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Episode ten of Twin Peaks, "The Man Behind Glass, originally aired on October 13, 1990, and was directed by Lesli Linka Glatter. Agent Cooper tells Albert and Truman about the giant from his dreams, and he finds a letter "B" under Ronette Pulaski's fingernail. He then charts a diagram for the letters he has found so far (R, B, and T). Secretary Lucy Moran (Kimmy Robertson) meets department store clerk Dick Tremayne (Ian Buchanan) for lunch at the Double R diner as she continues to question whether the father of her baby is Dick or the possibly sterile Andy. The One-Armed Man (Al Strobel) comes by the Sheriff's office to sell shoes, but he goes into spasms after seeing the sketch of BOB, leading Cooper to remember one of the giant's messages. At One-Eyed Jacks, Blackie (Victoria Catlin), Nancy (Galyn Gorg), and Jean Renault (Michael Parks) hold Audrey hostage and shoot her with drugs in a scheme to get revenge on Cooper. Meanwhile, James and Maddy are growing closer, and Donna gets angry after seeing them together. At the hospital, a hypnotized Dr. Jacoby reveals that he saw Leland kill Jacques Renault, resulting in Cooper arriving at the Palmer household to arrest Leland. That night, Donna goes to Harold Smith's (Lenny Von Dohlen) house and finds Laura's secret diary.

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