Extinct Birds
Extinct Birds

Extinct Birds

by Walter Rothschild

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Extinct Birds: An attempt to unite in one volume a short account of those Birds which have become extinct in historical times--that is, within the last six or seven hundred years. To which are added a few which still exist, but are on the verge of extinction by The Hon. Walter Rothschild, Ph. D., F.Z.S.; with 45 Coloured Plates, embracing 63 subjects, and other illustrations.

When I decided to read a paper before the Ornithological Congress of 1905 on Extinct and Vanishing Birds, I found it necessary to illustrate my paper by a number of drawings. These drawings roused special interest among those who listened to my lecture, and I was asked by many if I could not see my way to publish the lecture and drawings, in book form, as these plates were far too numerous for the proceedings of the Congress. After some hesitation I determined to do this, greatly owing to the persuasion of the late Dr. Paul Leverkuhn. The preparation of a book required considerably more research than the lecture, and therefore my readers will find, in the following pages, a totally different account to that in the lecture, as well as corrections and numerous additions. The lecture itself has been published in the “Proceedings of the IVth International Ornithological Congress.”

I wish to thank very heartily all those of my ornithological friends, who have kindly helped me with the loan of specimens or otherwise, and especially Dr. H. O. Forbes, Dr. Scharff, Professor Dr. K. Lampert, Dr. O. Finsch, Professor Dr. A. Koenig, Dr. Kerbert, Mr. Fleming, Dr. von Lorenz, and others.


List of Full Color Plates.

Plate 1: Pregilupus Varius
Plate 2: 1. Foudia Bruante; 2. Necropsar Rodericanus; 3. Necropsar Leguati
Plate 3: 1. Geospiza Magnirostris; 2. Geospiza Strenua; 3. Nesoenas Meyeri; 4. Chaunoproctus Ferreirostris
Plate 4: 1. Hemignathus Ellisianus; 2. Heterorhynchus Lucidus; 3. Psittirostra Psittacea Deppei; 4. Ciridops Anna
Plate 4a: 1. Moho Apicalis; 2. Chaetoptila Angustipluma
Plate 5: 1. Miro Traversi; 2 & 2a. Traversia Lyalli [Male] [Female]; 3. Bowdleria Rufescens
Plate 5a: Siphonorhis Americana
Plate 6: Fig. 1. Nestor Norfolcensis From The Plate In The Bulletin Of The Liverpool Museum; Fig. 2. Head Of Nestor Productus From The Specimen In The Tring Museum;
Plate 7: Lophopsittacus Mauritianus
Plate 8: Necropsittacus Borbonicus
Plate 9: Mascarinus Mascarinus
Plate 10: Ara Tricolor
Plate 11: Ara Gossei
Plate 12: Ara Erythrocephala
Plate 13: Anadorhynchus Purpurascens
Plate 14: Ara Martinicus
Plate 15: Ara Erythrura
Plate 16: Conurus Labati
Plate 17: Amazona Violaceus
Plate 18: Amazona Martinicana
Plate 19: Palaeornis Exsul
Plate 20: Palaeornis Wardi
Plate 21: Hemiphaga Spadicea
Plate 22: Alectroenas Nitidissima
Plate 23: Pezophaps Solitaria
Plate 24: Didus Cucullatus
Plate 24a: 1, 2, 3. Didus Cucullatus
Plate 24b: 1-9. Didus Cucullatus
Plate 24c: 10-13. Didus Cucullatus
Plate 25: Didus Solitarius
Plate 25a: Didus Solitarius
Plate 25b: Fig. 1, 2, 3. Pezophaps Solitaria; Fig. 4, 5, 7, 8. Didus Solitarius
Plate 26: 1. Hypotaenidia Pacifica; 2. Pennula Sandwichensis; 3. Pennula Millsi
Plate 27: Nesolimnas Dieffenbachi
Plate 28: 1. Cabalus Modestus; 2. Coturnix Novaezealandiae
Plate 29: Aphanapteryx Bonasia
Plate 30: Erythromachus Leguati
Plate 31: Leguatia Gigantea
Plate 32: Apterornis Coerulescens
Plate 33: Notornis Alba
Plate 34: Notornis Hochstetteri
Plate 35: 1. Aechmorhynchus Cancellatus; 2. Prosobonia Leucoptera
Plate 36: Camptolaemus Labradorius
Plate 37: Aestrelata Caribbaea
Plate 38: Alca Impennis
Plate 39: Carbo Perspicillatus
Plate 40: Dromaius Peroni
Plate 41: Megalapteryx Huttoni
Plate 42: Dinornis Ingens

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