Erotic Sound Effects

Erotic Sound Effects


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Release Date: 10/24/1997
Label: Eclipse Music Group
UPC: 0078736465127
catalogNumber: 64651


  1. Do You Come Here Often
  2. What's Your Sign
  3. You Smell Good
  4. Your Place or Mine?
  5. Hey Big Boy
  6. Do You Work out Here Often?
  7. You Must Be an Athlete
  8. Are These Melons Ripe?
  9. Would You Like a Drink?
  10. I Couldn't Help Noticing You...
  11. Can I Give You a Lift?
  12. Haven't We Met Before?
  13. Come up and See Me Sometime
  14. Is That a Gun in Your Pocket...
  15. I Used to Be Snow White But I Drifted
  16. It's Not the Men in My LIfe That Counts...
  17. You've Got to Rock with the Rock...
  18. When a Girl Goes Bad, the Men Go Right After Her
  19. Too Much of a Good Thing Can Be Wonderful
  20. He Who Hesitates Is Lost
  21. It Isn't What I Do...
  22. A Man in the House Is Worth Two in the Street
  23. When I'm Good I'm Good...
  24. Party/Restaurant with Conversation and Dishes
  25. Rain-Steady
  26. Crashing Waves at Big Sur
  27. Thunderstorm
  28. Quick Shower-Entering, Showering, Exiting
  29. Romantic Outdoor Evening
  30. Jacuzzi (Indoor)
  31. Cozy Fireplace
  32. Reveille
  33. George of the Jungle
  34. Loud Whip-Coil and Snap
  35. Cartoon Sex (You Figure It out)
  36. Handcuffs (Be Careful!)
  37. Safe Sex-Condom Application and Removal
  38. Pigs Snorting and Grunting
  39. Applause (For a Job Well Done)
  40. Am I the Best Girl?
  41. Oh Yeah!
  42. Ahhh!
  43. If I Talk This Loud Can You Hear Me?
  44. No Way!
  45. I'm So Hot
  46. You're So Hard
  47. You Feel So Good Inside Me
  48. I Want You Now
  49. I Need You Now
  50. It's Hot in Here, Are You Hot?
  51. I'm So Bad
  52. I'm a Bad Girl
  53. Am I a Good Girl?
  54. Am I a Very Good Girl?
  55. Happy Birthday
  56. I Get So Excited When You Call
  57. I Love It When...
  58. Hello, You've Reached...
  59. Honey, Someone's on the Phone
  60. Lighting Candle
  61. Champagne Pouring, Glasses Clinking
  62. Zippers
  63. Undressing
  64. Undressing
  65. Just Tell Me What You Want!
  66. Just Tell Me What You Want!
  67. Whip Cream Application
  68. Whip Cream Removal (M)
  69. More Whip Cream Removal (M)
  70. Moans
  71. Sighs and Ahhs
  72. Groans of Satisfaction
  73. Sighs
  74. High Moans
  75. Licking and Sucking
  76. 69
  77. Brief But Intense Male Orgasm
  78. Brief But Intense Female Orgasm
  79. 69 Three Ways
  80. A Very Quickie
  81. Plain Ol' Sex on a Squeaky Bed
  82. Do It to Him One More Time
  83. Jenny and Desiret
  84. Do It to Her One More TIme
  85. Massaging Woman
  86. Massaging Man
  87. Good Vibrations
  88. When You Can't Reach out and Touch...
  89. Office Party Adventure
  90. The Final Word

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