Ferrari Boyz

Ferrari Boyz

by Gucci Mane



Critical darlings they ain't, and with a crew moniker that had to have been stolen from some Japanese techno team, these Ferrari Boyz are designed to make the heads of "true hip-hop heads" explode, but this "1017 Bricksquad Presents" product is labeled a "street release," and on that level, it's amusing. Why not chuckle when king Gucci offers "Take you to a place that's real private/Lick you down and let you suck my privates" in a slurry style that Eli Porter would be feeling? Besides that, hearing Gucci and Waka simultaneously do their name-dropping bits is a delicious kind of ridiculous that's not worth getting stern over, plus the guest list tries hard with lesser-known names like YG Hootie and Slim Dunkin ecstatic to be on such a big release. Without many radio-worthy cuts and both Shawty Redd and Drumma Boy going through their B-list of beats, Ferrari Boyz isn't impactful enough to make it past the already converted, but that "street release" tag should have already given that up.

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Release Date: 08/09/2011
Label: Warner Bros / Wea
UPC: 0093624955832
catalogNumber: 528278

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