FileMaker Pro 10 In Depth

FileMaker Pro 10 In Depth

by Jesse Feiler

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Advice and techniques that you need to get the job done.


Looking for ways to streamline your work so that you can focus on maximizing your
time? In Depth provides specific, tested, and proven solutions to the problems you run
into every day—things other books ignore or oversimplify. This is the one book that you
can rely on to answer all the questions you have now and will have in the future.


In Depth offers:


  • Comprehensive coverage, with detailed solutions
  • Breakthrough techniques and shortcuts that are unavailable elsewhere
  • Practical, real-world examples with nothing glossed over or left out
  • Troubleshooting help for tough problems you can’t fix on your own
  • Outstanding authors recognized worldwide for their expertise and teaching style
  • Quick information via sidebars, tips, reminders, notes, and warnings
  • In Depth is the only tool you need to get more done in less time!


CATEGORY:     Databases

COVERS:   FileMaker® Pro

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780768688139
Publisher: Pearson Education
Publication date: 02/11/2009
Series: In Depth
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 696
File size: 17 MB
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About the Author

Jesse Feiler has worked with FileMaker since its beginnings. He has written a number of books about FileMaker as well as Mac OS X, the Web, and new technologies; his books have been translated into Japanese, Chinese, Polish, German, Spanish, French, Arabic, and other languages. As director of North Country Consulting, he has designed and implemented a variety of FileMaker solutions for small businesses and nonprofits in fields such as production, marketing, the arts, printing and publishing, food service, and construction. His most recent book is The Bento Book: Beauty and Simplicity in Digital Organization. His website is; the website for the book is You can find updates and file downloads there.

Table of Contents

Part I: Getting Started with FileMaker Pro 10
1 FileMaker Overview
2 Using FileMarker Pro
3 Defining and Working with Fields
4 Working with Layouts
Part II: Developing Solutions with FileMaker 9
5 Relational Database Design
6 Working with Multiple Tables
7 Working with Relationships
8 Getting Started with Calculations
9 Getting Started with Scripting
10 Getting Started with Reporting
Part III: Developer Techniques
11 Developing for Multiuser Deployment
12 Implementing Security
13 Using the Web Viewer
14 Advanced Interface Techniques
15 Advanced Calculation Techniques
16 Advanced Scripting Techniques
17 Advanced Protal Techniques
18 Advanced FileMaker Solution Architecture
19 Debugging and Troubleshooting
20 Converting Systems from Previous Versions of FileMaker Pro
Part IV: Data Integration and Publishing
21 Integrating FileMaker Pro with Other Databases in Real Time
22 Importing Data into FileMaker Pro
23 Exporting Data from FileMaker
24 Instant Web Publishing
25 Custom Web Publishing with XML/XSLT
26 Custom Web Publishing with PHP
Part V: Deploying a FileMaker Solution
27 Deploying and Extending FileMaker
28 FileMaker Server and Server Advanced
Part VI: Appendix
Other New Features

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FileMaker Pro 10 in Depth 2.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I own the print version of this book, also. Wanted a digital version on my Mac and iPod Touch for convenience. I chose the eReader format rather than Kindle for two reasons. First, at this point Kindle Reader does not support search on the Touch, nor the ability to copy text. Same is true for the beta version of Kindle's PC reader, and the Mac version of Kindle reader has not been released yet. Second, I already have another Filemaker title in the Kindle reader format and wanted to try the BN eReader format. While I like the eReader on both the Touch and the PC (using Windows in Fusion on my Mac) better than the Kindle readers, the conversion of this book is awful. Linked text is presented out of place (the header for paragraphs in the intro section is at the start of the following paragraph). Throughout the title, linked text is presented at the end of sentences or paragraphs, rather than in context. The result is a very confusing reading experience. Additionally, the presentation of figures is a mess. Referenced figures do not appear anywhere close to the reference in many cases, and may in some cases actually be completely missing. In some cases clicking on a link to a figure, takes you to another location in the text, but not to the figure it references. I really like the ability to search within the title, highlighting and notes, as well as the copy function in the Mac version. For reading fiction, I think either reader would be great. For reference works, such as "Filemaker Pro 10 In Depth", searching, highlighting, notes and copy are a huge advantage. Had I known, however, how difficult it would be to read the eReader version of this book, I would have chosen the Kindle version, even at its slightly higher price. "The Filemaker Pro 10 Bible" on the Kindle reader is presented much better than this book is. Hopefully Barnes & Noble will correct the problems with the book or the software, whichever is causing these issues, because when I'm ready to buy a dedicated reader, I really like the looks of the Nook better than the Kindle, but almost all the books I would buy would be computer related references, and I can't buy the printed version, just so I can read the ebook without getting confused.