Feeling Life

Feeling Life

by Donna Marie Mcneely


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Author, Donna Marie McNeely, will touch your heart and soul with her words, feelings and thoughts as you learn you are not alone. Have you ever wondered if anyone else thinks or feels the exact way you do? Your questions may reveal answers within these pages.

Have you been married, had children, have a friend that you want to help but don't know how, had a love/hate relationship with Corporate America, been in love or lost a love? Have you ever felt lost or so overwhelmed you don't know what to do? Feeling LIfe may help pave your way to inspiration and determination that help lighten your load as you continue to grow and feel life.

Feeling LIfe will nurture the inner you and perhaps reward you with some of life's secrets. The words may put a smile on your face, bring a tear to your eye or tug on your heart. Somewhere within the pages you may find the key to learning about who you are and understanding why.

So whether it's for you, a loved one, a friend or all three start Feeling Life and all that goes with it.

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ISBN-13: 9781467028431
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 10/13/2011
Pages: 196
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.45(d)

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Feeling Life

By Donna Marie McNeely


Copyright © 2011 Donna Marie McNeely
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4670-2843-1

Chapter One

Life's Pages

* * *

From the very moment
That we are given birth,
Our lives begin the script
As to our place on earth.

We begin as an empty page
Of paper, crisp and white.
A place for us and others
Our life and memories to write.

Of some we have no control
And their scribble causes pain,
But life has no eraser
So a lesson we try to gain.

Other's words are encouraging
With a soft and loving touch,
It is their kind of strokes
For which we're grateful, much.

So as our pages continue
To fill year after year,
May we forgive and forget
The writers that bring a tear.

For when our book is finished
And, in leather, securely bound,
May we have embellished in gold
The love and friendship we have found.


Written from my heart

A Mother's Feelings

* * *

The most wonderful memory
That I'll ever keep,
Is that of my child
Lying fast asleep.

The sweetest smile
That I'll ever see,
Is the one on your face
Looking back at me.

The number of children
To me, matters not,
For my heart has room
And each has their own spot.

Watching you grow
My heart sometime aches,
But a part of growing
Is making mistakes.

But after all
Is said and done,
I'll love you forever
You're a million in one!


For all my children and children everywhere

How The Angels Made You

* * *

You were just a little girl
There was a story I'd tell you,
About how the angels took the ocean
And made your eyes so blue.

To your hair they mixed strawberries
With a beam of bright sunlight,
Peaches and cream upon your cheeks
Made your smile so bright.

But now you're all grown up
And I have another story to tell,
Of how you've touched the hearts
Of all who've known you well.

Your heart is made of solid gold
With a conscious ever true,
Wisdom far beyond your years
And a wit to see you through.

So as your life continues
And this chapter ends,
I'm proud to say for all to hear
You're my daughter and my friend.


Written for my daughter, Jaimie

The Seeding

* * *

A seed is the beginning
Of every living thing,
Whether it be a mighty oak tree
Or a precious human being.

As the seed begins to grow
It takes nurturing and love,
Daily care and supervision
With guidance from above.

With lots of time and patience
And any luck at all,
You'll watch that small seed
Grow strong, healthy and tall.

You are my proud creation
My product of joy and woes,
With beauty, both inside and out
That outshines any prize rose.

I have many dreams for you
My daughter, the light of my life,
I wish for you much happiness
And very little strife.

I wish for you one day soon
To know your basic needs,
To have the courage and the strength
To plant your needed seeds.

I'll always be here for you
To help you along the way,
Sharing your troubles and your joys
Your experiences from day to day.

I have many dreams for you
Which I hope to share a part,
For I want to see you happy
In your eyes, your smiles and your heart.


Written for my daughter, Stacy

New beginnings

* * *

A brand new baby
A brand new start,
Hold them forever
Near to your heart.

Tender them with patience
Knowledge and love,
But most of all
With guidance from above.

God grant you the time
To grow and to share,
And may He keep you
Forever in his care.


Written for my sister, Cindy and baby Alan

God's Gift

* * *

Life has its share
Of ups and downs,
And with them comes
Some smiles and some frowns.

God has blessed you
With the adoption of a baby boy,
You'll both be amazed at how
Being parents brings so much joy.

But with this baby
God has chosen you two,
To share a new love
That is trusting and new.

It's a brand new baby
And a brand new mom and dad
May you cherish this moment forever
Keeping you all happy and never sad.

Tender them with patience
Knowledge and love,
But most of all
With guidance from above.

God grant you the time
To grow and to share,
And may He keep you three
Forever in His care.

God bless Sarah, Monty and Justin


Written for the adoption shower for the above


* * *

On January 14, 1997
God sent you down from heaven,
A healthy, bouncing boy
Filling my heart with pride and joy.

You were merely three days old
When you, in my arms, I did hold,
There were no words for the emotions I felt
As I gazed at you, my heart did melt.

Watching and loving you day in and day out
Reaffirms my thoughts as to what life's about,
Generation to generation, both old and new
A piece of each other to hold on to.

So as you leave to start anew
Know that I'll always be close to you,
We'll never be but a thought apart
Just listen and look deep into your heart.

I'll be there in all that you do
Whether it's old or brand new,
And at each and every day's end
On a star, my love and prayers I will send.


To my first grandchild, Hunter

I Was There

* * *

On November, 17, 1976
Your mom was born into this world,
I remember the feeling as I watched
The birth of my last precious little girl.

I Was There

The years have come and gone with haste
And my little girl, your mom, is now grown,
She's my best friend and she'll be yours too
For she's having a daughter of her very own.

I Was There

Your mom and I went to school
Where Jacquelyn taught a class,
To teach us how to focus
And breathe from slow to fast.

I Was There

Gifts came from friends and family
And my how we did shop,
We decorated your room with Pooh
And cleaned til we thought we'd drop.

I Was There

On January 12, 1999
Your birth made the circle of love complete,
I watched with faith, hope and love
As you entered this world, so precious and sweet.

I Was There

Of all my hopes and dreams for you
The most important gift I can embark,
Is the love we'll share thru eternity
You'll always have it within your heart.

I'll Be There


Written for my granddaughter's 1 week birthday (grandchild #2)

To My Daughter

* * *

As you stand on the threshold of your life, I bequeath to you the following gifts:

1. BEAUTY in everyday things 2. Kindness to and from all 3. LOVE for yourself and others 4. SMILES to lighten your heart 5. TRUST in yourself and mankind 6. STRENGTH to stand firm in your convictions 7. FAITH in you and your endeavors 8. PEACE of mind, soul and heart 9. HOPE in all of your tomorrows

If you possess these ten qualities, your life will be rich beyond your greatest imagination. Your life is what you make of it and you have the capabilities of fulfilling all of your goals and dreams.

You are a wonderful person and a very precious daughter. I am extremely proud of you and love you will all of my heart. As you leave to go forward with your life, I know that I am not losing a daughter, but instead am gaining your love and respect as a life long friend. May God's love watch over you and protect you and may our love be forever in our hearts. Congratulations!


Written for my daughter upon her high school graduation

Tough Love

* * *

Another year has come and gone
How quickly time does fly,
It only seems like yesterday
When I first heard you cry.

But twenty-two years have passed
Since you were a babe in arms,
The older you are, the harder it is
To keep you safe from harm.

But I have learned thru all the years
That I must set you free,
Regardless of life's perils
It must be you, not me.

For you are now a woman
At least so says your years,
So it must be you and not me
To experience your joys and tears.

But it's the hardest thing
I've ever had to do,
To fold my hands and watch
When I feel you haven't a clue.

But as each year comes and goes
In your precious life,
It is you that will find the way
Of peace in lieu of strife.

So on this day, with all of my heart
I truly want to say,
May your troubles be few, your joys many
On this and every birthday.


Written for my daughter, Stacy, who takes the roads less traveled


* * *

When you were born
I loved you so,
Year after year
I watched you grow.

The good and bad
Through all of the years,
Have brought us both
Much laughter, some tears.

Now you're all grown
And I've done my best,
It's now up to you
To take care of the rest.

So as you prepare
To make a new start,
I give you your wings
Along with my heart.

Tender them both
With kind gently care,
And know if you need me
I will always be there.

I love you and wish only the best for you!


Written for my daughter, Jaimie


* * *

Our prayer for you, on this momentous occasion, is to always possess the following:

C Courage to seek your dreams

O Open mindedness for yourself and others

N NOW-live for today as thought it were your last

G Gratitude for all of your blessings

R Reasoning to see both sides of the coin

A Ambition to reach for the stars

T Truthfulness in who and what you are

U Understanding of all mankind

L Love of self and others

A Approachability to all who seek you

T Tenderness of the heart and soul

I Imagination to explore the world

O Opinions, to give and receive

N Nobility in all of your actions

S Strength to stand firm in your convictions

Your education has prepared you for a career and coupled with your day-to-day living experiences you will be prepared for a life that is fulfilling. I am glad you are a part of my life and wish for you the best.


Written for a friend

God's Gift

* * *

Babies are a special gift
Sent from God above,
To teach those already here
More about patience and love.

Babies arrive to us
In a very vulnerable state,
Very small and helpless
Wholly dependent for their fate.

So like a blank canvas
Comes alive with the artist's brushes,
Or the old typewriter
To which the author rushes.

Babies are our own creation
Made from the love of a woman and man,
Just waiting to be molded
With caring, loving hands.

Hands that will discipline
Teach, protect and love,
Hands that, at each day's end
Fold in prayer to God above.


Written with thoughts about Hunter

God's Guidance

* * *

What can I give my baby
So new upon this earth,
What do I do and how do I do it
After I have given her birth?

She didn't come with any instructions
And my instincts I don't yet trust,
I want so badly to do what's right
Doing my best is a definite must!

Looking at her as she lays in my arms
The emotions take by breath away,
My life is nor forever changed
A new experience everyday.

So, God, to you I come to ask
Your blessings from above,
Help me to grow in every way
Wisdom, patience, understanding and love.

And in return for your guidance
I make this solemn vow to you,
To be a good example for her to see
In all that I say and all that I do.


Written for my stepdaughter's 1st child and for all first time mothers

Heavenly Father

* * *

Heavenly Father, lend your hand
Help us daily to understand,
Cleanse our souls and our minds
Show us how to be tender and kind.

Heavenly Father, up above
Teach us how to unconditionally love,
Give us patience, let our wisdom flow
Help us not be jealous or have a big ego.

Heavenly Father, hear us as we pray
Help us be good parents each and every day,
May we grow as a family and always flourish
Knowing that faith will continue to nourish.

Heavenly Father, as we bow our heads
Please heed all the requests that we've made,
We humbly ask for our new baby girl
Our gift from you, a heavenly pearl.


Written for my stepdaughter and her 1st child

TO: Our daughter, Lisa, our son, Jeff and two precious grandsons, Hunter and Tyler

This picture serves as our interpretation of your lives, for each of you have and will continue to "Soar with the Eagles"!

Jeff, as an Army soldier, who has preformed his job, with hesitation, to protect and honor his family, the citizens of the United States of America and those living in the far east as well and throughout the world. As you transition back into civilian life, may your successes empower you and may the tragedies of war that you have endured become just a far off memory. Never forget those that have fallen in war and always remember all of the friends and family that you still have.

Lisa, as an Army wife, who has been a constant support to Jeff, as her husband and a soldier as well as to our precious grandsons, Hunter and Tyler, and has done so, with falter by maintaining their home, family and friends in Jeff's sometime absence. Lisa has done this without losing sight of her own ambitions and education of which she has achieved beyond our comprehension as she has almost completed her doctorate degree.

Hunter and Tyler will take all of these memories and the education of all of their experiences with them as they become young men. These will serve as a stronghold and enrichment in their future lives and will offer them strength, understanding and compassion as their years grow and they become husband and fathers and even grandfathers.

So, with this gift and all of our love and support, we salute you all, individually and as a family, for a job well done by each and everyone of you! We look forward to having you physically near again so that through our remaining years we can continue to see you all "Soar with the Eagles"!



Written for my oldest daughter and her family as we celebrated Jeff's ARMY retirement


* * *

You've been that someone special
To me my whole life long,
With lots of smiles and words of encouragement
Never judging me right or wrong.

And when the path I walked was dark
You've been my ever shining light,
That's guided me through all my storms
And helped to make my burdens light.

You're always there in time of need
Never saying, "I don't care",
You're never too busy to stop and listen
To hear a problem and gladly share.

So it's to you, I write this poem
And with love forever, I gladly send,
These thoughts I think of every day
To my mother, my best friend.


For my mother and my friend, Margie

My Mom and My Friend

You Are Everything

* * *

As I sit and remember
All the things, to me, you've been,
The list could run for miles and miles
But most important—you're my best friend.

You were there to play with me
When I was very small,
We would read, skate and color
Or play office, in the hall.

As I reached my terrible teens
And refused to be told what to do,
It was your listening ear and patience
That would always see me through.

As an adult, I've traveled rocky roads
Of which you are painfully aware,
But whenever I reached out to you
Never was there a time that you weren't there.

To always reassure me
With your unconditional trust and love,
To remind me of what was really important
Family and friends and God up above.

So in conclusion, Mother
You're everything to me,
You're who I was and who I am
And what I'm yet to be.


Take time to remember and say thank you to my mom and friend

Mom's New Home

* * *

I go to visit her
When I am at home,
It makes me very happy
To know she's not alont.

I watch her in amazement
As she hurries everywhere,
Dining, bingo and exercise
Not a minute to spare.

Whether taking a class
Or looking in on a sick friend,
Her days are very full
Right up to the end.

Wherever her day takes her
There's always a friend,
A smile and a hug
'Round every single bend.

And when the night
Casts its shadows down,
She quietly sleeps
Where she's safe and sound.

I thank Covenant Village
For all that they do,
But most importantly for making
My Mom's dreams come true.


For my mom and her new home and friends.


Excerpted from Feeling Life by Donna Marie McNeely Copyright © 2011 by Donna Marie McNeely. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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