First Steps To Spiritual Growth

First Steps To Spiritual Growth

by Harold Thomas


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Like most people, I never really set out to grow spiritually. However, I headed off in that direction and soon became involved with a number of occult and spiritual groups. As a result, I believe I have made every possible mistake in trying to become a spiritual person. I have finally returned to practicing conservative Christianity, which I first learned of as a teenager. It is my hope in writing this book that I am able to help some people to avoid the many potholes and detours on the road to true spirituality, knowing that the road to God is not the same for everyone. This book comes from my own experiences and is meant to be a guide on the way rather than a text on how to meet God and make Him your friend. This is something only the searcher can decide for himself to attempt.

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Publication date: 10/27/2008
Pages: 78
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