Embracing the Social and the Creative: New Scenarios for Teacher Education

Embracing the Social and the Creative: New Scenarios for Teacher Education


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The guiding idea of this book concerns the nature of teacher education in the future, viewing the understanding of the history of teacher education in different context as the basis for future development. Special emphasis is given to matters of race and gender as well as on the special status and roles of teacher education in a globalized, uncertain, and anxiety-ridden world. Viewing teacher education as drama provides lenses and insights for the construction of teacher education.

The book is divided into two parts. Part I is entitled Teacher education in the service of change. This part presents cases of the role of teacher education in reform movements in different cultures, and the impact of social changes across time on teacher education. Part II, A look into the future: societal issues in teacher education, focuses on several critical societal issues such as racism, feminism and environmental sustainability.

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ISBN-13: 9781475802924
Publisher: R&L Education
Publication date: 02/07/2013
Pages: 204
Product dimensions: 6.20(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Miriam Ben-Peretz, PhD, is professor emeritus at the faculty of education, University of Haifa, Israel. She has served as the head of the Department of Teacher Education and Dean of the School of Education, University of Haifa. Her research interests are curriculum studies, teacher education, professional development and policy-making in education. Among her books: The Teacher-Curriculum Encounter: Freeing Teachers from the Tyranny of Texts (SUNY, 1990) and Learning from Experience: Memory and the Teacher's Account of Teaching (SUNY, 1995). Her latest book is entitled Policy Making in Education: A Holistic Approach in Response to Global Changes (Rowman & Littlefield, 2009). Received the Lifetime Achievement Award, Division B, Curriculum Studies, of the American Educational Research Association (1997). Recipient of the Israel Prize for Research in Education (2006). She is the recipient of the American Educational Research Association, Division K, Legacy Award and an Honorary Fellow of the Open University of Israel (2012).

Sara Kleeman completed her PhD at the Institute of Education, University of London in 1999 and became the head of the Elementary Teachers' Department at Oranim. She serves as the head of the Center of Resource, Consultation and Training at Oranim Academic College and as a Coordinator of the Pedagogical Instruction specialization at the MOFET Institute. She is currently focused on the issue of professional development of teacher educators at Oranim and the MOFET Institute, as a researcher and lecturer.

Rivka Reichenberg completed her PhD at the School of Education, Bar – Ilan University in Israel (1996). She has served as the Head of Special Education Department at Beit-Berl Academic College of Education, as a senior lecturer and researcher. Her research interests are teaching and teacher education, induction and professional development. She presently serves as the head of the Pedagogical Instruction and Mentoring Specialization Program in Mofet Institute, focusing on the issue of professional development of teacher educators in the colleges and in the Mofet Institute as a lecturer and researcher.

Sarah Shimoni, PhD, is a teacher educator and a counselor in research methods and academic writing. Dr. Shimoni is a lecturer at the Levinsky School for graduate studies and does editing work for the MOFET Publishing House in Tel Aviv, Israel. Her research interests are: teachers' and teacher educators' professional development, professional discourse and inclusion of children with learning difficulties in the general education system.

Table of Contents





PART I: Teacher Education in the Service of Change

1. General Issues in Teacher Education
Lilian G. Katz

2. History, Policy, and the Professional Lives of Teacher Educators in England
David Crook and Gary McCulloch

3. Three Decades of Teacher Education in Israel and Their Impact on the Professional
Development of Teacher Educators
Yuval Dror

4. Teacher-Educators in the Midst of Scottish Educational Reform
Sally Brown

5. Teacher Educators as Agents of Change: A Hong Kong Perspective
Teresa Tsui-san NG, John Chi-Kin LEE and Chun Kwok LAU

PART II: A Look into the Future: Societal Issues in Teacher Education

6. Teacher Education as Drama: Possible Roles for Teacher Educators
Miriam Ben-Peretz and Efrat Toov Ward

7. Feminine Culture and Teacher Education
Michal Zellermayer and Esther Herzog

8. Preparing Teachers for Teaching Dilemmas Raised by Race and Racism: One Case
Example of Teacher Education for Social Justice
Anna E. Richert and Colette Rabin

9. Environmental Education for Sustainability as Values Education- The Challenge for
Teacher Educators
Sara Pe’er, Bela Yavetz and Daphne Goldman

10. Teacher Education for the 21st Century: Are We Preparing Teachers for Obsolete
Debbie Samuels-Peretz

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