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McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius / Edition 1

Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius / Edition 1

by Robert Iannini


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The do-it-yourself hobbyist market, particularly in the area of electronics, is hotter than ever. This books gives the “evil genius” loads of projects to delve into, from an ultrasonic microphone, to a body heat detector, and all the way to a Star Wars Light Saber. This book makes creating these devices fun, inexpensive, and easy.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780071426091
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Professional Publishing
Publication date: 03/08/2004
Series: Evil Genius Series
Edition description: New Edition
Pages: 250
Product dimensions: 8.20(w) x 11.20(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Bob Iannini runs Information Unlimited, a firm dedicated to the experimenter and technology enthusiast. Founded in 1974, the company holds many patents, ranging from weapons advances to children's toys. Mr. Iannini's 1983 Build Your Own Laser, Phaser, Ion Ray Gun & Other Working Space-Age Projects, now out of print, remains a popular source for electronics hobbyists.

Table of Contents

Special Notesxiii
Part 11
Chapter 1Antigravity Project1
Theory of Operation1
Construction Steps3
Board Assembly Steps4
Testing Steps9
Tethering Setup15
Lifter Troubleshooting Guide17
Problem 1The Lifter Is Not Moving, and I Don't Hear a Hissing Noise17
Problem 2The Lifter Is Not Moving, and the High-Voltage Supply Seems Completely Dead17
Problem 3The Lifter Is Not Moving, and I Do Hear a Hissing Noise17
Problem 4The Lifter Is Moving a Little but Is Not Taking Off18
Problem 5The Lifter Is Moving but Has a Lot of Electrical Arcing18
Problem 6The Lifter Is Lifting Off, but When Arcing Occurs It Suddenly Drops or Loses Height18
Problem 7The Lifter Is Lifting off and "Bouncing" the Tether, but Thrust Is Not Stable18
Problem 8Arcing Is Occurring Between the Ground Wire and the HV Wire19
Problem 9The Lifter Lifts Off and Immediately Shorts the HV and Ground Wires19
Problem 10The Lifter Lifts Off and Immediately Pulls to One Side19
Problem 11The Corona Wire Flutters During Liftoff and Causes Thrust Problems19
Problem 12The Foil Skirt Flutters During Liftoff and Causes Thrust Problems20
Problem 13The Lifter Hisses but Just Will Not Lift Off20
Author's Note: General Troubleshooting Guidelines20
Chapter 2Low-Power Electrokinetic Gun23
Basic Theory23
First and Preferred Method23
Second Method24
Circuit Description24
Board Assembly Steps24
Electrical Pretest27
Obtaining More Velocity (Under No Condition Point or Shoot Toward a Person)28
Chapter 3High-Energy Pulser31
System Description32
Circuit Theory of Operation32
Special Note33
Construction Steps33
Final Assembly36
Electrical Pretest37
Main Test38
Helpful Mathematical Relationships with This Equipment38
Chapter 4Mass Accelerator41
Theory of Operation41
Setup and Operation of the Mass Accelerator41
Chapter 5Plasma Thermal Gun47
Theory of Operation47
Assembly Steps of the Thermal Gun47
Special Notes50
Chapter 6Wire-Exploding Project55
Theory of Operation55
Setup and Operation55
Special Notes57
Chapter 7Magnetic Can Crushing61
Setup and Operation61
Special Notes63
Part 265
Chapter 8Handheld Burning CO[subscript 2] Gas Laser65
Basic Description66
Theory of Operation66
Circuit Operation66
Assembly Steps69
Laser Head Construction73
Testing Your Laser74
Special Notes80
Optional Focusing Lens80
Battery Operation80
Cleaning Output Optics80
Purging the Cooling System81
Operating Time81
Increasing Power Output81
General-Purpose Test Fixture for Line-Powered Circuits81
Chapter 9Handheld Burning Diode Laser Ray Gun85
Basic Theory86
Circuit Theory86
Assembly Steps86
Circuit Pretest88
General Handling92
Static Electrical Damages (ESD)92
Excessive Forward Voltage92
Excessive Forward Current92
Reverse Currents93
High Temperature93
Chapter 10Long-Range Optical Laser Project97
Chapter 11Handheld, Ultrabright Green Laser99
Circuit Description100
Assembly Steps100
Electrical Pretest102
Collimation and Final Assembly102
Chapter 12Laser Property-Protection Fence105
Special Note106
Circuit Description106
Construction Steps for the Receiver and Controller106
Construction Steps for the Laser Beam Generator109
Chapter 13Laser Window Bounce Listening Device113
Special Note113
Basic Theory114
Project Description114
Project Construction115
Laser Transmitter115
Construction of the Electronics Assembly Board118
Assembly Is Ready for Pretest118
Special Note121
Final Enclosure and Optics121
Final Assembly121
Test-Tone Module Construction122
Laser Receiver124
Circuit Theory124
Construction Steps125
Unit Is Ready for Pretest126
Final Assembly126
Laser Receiver Is Ready for Final Testing127
System Application, Safety, and Legality128
Setup Using Direct Reflection128
Assembly of a Field-Worthy, Integrated System131
Parts and Fabrication Description132
Part 3137
Chapter 14Twelve-Inch-Spark Tesla Coil137
Use Caution Around Sensitive Electronic Equipment137
Tesla Coil137
Brief Theory138
Introduction to Your Easy-to-Build Tesla Coil138
Circuit Theory139
Construction Steps140
Special Notes145
Application and Operation145
Experiments Using Your Coil150
Chapter 15Two-Inch-Spark Tesla Coil with Timer157
Circuit Theory158
Construction Steps158
Electrical Pretest158
Final Assembly159
Chapter 16Tesla Plasma and Ion Projects163
Experiments and Applications Using Plasma163
Circuit Theory163
Mechanical Assembly166
Test and Function Selection167
Experiments and Applications Using Plasma167
Experiments and Applications Using Ions169
Chapter 17Solid-State Tesla Coil175
Circuit Theory175
Test Steps180
Chapter 18Thirty-Inch-Spark Tesla Lightning Generator185
Basic Points to Consider Before Building This Project185
Brief Theory of Operation186
Circuit Description187
Description of Major Components188
LS1 Secondary Coil188
Output Terminal188
LP1 Primary Coil188
SPKGAP Spark Gap Switch188
C3 Primary Capacitor189
CHK1--RF Choke189
Assembly Steps189
Testing Steps191
Special Notes194
Part 4203
Chapter 19Traveling-Plasma Jacob's Ladder203
Basic Description203
Circuit Descriptions204
Assembly Steps204
Testing the Circuit205
Chapter 20Amazing Plasma Tornado Generator209
Theory of Operation209
Project Description210
Assembly Instructions210
Application and Operation213
Special Note213
Chapter 21Plasma Lightsaber215
Circuit Theory215
Construction Steps217
Mechanical Assembly Steps220
Test Points and Troubleshooting Suggestions221
Special Notes222
Part 5225
Chapter 22Ion Ray and Charge Gun225
Circuit Operation226
Construction Steps227
Board Assembly Steps227
Testing Steps229
Mechanical Assembly231
Operation and Applications232
Negative Ion Information236
Special Notes236
Chapter 23See-in-the-Dark Project239
General Description239
Basic Theory240
Circuit Description241
Circuit Assembly241
Circuit Board Testing242
Fabrication and Mechanical Assembly243
Special Notes244
Chapter 24Fish Stunning and Wormer Project247
General Description247
Circuit Description248
Construction Steps249
Subassembly Pretest251
Final Assembly251
Verification of Operation254
Chapter 25Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Generator257
Basic Description258
Project Objective258
Spark Switch259
Exploding Wire Disruption Switch (High-Power, High-Frequency Pulse)262
RFC1 Radio Frequency Choke262
R1 Resistor262
Part 6267
Chapter 26Ultrasonic Microphone267
Circuit Description268
Construction Steps269
Electrical Pretest271
Special Note: Utilizing a Standing Wave272
Supplementary Application Note273
Chapter 27Phaser Pain Field Gun277
Circuit Theory278
Construction Steps279
Subassembly Pretest280
Final Assembly282
Chapter 28Pain Field Property-Protection Guard285
Project Description286
Driver Circuit Description286
Detection Circuit Description287
Final Assembly289
Test Procedure290
Testing Detector-Sensing Circuit291
Special Notes292
Application and Setup292
A Word of Caution293
General Information on Ultrasonics293

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Electronic Gadgets for the Evil Genius 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
HDRDON More than 1 year ago
It is almost pointless to say more because I was able to choose this book from among several others when at the Barnes&Noble for an hour or so making my choice. I saw a more technical flat line "this is the way it is" book but I was looking for an interesting book I could give to my grandson when I finish with it. It is refreshing to see an author with a wonderful grasp of what is needed to cause others to consider Electronics as a fun and educational adventure. Thank You Bob
Guest More than 1 year ago
I had the pleasure to buy this book and it contains everything i was looking for online with utter disappointment, until this book fell into my hands... now i can finally build those things i have been dreaming to.