Family Guy Live in Las Vegas

Family Guy Live in Las Vegas



A show that found redemption and resurrection in its late-night cable reruns and DVD sales, Family Guy was sorely overlooked by Fox network executives who carelessly shuffled the show to and fro in various time slots, never fully allowing the show to develop a loyal audience or a decent marketing campaign like various other cartoon shows that became the cornerstones of the network's eventual success. With the return of new episodes to the airwaves and a fervent cult following solidified, the show is finally getting the recognition it so richly deserves. Live in Vegas is the warning shot before the show's return to prime time in May of 2005. They're back and raunchier than ever, sparing no expense and leaving no pop culture stone unturned. And without the constraints of network censors, the profanity and heat are turned up to the max, and -- like the South Park movie -- it's all the better for it. However, the content and delivery are only half of the treasure found here. The lush orchestral arrangements (courtesy of Walter Murphy & His Orchestra) and the melodies hark back to an era dominated by vocal jazz crooners and the golden age of Broadway musicals, which results in a brilliant yet jarring juxtaposition of raunch and class. The disc also includes a bonus DVD of animated and live material, which is a must-have for any fan of the show. It's a much-needed and welcome return to form for a show whose recognition and time have finally come.

Product Details

Release Date: 04/26/2005
UPC: 0602498814321

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jennifer Hall   Woodwind
Walter Murphy   Piano
Patti LuPone   cast
Rick Baptist   Trumpet,Soloist
Charlie Bisharat   Violin,Concert Master,Soloist
Susan Boyd   Background Vocals
Larry Corbett   Cello
Randy Crenshaw   Background Vocals
Bernie Dresel   Drums
Kirstin Fife   Violin
Armen Garabedian   Violin
Berj Garabedian   Violin
Dominic Genova   Electric Bass,Acoustic Bass
Steve Gordon   Viola
Gary Grant   Trumpet
Trey Henry   Bass
Dan Higgins   Flute,Saxophone,Woodwind,Soloist
Paula Hochhalter   Cello
Luana Jackman   Background Vocals
Marni Johnson   French Horn
Jon Joyce   Background Vocals
Alan Kaplan   Trombone
Brian Kilgore   Percussion
Charles Loper   Trombone
Melissa MacKay   Background Vocals
Earl Madison   Cello
Dennis Molchan   Violin
Maria Newman   Viola
Don Palmer   Violin
Alan Steinberger   Piano
Sally Stevens   Background Vocals
John Yoakum   Woodwind
Greg Westhoff   Drums
Susan Chatman   Violin
Susie Stevens Logan   Background Vocals
Robert Peterson   Violin
Fred Selden   Woodwind
Dave Shank   Percussion
Jason Alexander   cast
William Frank "Bill" Reichenbach   Trombone
Bob Joyce   Background Vocals
David Carpenter   Bass
Charlie Davis   Trumpet
Norm Hughes   Violin
Suzanna Giordono   Viola
Johana Krejci   Violin
Calabria McChesney   Violin
Doug Lyons   French Horn
Vangie Gunn   Background Vocals
Lynn Grants   Viola
Eve Butler   Violin
Adam West   cast
Haylie Duff   cast
Larry Hall   Trumpet
John Beeney   Background Vocals
Debbie Hall Gleason   Background Vocals
Fletcher Sheridan   Background Vocals
Lori Alan   cast
Seth Green   cast
David Sugarman   Guitar
James Atkinson   French Horn
Rich Logan   Background Vocals
Victoria Lanier   Violin
Sharon Cooper   Violin

Technical Credits

Gloria Loring   Composer
Walter Murphy   Arranger,Composer,Producer,Orchestration
Jerome Kern   Composer
John Bettis   Composer
Larry Corbett   Principal
Steve Dorff   Composer
Steve Gordon   Principal
Oscar Hammerstein   Composer
Jon Hendricks   translation
Antonio Carlos Jobim   Composer
Armin Steiner   Engineer
Charles Strouse   Composer
Richie Raposa   Vocal Engineer
Bob Merrill   Composer
Tom Steel   Stage Manager
David Kurtz   Composer
David Zuckerman   Composer
Newton Mendonça   Composer
Burton   Composer
Warryn Campbell   Composer,Producer,Instrumentation
Jason Lloyd   Stage Manager
Michael Jacobs   Composer
Bruce Buechner   Engineer

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Family Guy Live in Las Vegas 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The CD will please mainly older Famiy Guy viewers. Do Not buy this record if you are under the age of 15. It's jokes are incredibly risque and the CD is teeming with sexual inuendos. However, the record doesnt fail to bring you the classic Stewie laughs. The entire album is a bunch of jokes about live CDs including an obviously fake laugh track, and crowd shouts. The CD contains countless recitings of vulger language, often offensive in context, but all for the use of good fun. If you are a fan, you will like it. But be prepared to here things that you would never hear on the show.
Guest More than 1 year ago
THIS IS THE SINGLE BEST ALBUM EVER!!!!!!!! P.S., keep the explicit and clean version from children. includes sexuality and swearing.