Escape the Cubicle EBook: How to leave your corporate or government job for something Better

Escape the Cubicle EBook: How to leave your corporate or government job for something Better

by Mark Germanos


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Who is your ideal customer? Have you created an ideal customer persona? The response “My ideal customer is one who pays the bill on time,” does not count. Sorry.

In Attract Your Ideal Customer: A Workbook for Making More Money," you will learn how to a) attract more high quality customers who want to buy what you are selling even before they meet you, b) spend less time on your marketing and c) make more money.

Mark Anthony Germanos follows Mark follows the PST (Point ? Story ? Takeaway) system. You crisper takeaways when the author follows the PST system. Point ? Story ? Takeaway looks like this.

a) Point: You need to identify how much decision making authority your ideal customer has.
b) Story: I gave Mattie the proposal. She read it thoroughly and said, “This is great. You and I are on the same page. Can I show this to my mom?” Mattie thought she was the decision maker. When the decision involved spending money, Matt had to get mom’s approval.
c) Takeaway: You need to know who the decision maker is. Very often you will find the decision maker is not your point of contact. You have to write content that will help your point of contact look good and get the sign-off from the real decision maker.

“Mark Anthony Germanos has written a practical, no-nonsense guide to using Facebook. It is practical, yet mind-stretching, if you want to market yourself on the biggest social media outlet in the world. It is a quick read but you could spend days delving into specific tips and tricks that can help you brand yourself for virtually nothing to millions of people. Particularly helpful are the worksheets such as the Ideal customer persona and What do you think I do for a living? worksheets. You cannot afford not to buy this book!”
Michael Soon Lee, MBA, CSP
Author, Cross-Cultural Selling for Dummies

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Publisher: Cameron Park Computer Services
Publication date: 09/27/2014
Pages: 106
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