For the Living and Those with Short Attention Spans

For the Living and Those with Short Attention Spans

by David Paul Carr


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An inspiring book, delivered with depth of heart and poetic wisdom, addressing our pursuit of happiness in this country and personal ambitions, with a collection of compelling stories/insights provoking both thought and medicinal humor; while painting a deeper picture of our political/economic environment, and along the way challenging conventional thinking in a world with a growing appetite for diversions and mindless entertainment, and opening our eyes to the possibility of our cyber-growth exceeding our inner development and soul awareness.

A book inspired in America, with insights into our hearts and minds, the properties of love, morality, patriotism, mother earth, our children, with observations about money, power, human nature, and ethics, amongst other topics; as well as entertaining, common sense observations about our collective mental well-being in our expanding social/electronic environment.

A book illuminating our core, inner-nature, as well as our quest for love and wholeness of mind, along with exposing our complex, social minds and the many half-truths and toxic judgments we burden ourselves with concerning others and hold secretly inside. We’ve heard we’re only human. So maybe it’s obvious that being born with this limitation we camouflage best we can, this becomes our environment with hype and sensationalism, as well as vulnerable information about everyone; finances and outer/social selves, religious and political persuasions, and our collective behavior patterns and whimsical spending habits.

By way of colorful stories and primary insights, a picture develops revealing our spirit-nature/authentic selves, and our intuitive inner-search for our true passion and life purpose while in this world. Though over-all, there’s reason to believe our attention spans might be diminishing somewhat, as well as our understanding evaporating, regarding history and patriotic hardships fought to preserve the foundation and moral vision inspired by our founding fathers. Though maybe it’s not so much what a book says out right, rather what it inspires someone to think in-ward for one’s self. Now if a book claims not to induce sleep, it could very well be an adventure of sorts, or a vehicle maybe, for elevating one’s thinking above the mire of self-doubt and confusion in the world and providing a moment of relief.

All in all, a spirited book with therapeutic qualities, filled with curious clues and bold reflections for better understanding ourselves and our environment, with probing insights into the mysteries of love and our personal, private inner-spaces, touching nerves and pulling heartstrings; and with a reasonable measure of folly there-in, instigating laughter and examining our thinking … with creative attempts to inspire inner growth and living awareness, and for God’s sake, helping to prevent our spirit-nature from becoming lost in a chaotic world.

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ISBN-13: 9781478799290
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 01/04/2019
Pages: 270
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.61(d)

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