by Spirit

Vinyl LP(Long Playing Record)


Eventide is an LP pressing of rarities and outtakes by Spirit recorded between 1968 and 1970. Most of these tracks appeared as B-side singles, on the 1991 compilation Time Circle (1968-1972), and/or on the 1996 CD reissues of the Spirit albums Clear and Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus. (The only previously unreleased tracks are "Model Shop Rehearsal Theme 1" and the two radio spots that close the album.) Compiler Bob Irwin, who runs the reissue label Sundazed Music, also works with Sony Music's Legacy reissue division, and he has been active in handling Legacy's Spirit reissues since he served as digital producer of Time Circle (1968-1972). He has licensed this material for vinyl-only release by Sundazed, creating an attractive LP package that includes extensive commentary by the surviving bandmembers, Mark Andes, Ed Cassidy, Jay Ferguson, and John Locke. (Fifth member Randy California died in a swimming accident in 1997.) The material for the most part leans toward Spirit's jazzier side, particularly on side one, which contains material Spirit recorded as soundtrack music for the 1969 film Model Shop. Side two features more songs, including the two B-sides, "Sweet Stella Baby" and "Red Light Roll On," as well as the excellent Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus outtake "Rougher Road." Like its companion volume, Now or Anywhere, Eventide will be more of an artifact for Spirit fans than a necessary release, particularly since so much of the material is also available digitally. But it will make a nice complement to those scratchy old LPs for vinyl fans.

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Release Date: 05/27/2008
Label: Sundazed Music Inc.
UPC: 0090771508218
catalogNumber: 5082


  1. Eventide
  2. Green Gorilla
  3. Sherozode
  4. The Moving Van (Model Shop Main Theme)
  5. Model Shop (Rehearsal Theme 1)
  6. Model Shop (Rehearsal Theme 2)
  7. Corral
  8. Fuller Brush Man
  9. Sweet Stella Baby
  10. Rougher Road
  11. Red Light Roll On
  12. Radio Spot #1
  13. Radio Spot #2

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