Folksongs: Old Time Country Music 1926-1944

Folksongs: Old Time Country Music 1926-1944



The French label Frémeaux & Associés certainly has taken it upon themselves to issue unique collections of early recorded music, and Folksongs: Old Time Country Music 1926-1944 is no exception. While the American labels Yazoo and Smithsonian/Folkways approach similar music -- sometimes the very same recordings -- it's the clever concepts that yield the bizarre inclusion of unexpected tracks which always keeps Frémeaux & Associés' compilations from being redundant. The clincher for Folksongs: Old Time Country Music 1926-1944 is the inclusion of the sophisticated performance of "Greensleeves" by the Twentieth Century Minstrel (how vague can a moniker get?). This performance stands out because of the very trained voice of the vocalist sits side by side with backwoods performances by the likes of Clarence Ashley and Bascom Lamar Lunsford. After reading the liner notes, the reason becomes somewhat clear why this was included: the label wished to compile some of the earliest recordings of some of the most famous American folk classics and apparently mistook "Greensleeves" as a classic American folktale. Still, Frémeaux & Associés have put together another wonderful collection of early recordings which treads both sides of fame from the most celebrated (Leadbelly, Woody Guthrie, Dock Boggs) to the completely forgotten (Ernest V. Stoneman, Noach & Spark, Will Bennett), making this an excellent two-disc set for collectors and historians alike.

Product Details

Release Date: 07/09/2002
Label: Fremeaux & Assoc. Fr
UPC: 3448960204729
catalogNumber: 47

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Lead Belly   Track Performer
Carter Family   Track Performer
Delmore Brothers   Track Performer
Woody Guthrie   Track Performer
Cisco Houston   Guitar
Eddie Noack   Guitar,Vocals
Dock Boggs   Banjo,Vocals
Buell Kazee   Banjo,Vocals
Gus Cannon   Banjo,Vocals
Darby & Tarlton   Track Performer
Burnett & Rutherford   Track Performer
Morris Brothers   Track Performer
Charlie Monroe   Guitar,Vocals
Wade Mainer   Guitar,Vocals
Ernest V. Stoneman   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Sam McGee   Guitar,Vocals
Mother Maybelle Carter   Guitar,Vocals
Monroe Brothers   Track Performer
Blind Blake   Guitar
A.P. Carter   Vocals
Sara Carter   Guitar,Vocals
Tom Darby   Guitar,Vocals
Richard Dyer-Bennett   Guitar,Vocals
Papa Harvey Hull   Vocals
Frank Hutchison   Guitar,Harmonica,Vocals
Huddie Ledbetter   Guitar,Vocals
Arthur McClain   Mandolin,Vocals
Kirk McGee   Banjo,Vocals
Clayton McMichen   Fiddle
Charlie Poole   Banjo,Vocals
Long "Cleve" Reed   Guitar,Vocals
Jimmy Rogers   Guitar,Vocals
Posey Rorer   Fiddle
Alton Delmore   Guitar,Vocals
Rabon Delmore   Guitar,Vocals
Bascom Lamar Lunsford   Banjo,Vocals
Wiley Morris   Guitar,Vocals
Zeke Morris   Guitar,Vocals
Leonard Rutherford   Fiddle
Gerard Herzhaft   Musical Direction
Dick Justice   Guitar,Vocals
Clarence Ashley   Banjo,Vocals
Two Poor Boys   Track Performer
Richard Burnett   Banjo,Vocals
Joe Evans & Arthur McClain   Guitar,Vocals
Slim Bryant   Guitar
Will Bennett   Guitar,Vocals
Norman Woodlief   Guitar
Hub Mahaffey   Guitar
Cecil "Gig" Sparks   Steel Guitar,Vocals

Technical Credits

Don Waterhouse   English Translations
Patrick Frémeaux   Concept
Gerard Herzhaft   Liner Notes,Text
Traditional   Composer
Claude Colombini   Concept

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