George the Orphan Crow and the Creatures of Blossom Valley

George the Orphan Crow and the Creatures of Blossom Valley

by Helen Fox


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After his parents are killed, George, the Orphan Crow, starts a new life among the lively creatures of Blossom Valley and the enchanting butterflies that live there. But all is not as it seems... an evil ladybird, envious of the butterflies’ beauty lures them to a remote place with a wicked plan in mind. George becomes suspicious and flies out looking for them. But is he too late? Has the wicked ladybird already put her plan into action? This original, intriguing story is mainly told by the colourful characters that make up the community and will fascinate readers of all ages.

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ISBN-13: 9781785385056
Publisher: Andrews UK LTD.
Publication date: 08/30/2016
Pages: 140
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.33(d)
Age Range: 10 - 12 Years

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George the Orphan Crow and the Creatures of Blossom Valley 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
ReadersFavorite More than 1 year ago
Reviewed by Deborah Lloyd for Readers' Favorite When a young crow’s parents are killed by pheasant hunters, he is distraught. Plato, a wise old owl, comforted him and asked his name. The crow replied he was called “son,” and so Plato named him George. He advised George to move to Blossom Valley, where many kinds of animals, birds and insects lived. Most of these animals loved and supported each other; however, a jealous ladybird developed an evil plan. George and his newfound friends discovered the scheme and took steps to thwart her actions. In the children’s novel, George the Orphan Crow and the Creatures of Blossom Valley, written by Helen Fox, an exciting adventure unfolds. Adding to the drama are connections to Greek mythology, fairy tales and magical happenings. This author has crafted a well-written, flowing story. It is an easy-to-read book, with many twists and turns. The most significant part is the messages within the plot. Each of the animal characters has human characteristics. The Blossom Valley community embraces diversity, and almost everyone supports and loves each other. Just like the human community, there is a small group of mean and evil characters. With a strong, united effort, the evil can be overcome. Author Helen Fox has written an intriguing, action-filled children’s Tale in George the Orphan Crow and the Creatures of Blossom Valley. Parents are advised to read the book, too. Not only would you enjoy it, but there are many topics to be discussed with your children. An excellent opportunity to reinforce important values!
Jewelsey More than 1 year ago
George the Orphan Crow is an enchanting mesmerizing story told by the creatures of the beautiful Blossom Valley. After some hunters shoot and kill his parents, young George the crow, is left alone to fend for himself and grieve the loss of his parents. He meets a wise old owl named Plato who gives him some helpful advice and encouragement. Plato tells George about a lovely place, Blossom Valley, where its inhabitants will welcome him with love and acceptance. George is mesmerized by the beauty and creatures he encounters in Blossom Valley. The animals there not only accept George with open arms, but they help him to overcome his grief with loving care and attention. George has found a home to call his own. He is now part of a community of creatures that have all the best qualities that one could hope for. But not all is what it seems and some of the animals want power and control and are jealous of the beauty of some of the other creatures. The ladybird, Rosa, is one such creature. She devises an evil plan to attack the beautiful butterflies. George sets off to stop her. But can he get there in time and will he be able to stop the wicked ladybird? George the Orphan Crow is a charming, fairy tale sort of story, filled with life lessons and imaginative characters that bring the narrative to life. It is a perfect story to teach children about love, compassion, community and helping others. It also explains to readers the truth that life isn’t always easy and people (in this case animals and insects) aren’t always kind and noble and some can be downright despicable. It shows how those that want to control and have power over others usually end up defeated and having that kind of character is a bad thing. That love and compassion prevails. This book is fast paced and full of action and adventure with never a dull moment. It has elements of Greek Mythology and sprinkles of magic, as well. The animals are intelligent and completely charming. I was captivated by them and my imagination was running wild as the story progressed. The dialog between them is unique and creative. Helen Fox has a way with words that brings life to her characters and the setting. The beautiful Blossom Valley is like a dream with its winsome creatures and gorgeous surroundings. George the Orphan Crow by Helen Fox is highly emotional. The creatures have human like qualities and personalities with a sprinkle of magical adorable personas. It is very educational for children, but young adults and adults will love it as well. Chick Lit Cafe highly recommends this thought provoking, delightful story to all readers that love clean stories with a touch of magic and a straightforward moral, and a satisfying relevant meaning.
Kissablysweetone More than 1 year ago
George and his parents were enjoying their day when suddenly hunters appeared. George decides to look for a safer place. When he returns, his world comes crashing down around him. With the help of Plato the owl, George is sent to a safe place. George is sad, but is amazed at Blossom Valley. He's even more amazed at how friendly and helpful everyone is. He wonders if it Blossom Valley will remain peaceful. Only time will tell. Well written and delightful characters make this book an enjoyable read. This book is an easy read and your children will love it. I applaud the messages of team work and helping others that the author wove into the story. It's easy to get lost in the story and almost feel like you are in Blossom Valley. This book would be perfect for a television series. It would be a huge hit with the kids. I look forward to reading more of Helen Fox's work. I didn't find any issues. I gave this one 5 cheers out of 5 because it has a great story and teaching moments. ~Copy of book provided by author and I voluntarily reviewed it.