Escape Under Sail: Pursue Your Liveaboard Dream

Escape Under Sail: Pursue Your Liveaboard Dream

by Leonard Skinner, Mary Cooney


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Foreword by Laurel Cooper, author of Sell Up and Sail

Selling up and escaping to sea on their own boat is a dream that many think they can never make happen. Escape Under Sail is here to show you that it can be done, and for less money that you might think.

This book delves to the very heart of what it takes and shows you exactly how you can go from casual cruiser to long-term liveaboard. Escape Under Sail covers all of the crucial topics, including budget and costs, how to choose a boat, making sure crew are equipped and trained, letting go both practically and psychologically, preparation and provisionioning, education and, most importantly, the challenges and rewards of living at sea.

The book pays special attention to making the liveaboard dream come true for those with a limited budget, while providing further options for those with the means and desire to spend more and splurge where they like. Written in the voices of both authors, so you can follow their experiences from each of their perspectives, which are sometimes wildly different, this practical handbook is peppered with personal anecdotes and hard-earned wisdom. Light-hearted but informative, it contains all the questions, answers, lists, figures and diagrams you need to make your liveaboard dreams come true.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781472959263
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Publication date: 06/18/2019
Pages: 352
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.30(h) x 0.71(d)

About the Author

Leonard Skinner, Mary Cooney and her teenage twins live and travel aboard a 39-foot sailboat, Faoin Spéir. Since embarking as liveaboards they have developed one of the most subscribed Irish sailing channels on YouTube. Leonard has written for Yachting Monthly, Practical Boat Owner and the American magazine Good Old Boat.

Table of Contents

Foreword 8

Introduction 10

1 In the beginning 15

Meet the crew 15

Faoin Spéir 19

Our starting point 22

2 Why do we do it? 30

3 How much will it cost? 35

How do recreational sailing and liveaboard cruising compare budget-wise? 37

Initial costs 39

4 Choosing a boat 55

What do you want from a boat? 57

5 Buying a boat 68

Boat brokerage 72

The classifieds 74

Ten questions to consider when looking for a project boat 75

6 Hands on 83

Hiring vs DIY 83

Location, location, location 85

Tooling up 88

Fitting out 89

Launch day 93

7 Equipping the boat 97

Wants vs needs 99

The great tender question 103

Emergency equipment 106

Electricity 113

Showering 117

Entertainment 123

The ship's log 126

8 Equipping the crew 131

Training and study 131

Key skills 135

Non-boat skills 143

9 A place to slop 152

Berthing 152

Mooring 156

Anchoring 157

10 Provisioning 171

The impact of the internet 172

Crew tastes and needs 173

The practical side of provisioning 176

Finding your own balance 179

11 Education on board 182

Parental worries 183

Education in all its forms 184

Embracing home schooling 185

The pros and cons of home schooling for liveaboards 195

Home schooling on Faoin Spéir 198

A word on higher education 203

Learning for all 204

Babies and toddlers 205

12 Letting go psychologically 207

The transition 208

Dealing with disbelief 210

Loss and loneliness 212

No Garden Shed 214

Whose dream is it anyway? 217

13 Letting go practically 223

Minimal living 223

Selling up 226

To let or not to let 227

The postman 228

Packing 230

14 Getting underway 236

Departure 237

Our first emergency at sea 243

To a new country 249

15 Life on board 255

Crossing the English Channel 257

Health and safety on board 258

Time for change 266

Birthdays 268

Slowing down 269

Clearing in and out of new countries 272

16 Self-sufficiency 275

Engines 278

Key skills 282

17 A woman's perspective 297

Identity 297

You're not alone 300

Fear 307

Hair 311

Changing pace 313

18 Home comforts 318

Physical space 318

Some inconvenient truths 321

19 Staying in touch 326

Mobile phones 327

Email and letters 328

AIS 329

Staying in touch in the 'analogue world" 330

20 In the end 333

Useful resources 336

Acknowledgements 345

Index 347

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