Fueling Operational Maneuver

Fueling Operational Maneuver

by United States Army Command and General S, Penny Hill Press Inc (Editor)


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Bulk petroleum products are vital to every facet of U.S. Army operations. Even the smallest and "lightest" units rely on the Army's Combat Service Support system to provide them with the fuels needed for ground mobility and CSS operations. What means will logisticians use to transport the needed fuel to the fighting units of a corps in an immature theater? Fuel transport methods available to the planner may include pipelines, railway tank cars, inland waterways, motor trucks and combinations of these modes. Each method's characteristics and capacities indicate its suitability in a given area of operations. This book examines the characteristics and capacities in each transport mode in terms of criteria based on the sustainment imperatives of FM 100-5. The study relies heavily on classical military theory. Definitions of modern terms are explained in their theoretical context. The sustainment imperatives--anticipation, integration, continuity, responsiveness, and improvisation--are derived from classical theory. These are then used to form six major categories of criteria to examine each transportation mode. The study concludes that current army doctrine describes a workable fuel transport system given the capacities of the various transport" modes and today's technology/'-The concept of using pipeline transport as the mainstay of a mixed mode system that is phased into the theater best meets sustainment imperatives. The analysis also suggests a sixth sustainment imperative, minimizing overhead, as a consideration for the operational logistician.

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