Spock's harshest critic among the crew with which he is marooned is a young black officer played (too far over the top at times) by Don Marshall. It seems as though every dramatic series of the 1960s was forced to put one or more of its central characters into a trial setting at some point, and Star Trek got to theirs fairly early with "Court Martial, in which Captain Kirk is put on trial for allegedly murdering a fellow officer. The courtroom histrionics were fairly routine by then, only the sci-fi setting making them unusual, although Elisha Cook Jr. is compellingly earnest as Kirk's eccentric defense attorney. We also get a glimpse of the first in a string of lady friends that Kirk will amass in his career, in the guise of the prosecutor in the case; a too-brief look at socializing among off-duty Star Fleet officers (where the limits of the budget show through -- why would officers be wearing full-dress uniforms in an informal setting such as that?); and a complex portrayal by Percy Rodriguez of Kirk's superior officer by, who forsakes friendship in favor of worrying about the good of Star Fleet. The images on both discs are excellent, though the audio on "The Galileo Seven" -- depicting an alien planet setting in which multiple threats as shrouded by fog -- has a bigger, more complex job to do and rises to the occasion. The chaptering is adequate for each, though one wishes the opening credits were indexed separately so that one could touch a button to skip them.

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Release Date: 02/22/2000
UPC: 0097366000744
Rating: NR
Source: Paramount
Region Code: 1
Presentation: [Full Frame]
Sound: [Dolby Digital]
Time: 1:40:00

Special Features

Standard version digitally enhanced and remastered; Dolby Digital remixed for 5.1 Surround; English subtitles; Interactive menus; Scene selection; Original broadcast preview trailers

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Scene Index

Scene Selection.
0. Scene Selection.
0. Menu Group #1 with 6 chapter(s) covering 00:50:21
1. Missing Shuttlecraft. [9:24]
2. The Chain Of Command. [5:57]
3. The Folsom Point. [12:54]
4. Phaser Power. [10:01]
5. Jettison. [5:53]
6. Emotional Act. [6:08]
Scene Selection.
0. Scene Selection.
1. Death Of A Crewman. [5:45]
2. Inquiry. [4:27]
3. Legal Advice. [4:14]
4. The Prosecution. [7:40]
5. Kirk Takes The Stand. [6:04]
6. Computer Accuser. [9:47]
7. Hidden Heartbeat. [12:28]

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